Support the Channel

I am often asked what the best way to support the stream is. As such, I have created this page to list many of the ways to support. There are both free and paid options. Some of the free options do financially support the stream as well. I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible regarding which paid options give the most as well.

Affiliate Links

By using this link for all of your Amazon purchases, you will financially support the channel at no extra cost to you! Please consider bookmarking this link as well as giving it to friends and family.

Humble is not just a place for subscription bundles, they sell Steam keys of games in their shop. By purchasing anything through the AvE Humble partner link, 5% of what you spend will come back and support the stream (this does not cost you anything extra). In addition to this, a portion of your purchase helps charity, and the game developers get a bigger cut compared to Steam. Buy your games where they are cheapest, but if they are equivalent on Humble or on sale there, why not use the affiliate link? (As with the Amazon link, feel free to share this with anyone you’d like!)  CLICK HERE.

Paid Support

People kept asking me for years to set up a Patreon, so I finally did. With Patreon you can set up a monthly donation / subscription amount. Depending on the amount, you unlock additional bonuses and content.

For just $1 per month you get early access to all of my YouTube content, sometimes months in advance.

CLICK HERE to head over to Patreon now.

Donations / Tips
The great thing about tips is that all the money goes to the streamer (minus Paypal fees). You can leave a tip at any time by CLICKING HERE. If you leave a tip during a live stream a special alert will play (all voiced by Darkest Dungeon’s Wayne June).

Twitch Bits
You can also ‘cheer’ using bits. To learn more about bits, CLICK HERE. Each bit you cheer in the AdamVsEverything channel directly donates one cent to the streamer. So, for example, cheering 100 bits gives me exactly $1 (Twitch does not take additional % from a streamer’s bits). If you cheer during a live stream a special alert will play (all voiced by Darkest Dungeon’s Wayne June).

Twitch Subscription
You can subscribe to the channel for either $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month. 50%/60%/70% of this revenue (depending on sub tier) currently goes to the streamer. You can either CLICK HERE to subscribe or use the button on the AdamVsEverything channel. If you subscribe during a live stream a special alert will play. Here are the current subscriber perks:

– Directly support the stream
– No more ads on the channel
– Additional Discord channels
– A channel sub badge based on the amount of months you’ve – subscribed
– Access to AdamVsEverything’s 31+ custom emotes anywhere on Twitch.

Amazon Prime Twitch Subscription
If you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to the channel at no additional cost to you (this does not auto-renew, so be sure to click to use your Twitch prime every month). You get all the same great benefits of a traditional subscription (emotes, no ads, etc.), and the channel receives the same financial amount as a tier one subscription. Learn more about Amazon’s Twitch Prime program by CLICKING HERE.

YouTube Premium
As discussed in great detail in this Spiffing Brit video (click here to watch), you can massively support the channel with your YouTube Premium subscription in two ways.

First, when you watch any of my videos with YouTube Premium it pays me as if you watched all the ads during the video. In addition, it also pays me a percentage of your actual YouTube Premium subscription cost.

But wait, there’s more. If you use your YouTube Premium to actually DOWNLOAD a video of mine I get the above payment AND it massively boosts the algorithms. This is because YouTube counts it as being 100% watched which is one of their main metrics for pushing videos (especially long videos).

Free Support

Watch the Content
The number one best way you can support the stream for free is to simply watch! This goes for both actively participating in chat or simply lurking and listening.

The same also goes for the YouTube channel. Watching the videos, especially all the way through, helps a ton. Not just for that view, but for the system to recommend the videos to others.

Always Lurking
Any time the video for the stream is playing it counts as a view. This helps the stream become more visible as well as gets Adam closer to potential sponsorships and bounties. Please note that if the stream pauses it will not count as a view. As such, it is suggested that you right click your browser tab for the channel and mute the site, this way rather than muting the actual stream. You can also turn down the video quality using the small gear in order to save bandwidth while AFK or on mobile etc. Twitch has also been experimenting with making it so that users using ad-blockers do not count as viewers. I don’t know if that will ever come to be permanent, but you can also consider turning off your ad blocker for the channel while you are there or lurking.

Letting YouTube videos play through in the same fashion also helps a ton!

Interact with the Videos
YouTube is much more likely to recomend videos to people if they are highly interacted with.

This means clicking the thumbs up button, leaving a comment, or even sharing the video from YouTube is a huge help. The comments can be anything. You can literally just type ‘Nice.’ on every video you watch on the channel and it will help tremendously.

Word of Mouth
Whether you are inviting a friend or family member to come hang out on the channel, telling a funny anecdote from the stream to someone, or posting about the channel in applicable locations where it is allowed (gaming forums, communities, Reddit, etc.), one of the greatest ways to get new eyes on the channel is through word of mouth. This also includes sharing clips, videos, and social media posts.

Social Media
Following the channel on social media outlets can help in several ways. For instance, potential sponsors look at social media reach and activity when deciding on new content creators to partner with. If you like, share, and/or comment on social media posts, that is even better. The most important ones are Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Host, Raid, Auto-Host
Be sure to use the ol’ /host adamvseverything or /raid adamvseverything command when you finish streaming (or when you see that the stream is live). This helps even if you have zero viewers at the time. You can also set your Twitch account to automatically host the AdamVsEverything channel when it is live! This is true even if you are not a streamer. To do so, please follow these instructions:

Click HERE to go to your Twitch settings.
Click on the ‘Channel’ on the left
Click to turn on ‘Auto Hosting
Click ‘Host List
Search for ‘AdamVsEverything’ and click the ‘Add’ button
As a bonus you can click ‘Host channels by the order they appear in the list’ and use the arrow buttons to move the ‘AdamVsEverything’ channel to the top of your list

Make sure to scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Save Changes‘ button.


You can always ask Adam questions on stream or in his Discord. However, if you’d like to send a direct message feel free to use the below form.

You can also e-mail him directly at ->
adam {at} adamvseverything {dot} com

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