RimWorld COmmunity Challenge

Welcome to the AVE RimWorld Community Event!

Play RimWorld on the monthly scenario/save file. Get as much wealth as you can as fast as possible. It’s not about “winning”. These monthly challenges are really about having fun and experiencing crazy RimWorld moments that we share with the community.

Load the map save file (Directions in the FAQ below)
Play Rimworld until it says “Playtime: 10 Hours.”
Post a screenshot on the Discord.
Share awesome moments and stories.

“Challenge, not Competition”
These monthly challenges are “Fun Personal Challenges”. They are not “Competitions to be Won”.
Final “scoreboards” will be a list, not ranked.
Don’t like a rule? Break it. Play in “Open Division”.

Thanks to the German community for the initial idea and hard work.

We want to hear your crazy moments and stories! This challenge encourages fast and reckless play. Many opportunities for personal “victories” as well as “defeats”. Please share them in the rw-challenge-chat channel on the Discord (instructions in the FAQ section).

Rules … well, more like Guidelines really. 🏴‍☠️

You must use the exact save file as everyone else when starting a new run, not just the same seed and scenario.
You must stop at the 10 hours played mark and share the statistics screen. Instructions in the FAQ
You can have as many attempts as you’d like. Share as many as you’d like.
Can be completed in multiple play sessions, regardless of Division

Scenario/Save Info
Here is the additional save file / scenario info for November!

“Lovers in a Dangerous RimWorld”

This month, love is in the air! But with such lovely and open people on the Rim it isn’t going to be all sunshine and roses..

This month is less about wealth rushing/maxing and more about ‘RP’. Let’s see how many crazy stories these settings create! If you aren’t going for wealth, perhaps you can see how many couples you can get? Or, try to get a ton of pawns with these crazy settings and watch the madness unfold.

– Losing is Fun
– Crashlanded
– 4 Good Starting Pawns
– Desert Mountain
– Year-Long Growing … but it is HOT.
– Everyone in the world has a 50/50 chance at being Beautiful
– Social Impact is increased by 690% (whether they are flirting or insulting, it’s going to be SUPER effective!)
– Pawn Beauty impact increased by 690% (Such beauty! …and such ugliness..)
– There is one additional surprise I am testing. But you’ll have no hints on this heartfelt month’s challenge

Don’t want to rush as much wealth this month? Awesome, the main focus is going to be on surviving and having some crazy love stories and tragedies!

Division Rules
“Official Division”

Do not change ‘Gameplay’ or ‘Storyteller’ Options
Storyteller must remain Cassandra Classic
Difficulty must remain base Losing is Fun
No DLC allowed. Disable these in your mods menu.
Pause anytime.
No reloading.
No Exploits (check FAQ for exploit lists).
Mods from official list allowed, no others. Check FAQ
No leaving to re-settle on a new map.

“Open Division”
Maybe the official rules aren’t fun for you. Break the rules that you feel make things “unfun” for you. But remember, try to push the boundaries a bit if you can!

More mods? Use them. (Though if you use mods that add items/content we may not be able to load the save and share it with others, it could also skew wealth heavily).
DLC? Turn them on.
Save and reload? Do it.
Exploits? Pick one, do them all, up to you.
Change difficulty? Do it.

Creative – You don’t have to play for high wealth. Play to make a pretty base. We also want to see pretty base examples on this same challenge. Please try to follow the rules in this challenge. We want to see the prettiest base you can make on this same save file.

Make a pretty/awesome base. Upload your save file. Ensure the save can be loaded with no mods/no dlc.

Any saves that work like that Adam will check out on review day so we can admire the creative, pretty, fun, interesting or silly things you built!

Check ‘SAVE INFO‘ further down this page for specifics on the scenario itself!


February 2024 Challenge ‘Endless Solstice’

August 2023 Challenge ‘Population Control’

July 2023 Challenge ‘Independence Day’

June 2023 Challenge ‘Drug World’

May 2023 Challenge ‘The Boomalope Ranchers

March 2023 Challenge ‘Race for Jungle Riches’

April 2023 Challenge Saves ‘Vanilla Neanderthals’

You do not need a Dropbox account to download!

