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Type !quote in the Twitch channel to have the bot display a random Adam quote from the below list! You can also type !quote # to show a specific quote. For instance, typing !quote 100 will have the bot post quote number 100 in the channel.

And yes, all the below quotes were said by Adam, either purposefully or inadvertently. In his defense, most seemed much more tame when in context! 


ID Text
0 “I’m not strong enough to wear pants.” [Grim Dawn]
1 “I’m going to Final Destination myself into an early grave.” [Grim Dawn]
2 “Oh Jesus, that’s a turtle shell!” [Grim Dawn]
3 “There’s beavers in the house!” [Rimworld]
4 “Do you want to be my flesh daddy, Marauder?” [Path of Exile]
5 “I just assumed we could slide in. Slide in to the demon butt.” [Path of Exile]
6 “I don’t want to slide down the butthole.” [Path of Exile]
7 “Dont hide, come out and take your pants off.” [Path of Exile]
8 “Who is this guy doing?” [Caveblazers]
9 “I’m a naked white boy who craves blood.” [Caveblazers]
10 “I’m the guy who looks like he has a moustache in his underpants.” [Caveblazers]
11 “Take my meat, lady!” [Caveblazers]
12 “I’m always down for rabies. Syphilis, not so much.” [Darkest Dungeon]
13 “What’s the harm in a bit of cannibalistic incest between friends?” [Darkest Dungeon]
14 “Look dad, I’m the Willie now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
15 “Oh, right. I was trying to get my wife the help she needs … by putting her in the bar.” [Darkest Dungeon]
16 “Magic is no substitute for a good slave.” [Darkest Dungeon]
17 “Predigestion, yummy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
18 “The cats just knocked over my adult dolls.” [Darkest Dungeon]
19 “How come every cat in this game hisses at me?” [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]
20 “I am a great sorceress, sleep with me or die!” [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]
21 “I am the best witcher.” (Proceeds to die immediately after) [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]
22 “At least I’m not purple.” [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]
23 “There’s a trail of bodies everywhere I go, no matter what.” [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]
24 “No, Google, you don’t need to know my location to look up cheese.” [Darkest Dungeon]
25 “What weird things? The ones I had all the tabs open for?” [Darkest Dungeon]
26 “It’ll be my feeding time soon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
27 “I’ll eat almost any kind of noodle.” [Darkest Dungeon]
28 “Once in a row.” [Darkest Dungeon]
29 “Nothing relieves stress like a diaper.” [Darkest Dungeon]
30 “I hope I’m not using the restroom right now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
31 “Flood me with the eggs, flood me with the eggs please!” [Darkest Dungeon]
32 “I am really concerned about these growths.” [Darkest Dungeon]
33 “I’m a big kid now!” [Darkest Dungeon]
34 “I just want to kill puppies.” [Darkest Dungeon]
35 “I gotta pull out, bad things are gonna happen if I don’t pull out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
36 “One second, gotta yell at a cat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
37 “I can’t, Kyten, I can’t pull out. People will have heart attacks.” [Darkest Dungeon]
38 “I need to give something to my wife. It should only take a couple of minutes. Be right back.” [Darkest Dungeon]
39 “I can’t do it on command.” [Darkest Dungeon]
40 “Rat carcasses are good in a pinch.” [Darkest Dungeon]
41 “Apparently, I can do it on command.” [Darkest Dungeon]
42 “You know what you need in a long dungeon? A diaper. Can’t do a long dungeon without a good diaper.” [Darkest Dungeon]
43 “Why are all these people being nice to me?” [Darkest Dungeon]
44 “Ahh, that almost made me crit my pants.” [Darkest Dungeon]
45 “My wife’s going to work in the mines. Yep, sending my wife off to the salt mines for that money.” [Darkest Dungeon]
46 “They’re everywhere, they’re all around my room, they’re watching me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
47 “Sometimes you bring home more from the brothel than stress relief.” [Darkest Dungeon]
48 “Diapers are costing me a fortune.” [Darkest Dungeon]
49 “If you ever wake up in Mexico and no one around speaks English, you definitely want to tell them that your dad is made of bread, Satan will eat their soul, and then ask where the bathroom is located.” [Darkest Dungeon]
50 “Apparently people who bleed to death don’t leave corpses. Just like in real life.” [Darkest Dungeon]
51 “If I had to choose between having the red plague and syphilis, I’d choose the red plague every time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
52 “What harm has the red plague ever done, really?” [Darkest Dungeon]
53 “I made an Uh-oh.” [Darkest Dungeon]
54 “The little drummer boy must die first.” [Darkest Dungeon]
55 “I play hardcore only.” [Darkest Dungeon]
56 “Shut your mouth, Rachael Ray, we’re trying to do a stream here!” [Darkest Dungeon]
57 “I just wanna tackle this old lady in the woods.” [Darkest Dungeon]
58 “I cant believe Rachael Ray is here!” [Darkest Dungeon]
59 “I’m a teenage girl.” [Darkest Dungeon]
60 “Bye, nice lady, I love you.” [Darkest Dungeon]
61 “I don’t think torches are a form of currency.” [Darkest Dungeon]
62 “I’m gonna feed some of this food to a diaper.” [Darkest Dungeon]
63 “I wish that was a throbbing cocoon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
64 “Raix, what’s under your robe?” [Darkest Dungeon]
65 “My mind isn’t comprehending the big numbers that are happening.” [Darkest Dungeon]
66 “My wife says if the stream goes well, I will get something special. It involves egg rolls.” [Darkest Dungeon] 
67 “I’ll probably just do speed. It’ll be fine.” [Darkest Dungeon]
68 “Square nipples … my god Dave, you’re a genius!” [Darkest Dungeon]
69 “If you ever see an old lady in the woods, don’t ask questions, just kill her.” [Darkest Dungeon]
70 “Let’s bring a babysitter with us just to be safe.” [Darkest Dungeon]
71 “Don’t shank my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
72 “I was right, I’m surprised. Wait, can you be right about a surprise? Is it a surprise anymore, then?” [Darkest Dungeon]
73 “You’re playing with my heart here, Pace.” [Darkest Dungeon]
74 “Lets get some dog on dog action goin’ on here. [Darkest Dungeon]
75 “It’s just for medicinal reasons.” [Darkest Dungeon]
76 “Please don’t quote that. That one isn’t quotable.” [Darkest Dungeon]
77 *sigh* “I have to do math?” [Darkest Dungeon]
78 “One second and I shall find square nipples.” [Darkest Dungeon]
79 “I’ve never thanked a muffin before … until now!” [Darkest Dungeon]
80 “Taking a sandwich is always a good proposition.” [Darkest Dungeon]
81 “Diaper, eat your vegetables, Jesus!” [Darkest Dungeon]
82 “Death by Nature’s Valley.” [Darkest Dungeon]
83 “Kodo’s in a food coma, let’s just kill him.” [Darkest Dungeon]
84 “Worst fart ever.” [Darkest Dungeon]
85 “Everything’s wet, and I don’t know why.” [Darkest Dungeon]
86 “My ankles are soaking wet, but my cuffs are bone dry. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!” [Darkest Dungeon]
87 “I hope there’s no battle in the next womb.” [Darkest Dungeon]
