┬áSeptember 26th: 1pm est – X


A Twitch subathon is an event in which every subscription, resub, and gift sub (often bit donations and real money donations as well) add to a timer in which the streamer must continue streaming for.

I’ve been streaming off and on since 2010 and full time since 2017 and have never done a subathon or streamathon.

So, why am I doing it now?

Twitch is doing something they have not in a long time and adding GIFT SUBS to the discount for ‘Subtember’ (a month long reduction on the cost of subscriptions). This starts on the 26th at 1pm and lasts until October 1st. I’ve decided to do this event to coincide with this reduction in cost. In part for fun (and to knock out some to-play games on my list) as well as working toward new emotes and the new Twitch Partner Plus program.

What Games?

I will be playing a veriety of games. It really depends on how long this subathon / streamathon lasts.

At the moment, here are some things I have in mind:

  • RimWorld
  • Mortal Kombat 1
  • Total War Warhammer 3
  • Blasphemous
  • Some RTSs
  • Some Platformers
  • Some Management Games
  • Some base-builders
  • Some Survival games
  • Short Story Games
  • Picking out Horror games for Oct
  • Making some Guides on Stream
  • Editing for YT on Stream
  • Steam Demos
  • Retro Games
  • Darkest Dungeon 1 / 2
  • Variety in General
  • Watching some videos (especially during meal time)

What Counts?

Below is the amount of time added per action.

  • Tier 1 Sub – 3 minutes
  • Tier 2 Sub – 6 minutes
  • Tier 3 Sub – 15 Minutes
  • Gift Subs – Same formula as above
  • 100 Bits – 1 Minute
  • 1 USD – 1 Minute

These do not have to be done in the increments listed. For example:
Gifting 1 t1 sub = 3 minutes
Gifting 10 3t subs at once = 150 minutes
Giving 100 Bits = 1 minute
Giving 6000 Bits = 1 hour

So no need to do 100 bit increments. It all adds together.

Frequently Asked

How long will you stream? – Yes. I am not putting a cap on this (which I know can be dangerous, lol). That means the stream will be connected and running until the timer hits 0. That could mean only a few hours extra, a 24 hour stream, or I may be on here until the end of the year..

Will you sleep? – I did a poll and the overwhelming majority of community members say the timer should be completely paused when I am asleep. So I will sleep whenever, but will be online any time I am awake.

What about real life? – Again, if this goes for a crazy long time (which I highly doubt), I’ll need to get up and do some other things occasionally – namely helping Modwife or DaughterVsEverything with things or taking a shower etc. Depending on the length of time I may pause the timer so it doesn’t feel like I am ‘cheating’ and getting free, easy hours out of the way.

What about health? – Again, if this goes long I will still be doing my other stuff. I guess you all might come walking with me or doing weights lol. I also have a Dr appointment on the 28th which I will sneak away to if this somehow goes multiple days.

My question isn’t here? – Then maybe it wasn’t frequent enough! Just hit me up with your question or idea in Discord or wherever and I will answer. If I feel it belongs here, I’ll add it.


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