Open RimWorld then click on Options. In there click ‘Open Save Data folder’. Place the save you want to play into this folder.


What is considered an exploit?
There’s no comprehensive “exploit list”. Some exploits: Singularity , corner punching, using spots against drop raids, no beds for breachers, no prisoner bed cheese, hiding wealth on caravans, and generally any strategy where the enemy “cannot fight back”. Things that are debatably exploits but allowed: Burnboxes, mazes, raiding other map tiles. Certainly allowed: Spike Trap tunnels, killboxes, calling in allies, a giant barracks.

Do your best not to be exploitive. If you think it is an exploit then don’t use it. We don’t want to be rules lawyers and debate “what is an exploit”. Please don’t compare yourself to others and think “they used an exploit I refused to use”. The final scoreboard will be a list – not a ranking.

“For Fun Challenge” and not a “Competition to win”. If you want to exploit, cheese, corner punch, and break stuff – Do it. Post in the “Open” division.

What mods are allowed in the Official Division?

How do I use the save file?
Open RimWorld then click on Options. In there click ‘Open Save Data folder’. Place the save you want to play into this folder.

This will allow you to load the save from the RimWorld main screen. If you need to start over or go again, simply paste the downloaded file back into the same folder, overwriting the previous

How do I check played time?
Click on the book/history icon on the bottom bar (or press F9).
Click Statistics.

How do I take a screenshot?
Press F10, this will save to your RimWorld screenshot folder ( Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\87197445\760\remote\294100\screenshots )
Alternatively use the prt sc buttom on your Keyboard and paste into another program.

How do I join the Discord Channel?
Click this invite link to join: https://discord.gg/gKZh2XZzdK
Go to the ‘#role-requests’ channel.
Click on the reaction BELOW the initial post to unlock the channels you want to see.
The Monthly Challenge channel is attached to the Randy Random reaction emote (click it).

Have a question? Tag any @Challenge Admin in the rw-challenge-chat!

Please use SPOILER TAGS in the Discord for anything that could spoil the map/playthrough (such as ancient danger contents)” Instructions on how to do this can be found in the info-and-rules channel.

We are encouraging everyone to play for the journey and the fun moments in these challenges. The wealth amount is a way to challenge and push yourself to do better. Hopefully, pushing for higher wealth causes you to take risks and experience some fun and crazy moments.

Smurph made a spreadsheet to record the results:

Let him know if he got anything wrong. It’s easier to find someone’s post if it’s in the format but it isn’t required. Report a mistake in the Discord by typing something like:

I think you missed my result. Here’s a link to it:

You can make a filter on the spreadsheet to search or sort results. Instructions for this can also be found on the Discord.

Previous Month’s Scenarios

March 2023
Three crashlanded pawns (Rock, Paper, Scissor) in an extremely hot jungle. Additional scheduled Toxic Fallouts.

April 2023
Four naked tribal pawns on a Temperate Forest map. Reduced learning speed. Reduced research speed. Lots of enemy tribes, no pirates.

May 2023
Three troublesome pawns, endless Boomalopes.

June 2023
Three good pawns, an entire world of drug addicts.

July 2023
The founding fathers must overcome a forest in which everything explodes on death.

August 2023
The mechs have destroyed most of the world. Will you take in all the survivors despite dwindling supplies?

September 2023
Very standard ‘practice’ for Rimionship. Decent map, decent pawns, no extra tricks.

October 2023
Skipped due to Rimionship participation that month instead.

November 2023
Thanskgiving! Lots of starting enemies, but all are able to be allied. The goal is to make allies and raise turkeys.

December 2023
A very cold winter. Permanant eclipse but everything is researched from the start.

January 2024
Skipped – participants redid past months.

February 2024
Valentine’s craziness! Increased beauty and social impact. A RimWorld Soap Opera.

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