88 “What was that? *shrug* I don’t know, just eat it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
89 “My wife is my favorite lurker, okay?” [Darkest Dungeon]
90 “I can throw a rat at someone and it might just save their life.” [Darkest Dungeon]
91 “You can kill innocent people.” [Darkest Dungeon]
92 “Let’s see if Tet puts out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
93 “Do we drink it, or rub it on our bodies?” [Darkest Dungeon]
94 “It’s hard to talk when I’m in the zone, the Auto Zone. [Darkest Dungeon]
95 “You guys down for duck stuff?” [Darkest Dungeon]
96 We have a public bathroom, come on in.” [Darkest Dungeon]
97 “I keep wanting to caress the cheese, love the cheese. [Darkest Dungeon]
98 “It’s sad, we’re all out of pizza.” [Darkest Dungeon]
99 “It’s strange talking to a potato.” [Darkest Dungeon]
100 “Bad bot, bad bot, what ya gonna do.” [Darkest Dungeon]
101 “Please, someone go into McDonald’s and ask for a Heathmclovin.” [Darkest Dungeon]
102 “I used to go all out on speed, but I learned my lesson.” [Darkest Dungeon]
103 “What is this phallic mushroom and what does it want from me?” [Darkest Dungeon]
104 “13 is usually more than 4.” [Darkest Dungeon]
105 “I’m so mad right now I could give someone a back rub.” [Darkest Dungeon]
106 “If we’re gonna grope something, it might as well be a sandwhich.” [Darkest Dungeon]
107 “If you want an antiquarian type exclamation space vestal!” [Darkest Dungeon]
108 “Everyone will die and I will cry a little … but not much.” [Darkest Dungeon]
109 “Moon walking causes stress, just like in real life.” [Darkest Dungeon]
110 I’m a masochist … at least when it comes to games.” [Darkest Dungeon]
111 “Let’s get some retribution going on this farm!” [Darkest Dungeon]
112 “I’ll be so happy to see blood all over the hallways.” [Darkest Dungeon]
113 “Man-At-Arms on Man-At-Arms action.” [Darkest Dungeon]
114 “I will get you the blood you need, Kyten. Or a rat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
115 “I got my diaper on right now so I’m ready to go.” [Darkest Dungeon]
116 “Sorry, I had to perform a holy ritual on my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
117 “Books do nothing for science.” [Darkest Dungeon]
118 “But then suddenly … nipples!” [Darkest Dungeon]
119 “I am done with science, the hamlet sits on an Earth that is flat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
120 “I don’t want to go to pound town.” [Darkest Dungeon]
121 “He lived a very long life of dying on his first dungeon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
122 “Leave that corpse there for now, we might use it for food later.” [Darkest Dungeon]
123 “We have an antiquarian assaulting us, what is this madness?” [Darkest Dungeon]
124 “Did you just assume my hero class in 2018?” [Darkest Dungeon]
125 “How big is massive?” [Darkest Dungeon]
126 “How big is your koi?” [Darkest Dungeon]
127 “It might be a bit too difficult because of the size.” [Darkest Dungeon]
128 “We are super busty. We’re literally overburdened with bustiness.” [Darkest Dungeon]
129 “I like attacking sandwiches.” [Darkest Dungeon]
130 “I just failed simple math.” [Darkest Dungeon]
131 “I really need to pull out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
132 “It took some man handling.” [Darkest Dungeon]
133 “What are you putting in your vanilla soup?” [Darkest Dungeon]
134 “Rabies is expensive.” [Darkest Dungeon]
135 “Diseases are bad in general.” [Darkest Dungeon]
136 “I’m very slow now. I’m also gonna wear a chastity belt. Not really, but my wife is gonna wear a chastity belt.” [Darkest Dungeon]
137 “If you do things in the dark in real life, it’s scary, but you get money.” [Darkest Dungeon]
138 “What do you put on a potato to protect it?” [Darkest Dungeon]
139 “I’m paranoid, my wife is irrational, but we have a courageous potato! What else do you need in life, really?” [Darkest Dungeon]
140 “My wife really wants to have a heart attack.” [Darkest Dungeon]
141 “Friggin 8ball.” [Darkest Dungeon]
142 “Let’s just plow into her some more.” [Darkest Dungeon]
143 “I need my meat to live.” [Darkest Dungeon]
144 “Hey remember me? White stuff.” [Darkest Dungeon]
145 “I didn’t even know lobsters had balls.” [Darkest Dungeon]
146 “Well, let’s throw up on people again.” [Darkest Dungeon]
147 “Twist that guy’s square nipples!” [Darkest Dungeon]
148 “Weezy, you are a fine pickle.” [Cuphead]
149 “I do not want this birthday gift from my wife.” [Choice Chamber]
150 “Help me stanch daddy please.” [Choice Chamber]
151 “I want no part in your anus party.” Darkest Dungeon]
152 We haven’t used our chastity belt in quite some time, but we may need it soon.” Darkest Dungeon]
153 “Books! I don’t care about books!” [Darkest Dungeon]
154 “Find them and use our penile gland on them.” [Darkest Dungeon]
155 “We won’t be dual wielding any chastity belts, that’s for sure.” [Darkest Dungeon]
156 “What is this? Naked Satan?” [Slay the Spire]
157 “Hey. Hey! Get Away from my jerky, cat!” [Slay the Spire]
158 “As much as I just want to stab someone again, I need to keep an eye on my health.” [Slay the Spire]
159 “It’s like a Russian nesting doll of maggots.” [Darkest Dungeon]
160 “Don’t invade me with your undulating butt parasite.” [Darkest Dungeon]
161 “I’m gonna kill this dog and it’s gonna become a maggot, but that’s okay.” [Darkest Dungeon]
162 “I’m down for potato stuff.” [Darkest Dungeon]
163 “These guys need to man up and force-feed the puppies rubies.” [Darkest Dungeon]
164 “I’m gonna beat up my wife. Don’t quote that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
165 “Having a muffin that is evil is one thing. Filling it with syphilis though …” [Darkest Dungeon]
166 “It’s always good to see blood.” [Darkest Dungeon]
167 “Oh, 10 inches. That’s not bad at all.” [Darkest Dungeon]
168 “Who knew that a man servant could be inspirational?” [Darkest Dungeon]
169 “I know better than to put torches in places they don’t belong.” [Darkest Dungeon]
170 “The queue is a conveyor belt of death.” [Darkest Dungeon]
171 “You don’t catch syphilis from a shovel.” [Darkest Dungeon]
172 “Love is in the air and in my nostrils.” [Darkest Dungeon]
173 “I’m Raix. I’d chop up a baby and put it on a plate, I’d try anything once.” [Darkest Dungeon]
174 “Milk. Skeleton milk. Square nipple milk.” [Darkest Dungeon]
175 “Thanks, everyone, for showing me your bits!” [Darkest Dungeon]
176 “I’m rubbing it on myself.” [Darkest Dungeon]
177 “I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for being early.” [Darkest Dungeon]
178 “I haven’t wiped in 300 hours.” [Darkest Dungeon]
179 “Kyten is trying to replace my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
180 “Do crits not drugs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
181 “He won’t even allow us to rub holy water on his body.” [Darkest Dungeon] 
182 “Gaping hole … it’s all coming out wrong.” [Darkest Dungeon]
183 “Bone the dream daddy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
184 “Look at all that booty.” [Darkest Dungeon]
185 “I hear lightning.” [Darkest Dungeon]
186 “Oh no, you can see my secret Adam box.” [Darkest Dungeon]
187 “Crests are a crutch for the weak.” [Darkest Dungeon]
