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A self-proclaimed gaming Masochist, Adam is a chill gamer who loves a good challenge.

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The perfect mix of game explanation and humor, the channel is open to everyone. Content is rated PG 13.

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Adam’s Latest PostS

How to Fish in Hades

One of the most common questions I hear while streaming Hades is “How do you fish?” In this guide I’ll tell you how to fish in Hades, what fish are in each zone, and what rewards you receive for fishing.

Stream Recap: Aug 27th – Sep 1st

Mass Effect 1 Darkest Dungeon Challenge [Stream Recap: Aug 27th - Sep 1st] Hey everyone! I've decided to make the recaps into videos instead of texts. This saves me a ton of time and also allows you to listen to the recap on up to 2x speed (chipmunk Adam)...

Dream Daddies & Quad Lepers [Stream Replay: June 25th – 30th]

Dream Daddies & Quad Lepers [Stream Replay: June 25th - 30th] Hey everyone! This is a bit of an experiment I am doing in order to help people stay up to date on what has been happening on the stream (in case you can't or don't make it to every stream)....

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