RimWorld Scheduling mechanics Infographic

This RimWorld infographic was taken from my complete guide on scheduling which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

This image shows the a simplified version of what each schedule node type does and how pawns react. This was taken from build 1.3.3199 and is subject to change in future updates!

Click the image to enlarge.

“I made this chart on the mechanics of Rimworld scheduling.

This information is somewhat simplified but tries to be practical. Some things, like Firefighting, can override the scheduling depending on some factors.

The main takeaways are that Work and Meditation will wake up a colonist that is asleep. Anything and Recreation do not wake up an asleep colonist. Anything mostly means “work unless you have a problem.” Work mostly means “work even if you have a problem”.

There’s no one best way to make your Rimworld schedule. Scheduling depends a ton on what you are trying to accomplish, mood and productivity, your base layout, and tons of other factors.”


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