188 “I’ve never been so happy to see a dead fish in all my life.” [Darkest Dungeon]
189 “I’ve been in the dark my whole life up to this point.” [Darkest Dungeon]
190 “I can’t chug it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
191 “We got syphilis from a pig.” [Darkest Dungeon]
192 “I will give you all my mayonnaise.” [Darkest Dungeon]
193 “Weezy, don’t be dreaming about my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
194 “I’ve never seen the color red before.” [Darkest Dungeon]
195 “Alright guys, we’re going to goo a giveaway.” [Darkest Dungeon]
196 “He does stuff to us.” [Darkest Dungeon]
197 “It’s because he’s so fat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
198 “Make time for geekdom.” [Darkest Dungeon]
199 “Always crit, kill everything, easy game.” [Darkest Dungeon]
200 “Take advantage of this fish boy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
201 “Real oysters don’t have fur.” [Darkest Dungeon]
202 “No, strange person, go away. I’m trying to get milk.” [Darkest Dungeon]
203 “How does a sack work? I stick my head in it?” [Darkest Dungeon]
204 “The streamy got steamy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
205 “Why is everyone leaving me?” [Darkest Dungeon]
206 “My great grandmother had bits for the party pig.” [Darkest Dungeon]
207 “You guys can squeeze on in, too.” [Darkest Dungeon]
208 “Do I want to let her roll around in that corpse?” [Darkest Dungeon]
209 “Vials of blood, so handsome.” [Darkest Dungeon]
210 “You have a dog just suck on that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
211 “Chili dog and chill? Sounds good to me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
212 “We’ll do this as a threesome.” [Darkest Dungeon]
213 “There is a three week hump, and it can be brutal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
214 “She’s just abusive, it’s okay.” [Darkest Dungeon]
215 “When you get used to that kind of speed you don’t wanna stop.” [Darkest Dungeon]
216 “You can’t go, you’re not invited.” [Darkest Dungeon]
217 “Put your thumb up its butthole; see what gender he is.” [Darkest Dungeon]
218 “We’re under Half-Life.” [Darkest Dungeon]
219 “We’ve had some overconfidence that has killed us pretty quickly.” [Darkest Dungeon]
220 “Mmm, syphilis soup just like Granny used to make! My favorite.” [Darkest Dungeon]
221 “Be quiet, cat!” [Darkest Dungeon]
222 “I’m gonna take this guy out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
223 “Did you miss some anal party?” [Darkest Dungeon]
224 “Just let me grab some people!” [Darkest Dungeon]
225 “He’s going to put a phone in my butt.” [Darkest Dungeon]
226 “I guess we’re doing the vestal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
227 “That makes my insides sad. Thanks.” [Darkest Dungeon]
228 “STOP DANCING ON MY LAWN!” [Darkest Dungeon]
229 “No more bug milk for me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
230 “The hospital can’t keep him away from defending his honor.” [Darkest Dungeon]
231 “These people were trying to force their toothbrush upon me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
232 “I want rabies so bad.” [Darkest Dungeon]
233 “That’s a big monkey you got there.” [Darkest Dungeon]
234 “Is that going to make a Billy Crystal?” [Darkest Dungeon]
235 “Sky taint – the taint of the gods!” [Darkest Dungeon]
236 “Do you want man meat?” [Darkest Dungeon]
237 “I might run off with one of the dream daddies.” [Darkest Dungeon]
238 “That’s not what I thought you were going to show me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
239 “I’m a man of my word, I’m into discipline.” [Darkest Dungeon]
240 “Who’s she gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!” [Darkest Dungeon]
241 “I don’t want to know how speedy they breed in the dark.” [Darkest Dungeon]
242 “I don’t know things.” [Darkest Dungeon]
243 “Look at all those strange symbols and upside down nonsense.” [Darkest Dungeon]
244 “Raix, are you from the stars?” [Darkest Dungeon]
245 “There will be no peep show here tonight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
246 “That’s not what I meant. Now you’re using your hands, fool!” [Darkest Dungeon]
247 “My special Adam box.” [Darkest Dungeon]
248 “Cheese can remove disease.” [Darkest Dungeon]
249 “No traps, just booty.” [Darkest Dungeon]
250 “Excuse me, I’m dying.” [Darkest Dungeon]
251 “Such a curious boy, rolling in corpses.” [Darkest Dungeon]
252 “Dear diary, this week I found my dream daddy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
253 “Dead hooker pig … pig hooker?” [Darkest Dungeon]
254 “Take that, Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay has completely outclassed you!” [Darkest Dungeon]
255 “I’m sorry I hiccup-burped in your general direction.” [Darkest Dungeon]
256 “You cannot judge a daddy by the outside.” [Darkest Dungeon]
257 “Chill out, Uncle Phil.” [Darkest Dungeon]
258 “We’re proliferatin’ now!” [Darkest Dungeon]
259 “Adam is dead, I am Dadam now.” [Dream Daddy]
260 “I’m gonna go Super Saiyan on this dream daddy!” [Dream Daddy]
261 “I’ve always wanted fried eggs for nipples!” [Dream Daddy]
262 “What if I am the bad daddy?” [Dream Daddy]
263 “Type daddy for me.” [Dream Daddy]
264 “I am not saying I am a gold digger … but I am putting that in the pros list.” [Dream Daddy]
265 “I’m a sad excuse for a dream daddy.” [Dream Daddy]
266 “I told my daughter my turn ons to add to social media.” [Dream Daddy]
267 “We need to think about the whole package.” [Dream Daddy]
268 “Get rid of your mother, then it makes sense.” [Dream Daddy]
269 “No, I’ve already come out of the closet, hard.” [Dream Daddy]
270 “It’s so weird looking at chat and peeing.” [Dream Daddy]
271 “Eggplants out for Clint!” [Dream Daddy]
272 “I’m sticking to the fruit, boys. I’m feelin’ real fruity.” [Dream Daddy]
273 “The brownies are edible and so are the bachelors.” [Dream Daddy]
274 “Don’t you crap on MY piña coladas, Robert!” [Dream Daddy]
275 “That’s more eggplants than Hugo put out.” [Dream Daddy]
276 “I like it. I am the Dadum!” [Dream Daddy]
277 “I was a dream daddy like you until I took a rock to the knee.” [Dream Daddy]
278 “They’re taking me down to do some type of blood ritual in the basement.” [Dream Daddy]
279 “My chair’s wife is way too squeaky.” [Dream Daddy]
280 “I stayed up way too late dating daddies.” [Dream Daddy]
281 “Why can’t she just whip out some leeches right now?” [Darkest Dungeon]
282 “Unless my wife is my dream daddy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
283 “Let’s keep doing Raix.” [Darkest Dungeon]
284 “Just a couple hours ago I killed my uncle.” [Darkest Dungeon]
285 “I just let some people die, then I left.” [Darkest Dungeon]
286 “You can see the bottom of my daddy box.” [Dream Daddy]
287 “I cannot play fetch with you, I’m dating daddies!” [Dream Daddy]
288 “This is like a shart in the dark.” [Dream Daddy]
289 “Yeah. I do kick puppies. My wife does, too.” [Dream Daddy]
290 “You had me at Sour Patch Kids. Let’s get naked.” [Dream Daddy]
291 “You gave me dream daddy … I give you standing while wiping!” [Dream Daddy]
292 “If there’s a hole, fingers can go there.” [Dream Daddy]
293 “Give me a refresher, not on wiping your butt.” [Dream Daddy]
