RimWorld Infographic – Wealth of Common Structures

This RimWorld infographic was taken from my complete guide on wealth which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

This image shows the wealth for common structures using all of the current material types in vanilla RimWorld. This was taken from build 1.3.3199 and is subject to change in future updates!

Click the image to enlarge.

The infographic above in text format:

The RimWorld infographic above shows the wealth / value of: Walls, Doors, Fences, Columns, Tile, Fine Tile, Carpet, Fine Carpet, Straw, Concrete, Paved Tile, Wood Flooring, Sterile Tile, Steel Tile, Silver Tile, Gold Tile, Rough Stone Floors, Smooth Stone Floors, Rough Stone Walls, Smooth Stone Walls.

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  1. Adam Vs

    Testing a comment.

  2. Trisha Miller

    That is really pretty awesome and useful.

    • Adam Vs

      Hey, my first real comment on the site! 😛

  3. Vlad

    Hey Adam, thanks for this. It is really helpful

  4. anon

    Nice chart.

    That Columns are cheaper than walls didn’t make sense to me since they cost more materials and work to build so I tested it in my current version of rimworld (1.4.3704) and got the following values:

    26 Wood
    41 Steel
    32 Sandstone
    35 Granite
    35 Limestone
    35 Slate
    33 Marble
    205 Silver
    114 Jade
    125 Uranium
    186 Plasteel
    2000 Gold

    side note: I tested smoothed walls and those appear to still have the 1 wealth value, if that isa bug it is a persistant one.


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