Homeseek is a new, post-apocalyptic, colony management and survival game. In this episode we take on the first chapter of part one on the hardest difficulty – The Thirst. This is episode 1 of Adam’s Let’s Play Homeseek and can be used as a rough walkthrough. This playthrough is a chill, slow-paced, ‘for-fun’ playthrough and can be viewed as a sort of ‘virtual couch co-op’ playthrough. Many of the missions were played ‘blindly’.


Homeseek is currently available directly through Steam. I do not have an affiliate link at this time.

ABOUT Homeseek

Homeseek is a post-apocalyptic survival strategy game set on a dystopian, resource-strapped Earth at the beginning of the next century. In a dried-up wasteland where water has become the new gold, every choice becomes life or death. With your guidance, survival just might be within reach.

    Developer(s) Traptics
    Publisher(s) The Iterative Collective

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