295 “Aaaaah aaaah, oh so good.” [Dream Daddy]
296 “East is always right.” [Dream Daddy]
297 “Don’t look up Chuck Berry’s ding-a-ling.” [Darkest Dungeon]
298 “Look how awesome I am at art, fellow little children!” [Darkest Dungeon]
299 “I wish we would fail.” [Darkest Dungeon]
300 “I kinda want you to die.” [Darkest Dungeon]
301 “You can only go to the beach, but only when it is warm.” [Darkest Dungeon]
302 “Keep your butt intact.” [Darkest Dungeon]
303 “I’m not going to risk getting syphilis at the moment. Maybe another time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
304 “Put children in the cookhouse. That’s the first thing we can do with children.” [Frostpunk]
305 “We’ll get morning wood! We’ll finally get morning wood!” [Frostpunk]
306 “No one here has had morning wood in quite some time.” [Frostpunk]
307 “Put the children in the coal thumper.” [Frostpunk]
308 “We got so much wood.” [Frostpunk]
309 “She’s up there brewing the devil’s beans.” [Darkest Dungeon]
310 “Especially not for friggin’ mustache cream.” [Darkest Dungeon]
311 “This was really good dungeon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
312 “I don’t remember the phone up my butt…” [Darkest Dungeon]
313 “Obsessed with poo.” [Darkest Dungeon]
314 “I’ve had my share of mushrooms. None of them were hard.” [Darkest Dungeon]
315 “No, I will not go to the dungeon with you, but if two of you want to go to the brothel later…” [Darkest Dungeon]
316 “I’m gonna say screw this little hole.” [They Are Billions]
317 “You mean Gilligan’s Island in the shower while naked?” [They Are Billions]
318 “Don’t kill the townspeople and say you thought they were zombies.” [They Are Billions]
319 “Just throw them in a giant frog orgy bag.” [Darkest Dungeon]
320 “There is a little bit of breeding in here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
321 “I dunno, Raix, I don’t like the idea of things touching.” [Darkest Dungeon]
322 “I play games badly.” [Darkest Dungeon]
323 “I have to have a baby Ivax!” [Darkest Dungeon]
324 “A fan of the peter.” [Darkest Dungeon]
325 “I’ve always had a thing for lettuce.” [Darkest Dungeon]
326 “I’m like super hot tonight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
327 “Take us away but not in a bodybag.” [Darkest Dungeon]
328 “If only you could burn away syphilis.” [Darkest Dungeon] 
329 “Would I be okay with rabies?” [Darkest Dungeon]
330 “Are you an underpants gnome by chance?” [Darkest Dungeon]
331 “Cheerio, I’m out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
332 “I like ’em crunchy and wet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
333 “Oh my God, they figured out how to squeeze the tiny nipples on an almond!” [Darkest Dungeon]
334 “Slather an ol’ Granny Smith in some peanut butter and go to town.” [Darkest Dungeon]
335 “Step into a Slim Jim!” [Darkest Dungeon]
336 “Guy Fieri is dead, no…” [Darkest Dungeon]
337 “I can play a mean kazoo.” [Darkest Dungeon]
338 “Let’s lube the throat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
339 “Oh no, a powerful Rebecca Black has appeared!” [Darkest Dungeon]
340 “Oh no, I missed an opportunity to do something terrible!” [Frostpunk]
341 “Kids are half our size so they should only get half rations.” [Frostpunk]
342 “Let’s send the children off into the far reaches of the wilderness, with their little snowshoes and sticks, in the dead of night, negative 40 degrees, to get rabbit meat or die or whatever.” [Frostpunk]
343 “Why isn’t this 100%? Open your mouth.” [XCOM 2]
344 “We’re not inside of them yet.” [XCOM 2]
345 “Do we have any grenades left? That’s my solution for everything.” [XCOM 2]
346 “I don’t know, I’m a noob.” [XCOM 2]
347 “I don’t know what we’re after, rhino tusks and stuff.” [XCOM 2]
348 “The aliens aren’t the only ones doing some probing.” [XCOM 2]
349 “Hot tentacle action right here, right now, on stream.” [Darkest Dungeon]
350 “YES! RABIES! PLEASE!” [Darkest Dungeon]
351 “Just four guys hanging out in the woods killing old ladies and trying to get dogs to bite us, nothing out of the ordinary here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
352 “Who left their bloodied fetish in the barrel?” [Darkest Dungeon]
353 “The vestal was like “LUL, you’re terrible.”” [Darkest Dungeon]
354 “You have to wait until she gets flushed, then take advantage of her.” [Darkest Dungeon]
355 “Are you keeping your frag hand strong?” [Darkest Dungeon]
356 “It’s not a crime if all those people are police.” [Darkest Dungeon]
357 “Who sucks on chili dogs?” [Darkest Dungeon]
358 “My wife took my tea away and gave me a Yoohoo.” [Darkest Dungeon]
359 “We need to recruit this fish!” [Darkest Dungeon]
360 “It’s hard. Even after all this time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
361 “I’ve changed my relationship status with the RNG gods on facebook to ‘it’s complicated’.” [Darkest Dungeon]
362 “What do you need $15 for, little Amish girl?” [Darkest Dungeon]
363 “My wife absolutely hates you Raix.” [Darkest Dungeon]
364 “The sounds he made were … interesting and hilarious” ~WifeVsAdam [Darkest Dungeon]
365 “I’m preeetty sure James Brown was from the UK.” [XCOM 2]
366 “I could give this assault rifle to a 3 year old and they could shoot them no problem.” [XCOM 2]
367 “Everyone with a sword is my wife.” [XCOM 2]
368 “That’s just my answer for everything – throw grenades.” [XCOM 2]
369 “Ahh, our first cyst.” [Darkest Dungeon]
370 “There’s some soft cloth I wont wipe my butt on.” [Darkest Dungeon]
371 “I thought you were my girl, kyten.” [Darkest Dungeon]
372 “I’m glad you found a home for your double D’s.” [Darkest Dungeon]
373 “Welcome to the nipple strap and cod piece stream, where all your dreams come true, and sometimes your nightmares.” [Darkest Dungeon]
374 “I’m not wearing pants, but I’ve got my tutu on.” [Darkest Dungeon]
375 “I’m going to take this daunger.” [Darkest Dungeon]
376 “I’m already doing pantless streams every night.” [Darkest Dungeon]
377 “I’ll be at barbecues pelvic thrusting with the best of them.” [Darkest Dungeon]
378 “People poop in plastic bags and throw it on the side of the mountain path.” [Darkest Dungeon]
379 “That’s the strategy – always shoot them in the butt.” [XCOM 2]
380 “You can’t have your meat unless you eat your pudding.” [XCOM 2]
381 “I’m just making noises as I type and things.” [XCOM 2]
382 “South Korea, the land of crumpets.” [XCOM 2]
383 “The guy has really nice feet, really amazing feet.” [XCOM 2]
384 “She’s saying words.” [Monster Hunter World]
385 “She likes the old lance, the old iron lance technique.” [Monster Hunter World]
386 “I am a great hunter, I will slay you and eat your bacon!” [Monster Hunter World]
387 “It’s hard to comprehend those big numbers.” [Monster Hunter World]
388 “I was actually taking my socks off, it’s friggin hot in the house. I already don’t have pants on.” [Monster Hunter World]
389 “I’m wearing whatever you think I’m wearing from the belly button down.” [Monster Hunter World]
390 “He’s banging me against the tree!” [Monster Hunter World]
391 “How often can I mount you, sir?” [Monster Hunter World]
392 “Is that a hunk of meat hanging up there with bananas?” [Monster Hunter World]
393 “It feels like I should be able to go through that hole.” [Monster Hunter World]
