RimWorld Killbox Types Infographic



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  1. Ben

    Was looking for somthing like this all over then Internet. Thanks for your efforts 👌

    • Adam

      Thanks! More to come.. eventually 😛

  2. Ecide

    I know the Door phenomena .. In a horizontal row when open they act like a magnetic .. A pawn cannot not walk past 2 or 3 open doors in the line without getting sucked in .. It really does not mater if there is clear space to walk around them ..

    I walled in my Kill diamond with doors because of Allies dropping in to help on a Mech raid and ending up as the fuel source for a bonfire in the kill box forcing a retreat from the heat ..

    After walling in shooting positions with doors to block the heat, I was really annoyed that pawns walking east to west would drop down to the line of doors and move at about ¼ speed ..
    In a repeat event with doors and Allied Bonfire .. I prepared for a break though of the doors, but the Mechs never left the kill box .. There is something weird here too .. Until recently I played at ver 1.2, because of the motor thing .. Now ver 1.4 with Classic motors .. I have always played No DLCs or Mods, straight up core .. by the way Termites are a PITA ! as they were not in 1.2 ..

    It never dawned on me to rotate kill box so the doors are north to south .. I think exploiting open door magnets and closed door repulsers might be a bit too cheesy .. let’s see .. outside base wall lined with closed doors then a line of barricade then a line of open doors .. what could possibly go wrong ?


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