Cheese / Exploits Used in Current Run

I generally don’t play with game-breaking exploits or extreme cheese (use them if you want, though, I don’t mind). However, I wanted to do a ‘full cheese’ run where I showcase how silly they can get. You can see a short description of each below.


Drop pod raids can’t land on a tile occupied by furniture, including ‘spots’. So all those spots make it so drops can’t land there. Also, sieges can’t put down mortars on top of spots. So we can do that too.


Sappers and Breachers target colonist assigned beds. So out colonist don’t use beds. There are some assigned sleeping spots in the corner of the map for Breachers to hang out at, though.

Corner Punch

Pawns can melee through a corner if there is a held open door on the other side. The pawns that are punching through the corner are unable to take retaliatory hits, either. In addition to this, EMP blast go through the corner as well.

Wimp Punching

Having a colonist (or previous colonist who is now a prisoner) get downed counts towards adaption factor, making raids easier. We want to punch them every couple days, usually.


Having a death makes the game take it easier on you for a while. We sacrifice pawns we don’t want instead of banishing.

Chunks on Border

Raids can’t enter the map where there is a chunk or roof. So we block sides off we don’t want raids spawning from.

Prisoners Can’t Escape

Arrest someone. Put them in a prison. Delete the prisoner beds/sleeping spots. The prisoner no longer has an escape interval but can still be converted and recruited as normal.

Enormous Pockets

If you set up a caravan but then cancel everyone aside from a single colonist, that colonist will retain the carrying capacity of the entire starting caravan. That means instead of carrying one chunk, for instance, they can carry dozens (or more) at a time. This resets if they leave the map tile but can be used to haul a ton at once.


I very well may have forgot something. Will update this if I remember them!

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