394 “Here you go lady, excite my shroom.” [Monster Hunter World]
395 “I cant fit in that hole.” [Monster Hunter World]
396 “Whoa, that thing vibrates!” [Monster Hunter World]
397 “What’s with all these drunks?” [Darkest Dungeon]
398 “I don’t know … oversee the mating of a bunch of pigs in the warrens or something?” [Darkest Dungeon]
399 “Sign me up for the rotgut.” [Darkest Dungeon]
400 “They’re into voyeurism, so just watch ’em, Raix.” [Darkest Dungeon]
401 “Impregnate me, alien overlords.” [XCOM 2]
402 “Quick! Someone flash him!” [XCOM 2]
403 “Oh, I’m so hot.” [XCOM 2]
404 “When I don’t know what to do, I throw a grenade.” [XCOM 2]
405 “It sounds like I’m calling my wife a pig every time.” [XCOM 2]
406 “She threw up beside me and ran away.” [XCOM 2]
407 “He filled the tub with butter and soaked in it for an hour before stream.” ~WifeVsAdam [XCOM 2]
408 “You just spent about 3 weeks getting probed.” [XCOM 2]
409 “Just be yourself, unless you’re a jerk then be better than yourself.” [XCOM 2]
410 “Weird Al told me so.” [XCOM 2]
411 “I don’t think I’ve seen a playset before!” [XCOM 2]
412 “That’s what Dadam would do.” [XCOM 2]
413 “We brought home a D.” [XCOM 2]
414 “Why is everyone a sexual deviant?” [Darkest Dungeon]
415 “I felt the lucky pig being inserted.” [Darkest Dungeon]
416 “My feet are on a pedestal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
417 “When guns miss in real life, they’re quieter.” [Darkest Dungeon]
418 “I’m going after the hooker.” [Darkest Dungeon]
419 “Reach into the glory hole and pull out a relic.” [Slay the Spire]
420 “I’m actually going to use herb.” [Darkest Dungeon]
421 “I saw a naked person running at me and was like, ‘Is that my wife?'” [Path of Exile]
422 “Good job buddy. I’m sure you’ll get a promotion … in the afterlife.” [XCOM 2]
423 “Wait wait wait wait wait, cereal!” [XCOM 2]
424 “It all started going downhill when you got probed.” [XCOM 2]
425 “Bonfire? I don’t have time to go to a bonfire I’m trying to save the earth! We’re trying to get rid of the alien menace and these people are trying to get me to go to burning man.” [XCOM 2]
426 “I’m going to cry a little bit … I’m going to cry a lot.” [XCOM 2]
427 “I’m wearing socks for the first time, the first time ever!” [XCOM 2]
428 “Should I just like take this guy from behind?” [XCOM 2]
429 “My only regret is that I still have a grenade.” [XCOM 2]
430 “I like dancing competitions.” [Darkest Dungeon]
431 “Grab the sack.” [Darkest Dungeon]
432 “Are you here to listen to the pigs mate?” [Darkest Dungeon]
433 “We don’t like curious people here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
434 “Surprise puppies! Time to die!” [Darkest Dungeon]
435 “Don’t boil your ribs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
436 “I’m surprised she didn’t just take it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
437 “Take the money and run.” [Darkest Dungeon]
438 “Maggots are pretty.” [Darkest Dungeon]
439 “I can pee further than you.” [XCOM 2]
440 “You guys wanna play urinal chicken?” [XCOM 2]
441 “I peed all over the kid. I soaked him.” [XCOM 2]
442 “This kid’s got urine dripping from his ears and I’m completely dry.” [XCOM 2]
443 “Do you wanna take it to the urinals?” [XCOM 2]
444 “The two time urinal chicken champion. Right here.” [XCOM 2]
445 “”That’s the guy that peed on me!” I might get shot, I can’t go back to my hometown.” [XCOM 2]
446 “He was trying to pee on me as much as I was trying to pee on him, it’s just his stream wasn’t as intense, maybe he wasnt holding the chocolate milk in as long as I had been.” [XCOM 2]
447 “This little jerk … I can’t fight him … but I can out pee him.” [XCOM 2]
448 “Add more subs to my channel.” [XCOM 2]
449 “It wasn’t like grown up me went and peed on a kid.” [XCOM 2]
450 “Bleh, bleh bleh.” [Slay the Spire]
451 “What is that strange love chamber there?” [Mass Effect]
452 “I’m gonna stand right here for 3-4 months.” [Mass Effect]
453 “I think Steve Martin has had grey hair since he was like 12.” [Mass Effect]
454 “Before I go to bed I like to take a pre bed nap.” [Mass Effect]
455 “It’s a witch hunt I tell you, a witch hunt! They’re out to get me!” [Mass Effect]
456 “Please me, mole man.” [Mass Effect]
457 “I didn’t realize it was that big!” [Mass Effect]
458 “Worst game of Frogger ever, by the way.” [Mass Effect]
459 “I might wanna die, actually.” [Mass Effect]
460 “Good for your brother … I’m a commander.” [Mass Effect]
461 “Gotta catch ’em all!” [Mass Effect]
462 “Get over the problem with your dead wife.” [Mass Effect]
463 “Are you saying Danny Devito is an alien moleman?” [Mass Effect]
464 “These real trees look too real.” [Mass Effect]
465 “That’s not how I drive in real life … most of the time.” [Mass Effect]
466 “Right now I’m just doing drive-bys.” [Mass Effect]
467 “That’s a full pounder with cheese.” [Mass Effect]
468 “In space no one can hear you pee.” [Mass Effect]
469 “He shouldn’t be too hard to defeat. I could just grab a straw and drink him.” [Mass Effect]
470 “I don’t know what is under your monster’s clothing.” [Darkest Dungeon]
471 “I really wanna take handmasters.” [Darkest Dungeon]
472 “Straight to the pot right away.” [Darkest Dungeon]
473 “I’m not a medical professional.” [Darkest Dungeon]
474 “The kinky occultist.” [Darkest Dungeon]
475 “That’s right, this guy was coming onto me and I was all over it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
476 “I kinda wanna just ram these guys.” [Mass Effect]
477 “I’m talking out loud, I’m not whispering!” [Mass Effect]
478 “Where are my lady companions?” [Mass Effect]
479 “Don’t run over the monkeys!” [Mass Effect]
480 “I’m just running around frisking space monkeys.” [Mass Effect]
481 “Lots of crispy bodies … I kinda want KFC now.” [Mass Effect]
482 “Just a rat-tailed kid peeing on people.” [Mass Effect]
483 “What kind of pirates are these? They have no booty.” [Mass Effect]
484 “I’m gonna go commando.” [Mass Effect]
485 “Alright ladies, stand back and watch this!” [Mass Effect]
486 “I’m not racist! I killed Ashley!” [Mass Effect 2]
487 “Screw the council!” [Mass Effect 2]
488 “Mordin Kombat!” [Mass Effect 2]
489 “Let me hide my secret bookmarks.” [IRL]
490 “Don’t look at that stuff either. More secrets. So many secrets.” [IRL]
491 “Whatever you think is going on beneath the desk, that’s what it is.” [IRL]
492 “Ever since Dream Daddy, eggplants have been a staple here.“ [IRL]
493 “I almost peed myself when a zombie jumped out at me.” [IRL]
494 “You don´t need oxygen. You can hold your breath for the rest of your life.” [Oxygen Not Included]
495 “How do I fertilize you?” [Oxygen Not Included]
496 “I don’t know where to put things, so I’m just shoving things in places.” [Oxygen Not Included]
497 “You can milk anything with nipples but I’m not gonna milk that.” [Oxygen Not Included]
498 “I’m not milking anything, nipples or not.” [Oxygen Not Included]
499 “It’s like a mosh pit for golden shower parties.” [Oxygen Not Included]
500 “Look at me. Observe my horn.” [Oxygen Not Included]
501 “I only exist from about the nipples up.” [Darkest Dungeon]
502 “Well, hello there, Mr. Prophet. Show me your pews, big boy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
503 “I just did it once, just one time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
504 “She beat me into defecation!” [Oxygen Not Included]
505 “Halo with the peepee hands.” [Mass Effect 2]
506 “Steal from rich, become the rich.” [Mass Effect 2]
507 “Whoa, wait old lady … are you contagious?” [Mass Effect 2]
508 “I was all hopped up on heinies.” [Mass Effect 2]
509 “You’re telling me someone goes to bed without peeing first? See a doctor!” [Darkest Dungeon]
510 “You’d make a nice urinal chicken champion Spent, you got what it takes. How do you feel about peeing on kids?” [Darkest Dungeon]
511 “It feels like yesterday when you were just a little whipper snapper with the devils hours.” [Darkest Dungeon]
512 “The channel goes between pee, nipples, and Darkest Dungeon quite a bit.” [Darkest Dungeon]
513 “Insatiable donger.” [Darkest Dungeon]
514 “You’re not a real man unless you have a big truck. Oh, you have a Ford Focus? You might as well be castrated.” [Darkest Dungeon]
515 “Thanks for the follow mister! I really do appreciate it!” [Darkest Dungeon]
516 “The pee pit can wait.” [Oxygen Not Included]
517 “The D is for donger?” [Darkest Dungeon]
518 “I have to be careful with my conversations or I may unintentionally sleep with her.” [Mass Effect 2]
519 “Kyten’s sleeping over in the bathroom.” [Oxygen Not Included]
520 “I think I’d like that one, because as you guys know, I like big decks.” [Slay the Spire]
521 “Feels good to let people die again.” [Darkest Dungeon]
522 “It’s late night and we’re giving away furry RPGs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
523 “I would take a meatball bath.” [Darkest Dungeon]
524 “Excuse me sir, would you feel better if you took a nice long gander at my groin?” [Mass Effect 3]
525 “Don’t you point your grubby little sausage finger at me, lady.” [Mass Effect 3]
526 “Now we’ve got space necrophilia going on.” [Mass Effect 3]
527 “Did I check down here for my adult toys?” [Mass Effect 3]
528 “Did I really just loot junk from his groin?” [Mass Effect 3]
529 “I’m trying to enter relationships with 99% of you in chat.” [Mass Effect 3]
530 “I am a champion of the urinal arts.” [Darkest Dungeon]
531 “Young kids’ minds are a terrible thing.” [XCOM 2]
532 “All Cubone are from China, we know this.” [Mass Effect 3]
533 “What is a sewer but a river of poo and pee? I think that was Shakespeare.” [Mass Effect 3]
534 “Both of them hit her, which is very good.” [Darkest Dungeon]
535 “Was that a burp?” [Darkest Dungeon]
536 “I am a completely naked black lady.” [Darkest Dungeon]
537 “There is a live feed of chat in my pants.” [Darkest Dungeon]
538 “I wouldn’t have shot the kid if I knew it was a bad choice.” [Mass Effect 3]
539 “Yes, I shot the kid intentionally, but I did it not really thinking it would do anything.” [Mass Effect 3]
540 “Why am I only wearing panties?” [Alien: Isolation]
541 “Why am I taking a shower in just my panties?” [Alien: Isolation]
542 “Do you have cockaphobia or something?” [Alien: Isolation]
543 “I’ll hydrate when I’m dead!” [Alien: Isolation]
544 “Strap myself in and go down the gooey hole?!” [Alien: Isolation]
545 “They gave me a flamethrower for a reason – barbecue aliens.” [Alien: Isolation]
546 “I believe eggs existed before me.” [Alien: Isolation]
547 “I was spamming the D.” [Alien: Isolation]
548 “He’s into a lot of strange stuff.” [Alien: Isolation]
549 “Our pig doesn’t put out.” [Alien: Isolation]
550 “I thought maybe I could get him from behind.” [Alien: Isolation]
551 “Why am I always playing games where I’m crawling through a giant rectum?” [Alien: Isolation]
552 “I thought I was safe in the sphincter.” [Alien: Isolation]
553 “Shotguns make noise.” [Alien: Isolation]
554 “This is the most stylish pee pit I’ve made.” [Oxygen Not Included]
555 “Same Adam time, same Adam channel.” [Oxygen Not Included]
556 “I was in a plane crash … the water looked good though!” [BioShock]
557 “Hey, Big Daddy. Be seeing you soon, I’m sure.” [BioShock]
558 “You never know when you’re going to need two dollars and a potato chip.” [BioShock]
559 “Tell me, scientist, do you burn?” [BioShock]
560 “I can’t use telekinesis on the fish.” [BioShock]
561 “Right in the butt.” [BioShock]
562 “Let’s get super drunk.” [BioShock]
563 “Do these wishes involve showers?” [BioShock]
564 “If enemies challenged me into a competition of laying pipe, I’d win every time.” [BioShock]
565 “Go search for Chuck Berry’s ding-a-ling.” [BioShock]
566 “I cause mental damage.” [BioShock]
567 “She’s not gonna be eating sweet rolls in the after life.” [BioShock]
568 “I just picked up pregnancy.” [BioShock]
569 “Trapped between a Big Daddy and a hard place.” [BioShock]
570 “Let’s see why I killed this guy.” [BioShock]
571 “Two daddies just isn’t enough, I require three daddies. Where is my third daddy?” [BioShock]
572 “She is using my face as a springboard.” [BioShock]
573 “Get away from my little sister!” [BioShock]
574 “This is my first time ever walking, by the way.” [Dead Space]
575 “Have I not died due to trains in space enough this week?” [Dead Space]
576 “First order of business. Straight to the women’s room.” [Dead Space]
577 “I got 99 problems but a bench ain’t one.” [Dead Space]
578 “We’ve already been deep inside this ship’s anus.” [Dead Space]
579 “Suck those balls out of here.” [Dead Space]
580 “There’s way too many people here that have their legs intact.” [Dead Space]
581 “Hey, look, I can do it from behind. A whole new world has opened up to us.” [Dead Space]
582 “These giant naked men are just toying with me.” [Outlast]
583 “Any naked boys on the camera?” [Outlast]
584 “Why do all the naked people want me so bad? What did I ever do to them?” [Outlast]
585 “I’m in a Mexican standoff with this guy’s anus.” [Outlast]
586 “You’re not the brightest lightbulb in the crayon box.” [Outlast]
587 “Get away from my dirty little ducky!” [Outlast]
588 “I just F’d myself.” [Outlast]
589 “I think we’ve already done enough acid.” [Amnesia: The Dark Descent]
590 “I’m running out of body parts to throw.” [Amnesia: The Dark Descent]
591 “Why is everyone naked in these things?” [Amnesia: The Dark Descent]
592 “Release the pork.” [Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs]
593 “I’m not in space. There’s not supposed to be trains.” [Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs]
594 “How many farting pigs would it take to run a machine?” [Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs]
595 “Can’t he just turn to normal necrophilia like all the other people in the asylum? Why does he have to come after me?” [Outlast]
596 “I’m Commander Adam, and you’re my favorite freak on this farm.” [Outlast]
597 “My Native American name is Pees With Ease.” [RimWorld]
598 “Why I remember the day I first discovered my thing.” [RimWorld]
599 “My ears feel nice.” [RimWorld]
600 “As long as he keeps the ham away from his ears, I suppose” – modwife [RimWorld]
601 “Have you guys ever had a deuce of anguish?” [RimWorld]
602 “Let’s buy some beer!” [RimWorld]
603 “You came to the wrong neighborhood, pig.” [RimWorld]
604 “Hey, don’t attack my elephant in the butt!” [RimWorld]
605 “I have a belly button, I like to keep it nice and clean, ‘cuz if me neglecti me belly button, it will turn that fungus green.” [Darkest Dungeon]
606 “Give me like eight hours and two gallons of chocolate milk, and I’m good to go.” [Darkest Dungeon]
607 “There’s absolutely nothing suggestive about Chuck Berry’s ding-a-ling.” [Just Chatting]
608 “I might have to turn down the mating.” [Darkest Dungeon]
609 “If you want me to be wearing a tutu, that’s what I’m wearing.” [They Are Billions]
610 “My mind is plagued with Pookies.” [They Are Billions]
611 “Please don’t lose because I’m thinking about Pookie buisness.” [They Are Billions]
612 “By God, I wanted tumors for biceps when I was a 4 year old boy.” [They Are Billions]
613 “Rub it on your body, it’ll keep you warm.” [No Man’s Sky]
614 “Should I shoot its parents, or should I shoot the baby?” [No Man’s Sky]
615 “That was a pretty disappointing hole. Not all holes are great holes, apparently.” [No Man’s Sky]
616 “Have you seen my Nipulator?” [No Man’s Sky]
617 “I’m literally rubbing jelly onto the thrusters?” [No Man’s Sky]
618 “Let me scroll by all these gasms.” [Heroes of the Storm]
619 “I don’t know who to invite. I’ve never had friends before.” [Heroes of the Storm]
620 “Who knew standing where a bomb falls is a bad idea?” [Heroes of the Storm]
621 “I don’t even remember the probe’s name. It’s just the probe to me.” [Heroes of the Storm]
622 “We’re going to give Mal’ganis the D.” [Heroes of the Storm]
623 “Some day, little pigs, you will be incestuous and make more little pigs.” [RimWorld]
624 “Everyone wants to play cornhole.” [RimWorld]
625 “Is that an ostrich under your blanket or are you happy to see me?” [RimWorld]
626 “I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it raw.” [RimWorld]
627 “These are some expensive slaves.” [RimWorld]
628 “We’re going full frontal jousting to the death.” [Darkest Dungeon]
629 “This was after my turtle time.” [Just Chatting]
630 “He put muffalo mammary glands on me and then milked me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
631 “Holy crunchy crust, Batman!” [Darkest Dungeon]
632 “Raix, my wife is looking at photos of you milking me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
633 “We’re going back to our cannibalism roots.” [Darkest Dungeon]
634 “My dearest Pookie, I look forward to meeting you on the morrow. It’s been a fortnight since we were together. Your milky glands must be bursting by now, yearning for my touch.” [Darkest Dungeon]
635 “Darkest Dungeon is like a box of chocolates. You like it at first, but then it gives you diarrhea.” [Darkest Dungeon]
636 “Hey! Look, it’s the big one!” [Darkest Dungeon]
637 “We know that critical vomit means it goes in all orifices.” [Darkest Dungeon]
638 “It’s almost ham time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
639 “A pig fell from the heavens and almost hit me in the head!” [Darkest Dungeon]
640 “I’m gonna go ahead and eat food on them.” [Darkest Dungeon]
641 “I can just grab this wood.” [They Are Billions]
642 “Don’t drink nightmare juice, kids.” [Darkest Dungeon]
643 “Bare naked ladies will never lie to you.” [RimWorld]
644 “You can make pants out of drugs?” [RimWorld]
645 “All I can do is strip him!” [RimWorld]
646 “Take two lovin’s and call me in the morning.” [RimWorld]
647 “Five months? That’s more than three years.” [Darkest Dungeon]
648 “That’s a mighty big cucumber there!” [Overkill’s The Walking Dead]
649 “Apparently butt shots aren’t very effective against zombies.” [Overkill’s The Walking Dead]
650 “There’s only so much an old man with a stick can do.” [Overkill’s The Walking Dead]
651 “My butt hurts.” [Darkest Dungeon]
652 “You don’t feel good? You want some hot nuts? Cheer you right up!” [They Are Billions]
653 “I’m headed to bed with count_me_out as well.” [They Are Billions]
654 “Who is this striking young lad?” [Black Desert Online]
655 “Think I just got some upskirt there on accident.” [Black Desert Online]
656 “I spend all the time on the butt.” [Black Desert Online]
657 “I gave him the biggest butt he could have.” [Black Desert Online]
658 “You can make your little black hairs extra-curly.” [Black Desert Online]
659 “Someone took Dadam away!” [Black Desert Online]
660 “I just want to kill things.” [Black Desert Online]
661 “Hello, children! Why do you all have one of your nipples exposed?” [Black Desert Online]
662 “These two entrances are going to get super pounded in the last wave.” [They Are Billions]
663 “Two deeds in the hand is worth more than a coral in the bush.” [Darkest Dungeon]
664 “I’ve done four vestals before, and it’s so slow and so boring.” [Darkest Dungeon]
665 “Let’s dig up this grave for good luck.” [RimWorld]
666 “I thought the currency in hell was pain and suffering.” [Darkest Dungeon]
667 “No, I’m buying a gay dating simulator for some guy I met online. Now go to bed.” [RimWorld]
668 “If we end up having a bug infestation, that’d be really good.” [RimWorld]
669 “You can relax when your hands are full of alpaca meat.” [RimWorld]
670 “You would milk your own mother, Raix?” [Darkest Dungeon]
671 “Some people get REALLY friendly with their family.” [Darkest Dungeon]
672 “You can give your arms, like, perms and stuff.” [Darkest Dungeon]
673 “Triangular nipples? That’s nonsense. That would be overpowered.” [Darkest Dungeon]
674 “I’m not responsible for what my brain thinks!” [Darkest Dungeon]
675 “It’s to do the Apprentice Necromancer as fast as possible.” [Darkest Dungeon]
676 “I kind of like not having syphilis, to be honest with you.” [Darkest Dungeon]
677 “It’s super-small down there.” [Warframe]
678 “A butt load of drugs just landed.” [RimWorld]
679 “I was channeling my inner Clint.” [Darkest Dungeon]
680 “If we play our cards right, hopefully he’ll die.” [Darkest Dungeon]
681 “Phoenix has been a very fertile pig.” [Darkest Dungeon]
682 “The run is old enough to drink in the United States. Its resolve has been hardened by drink.” [Darkest Dungeon]
683 “I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken laudanum.” [Darkest Dungeon]
684 “It’s not Halloween! Don’t throw spiders at me!” [Darkest Dungeon]
685 “My wife smells like cookie butter.” [Darkest Dungeon]
686 “I don’t want to see a dentist’s face covered in fecal matter.” [Darkest Dungeon]
687 “I don’t even know what this channel has become.” [Darkest Dungeon]
688 “We celebrate by harvesting rhino tusks.” [Darkest Dungeon]
689 “We haven’t had much of those C words come at us in a long time, you know the one, its four letters.” [Darkest Dungeon]
690 “I have a Wayne June for every occasion.” [Darkest Dungeon]
691 “Is that a Dream Daddy over there?” [Shadowverse]
692 “Super Saiyan Samurai Mode!” [Shadowverse]
693 “All of his cards are pretty naked.” [Shadowverse]
694 “We’ve got the furry stuff going now.” [Shadowverse]
695 “Now there’s a thicc boi.” [Shadowverse]
696 “I don’t know where the pornography part comes into play.” [Darkest Dungeon]
697 “My mind went straight to crotches.” [Darkest Dungeon]
698 “The best way to relieve stress in the woods is to play with mushrooms.” [Darkest Dungeon]
699 “Is that an erect hammer, or are you just happy to see me?” [Darkest Dungeon]
700 “I need to stop speaking when I stream.” [Darkest Dungeon]
701 “Nothing. Just contemplating lesbians, I guess. adamvsHMM ” [Darkest Dungeon]
702 “There’s a guy online, I need to shower with him!” [Darkest Dungeon]
703 “Get away from me, Rebecca Black!” [Darkest Dungeon]
704 “It’s nice to know you’ll just abandon me and go shower with someone else.” [Darkest Dungeon]
705 “I didn’t realize it would get so big.” [RimWorld]
706 “I would suffocate Dumbo in his sleep to feed my family.” [Darkest Dungeon]
707 “I’m just not in the mood to be shambled, alright? [Darkest Dungeon]
708 “That’s a clean poodle.” [Darkest Dungeon]
709 “It doesn’t feel good with this hat on.” [Darkest Dungeon]
710 “Naked Batman time!” [RimWorld]
711 “I haven’t looked into making drugs yet, but someday I will.” [RimWorld]
712 “There’s four dead cats at the door.” [RimWorld]
713 “We only ate you because you died.” [RimWorld]
714 “We could force them to be nude.” [RimWorld]
715 “Nuclear winter is kinda bad, but have you been to the other colony out in the woods?” [RimWorld]
716 “Save me with your hen boner!” [RimWorld]
717 “You rip chicken legs off, you don’t let it happen to you.” [RimWorld]
718 “I know, I’m enormous.” [Darkest Dungeon]
719 “Usually I just unload crap on people.” [Darkest Dungeon]
720 “Might as well shave in front of this crab.” [Darkest Dungeon]
721 “Who is she? Give me her number!” [Darkest Dungeon]
722 “Why is the bot talking about my butt so much?!” [Darkest Dungeon]
723 “Look, Mom, no stress!” [Darkest Dungeon]
724 “I want to have nightmares full of snakes! Make it so!” [Darkest Dungeon]
725 “You’re already naked, but ignore that.” [RimWorld]
726 “Halo was their last meal.” [RimWorld]
727 “I’m going to go into Little Adam mode.” [Darkest Dungeon]
728 “Guard that, big boy!” [Darkest Dungeon]
729 “I remember if you wanted to feed your family, you went out of the cave and you killed something. You wanted to keep the lights on? You invented fire.” [Darkest Dungeon]
730 “Maybe Jute is sitting naked on the phone.” [Darkest Dungeon]
731 “On Steam, you’re a woman.” [Darkest Dungeon]
732 “Come on, Swinetaur, be gentle!” [Darkest Dungeon]
733 “Got a goatee, Mr. Man?” [BattleTech]
734 “This game discriminates against people with actual goatees.” [BattleTech]
735 “I’m going to control this woman first.” [BattleTech]
736 “It’s my crotch to your foot technique.” [BattleTech]
737 “As long as the quickie means nothing to you.” [Darkest Dungeon]
738 “You can respect the dungeon all you want, but it’ll still put you on your knees.” [Darkest Dungeon]
739 “That was my third arm, Raix. That wasn’t my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
740 “Why do you want to touch people who have peed on kids?” [Darkest Dungeon]
741 “First try! Suck it, Bowser!” [Super Mario Maker]
742 “Get it up, Mario.” [Super Mario Maker]
743 “Grab that pole.” [Super Mario Maker]
744 “Suddenly mole people fall from the sky.” [Super Mario Maker]
745 “Get on and hold on, I’m 90% hard.” [Super Mario Maker]
746 “I was looking at darkzero and got killed by a fish.” [Super Mario Maker]
747 “Come on guy, go down.” [Super Mario Maker]
748 “Get out of here, I’m gonna go kill your father.” [Super Mario Maker]
749 “I’m not going to change my name to Oscar for you guys.” [Darkest Dungeon]
750 “I try to be swol but I’m so smol.” [Darkest Dungeon]
751 “It’s like a Russian nesting doll of Leper masks.” [Darkest Dungeon]
752 “I’ve got toking on my mind.” [Darkest Dungeon]
753 “Don’t group the Groupers, or they’ll grope your group.” [Darkest Dungeon]
754 “What kind of things do you sell in boner country?” [RimWorld]
755 “This person’s kind and nervous … hmm, let’s harvest their organs and sell them!” [RimWorld]
756 “Please stop killing yourself.” [Darkest Dungeon]
757 “You can’t eat a map! Well, you can, but it’s not very filling.” [Darkest Dungeon]
758 “I’m trying to find a hat with only one name to wear.” [Darkest Dungeon]
759 “Three swine hookers can put out some massive damage.” [Darkest Dungeon]
760 “Dong … no dong. Dong … no dong.” [Rapture Rejects]
761 “Let’s do a game with no dong, and then we’ll do a game with dong.” [Rapture Rejects]
762 “Who knew you had to reload guns after you shot all the ammo?” [Rapture Rejects]
763 “We got third place without a dong.” [Rapture Rejects]
764 “So, the dong is a no-go.” [Rapture Rejects]
765 “I accidentally dropped an F-bomb.” [Rapture Rejects]
766 “If I had known how to open a door, I might not have died.” [Rapture Rejects]
767 “I need a fanny pack to hold all this booze.” [Rapture Rejects]
768 “Let’s go with the Ken doll look for the next game.” [Rapture Rejects]
769 “Let’s get our booze and go hide in a box somewhere.” [Rapture Rejects]
770 “I was just hyped up off of killing Nurse Joy.” [Rapture Rejects]
771 “We need more quotes about murder.” [Rapture Rejects]
772 “The tight orange prison suit really brings out the dong.” [Rapture Rejects]
773 “We have parts everyone can enjoy!” [Rapture Rejects]
774 “I feel like I want to use these drugs right now to see what they do.” [Rapture Rejects]
775 “It’s family-friendly vulgarity here.” [RimWorld]
776 “That wasn’t me. That was our daughter What’s-Her-Face.” [Darkest Dungeon]
777 “Listen, Wayne, I’m not overconfident.” [Darkest Dungeon]
778 “Sounds like some screwed up senior yearbook thing – Most Likely to Die By Spiders.” [Darkest Dungeon]
779 “The urinal chicken came first … well before Friends.” [Darkest Dungeon]
780 “I’ll take it off when it’s warm enough to take it off.” [Darkest Dungeon]
781 “He wasn’t bleeding, Wayne June. That’s what we in the industry call a blight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
782 “The dankest of dungeons is probably the Cove.” [Darkest Dungeon]
783 “Any grave we see along the way we will desecrate.” [Darkest Dungeon]
784 “You found me out. I’m actually a famous K-pop star.” [Darkest Dungeon]
785 “I’ll trust you didn’t bomb Great Britain.” [Darkest Dungeon]
786 “Hi, guys! I’m enormous.” [Darkest Dungeon]
787 “Who’s going out to the old cemetery to take a dump?” [Darwin Project]
788 “You got a turtle peeking out, just leave it there.” [Slay the Spire]
789 “That’s one dead nob.” [Slay the Spire]
790 “I will use your bits.” [Darkest Dungeon]
791 “Behold the HoundVestal!” [Darkest Dungeon]
792 “Twitch will think the bot is a bot if you don’t follow it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
793 “We’re basically the Shambler to the enemies.” [Darkest Dungeon]
794 “I’m being buried in bits.” [Darkest Dungeon]
795 “There’s no ‘A pound of beef a day will keep the doctor away’ unfortunately.” [Darkest Dungeon]
796 “Every peasant had a Raix in their house.” [Darkest Dungeon]
797 “You guys ever seen a rainbow?” [Slay the Spire]
798 “I need some of that fancy TP with the lotion oozing out of it from the commercials.” [Darkest Dungeon]
799 “I’m going to ban discussion of sports and of hats.” [Darkest Dungeon]
800 “But I don’t want to eat the rat! Fine, I’ll eat the rat.” [Dungeon Hunter Champions]
801 “If you taunt maggots, you end up diseased and stressed.” [Darkest Dungeon]
802 “If I had to choose any character to get a tattoo of, I would get a Leper that was defeating the Heart of Darkness.” [Darkest Dungeon]
803 “Boom! Crabs everywhere!” [Darkest Dungeon]
804 “Do you eat hats, RSquared?” [Darkest Dungeon]
805 “Live and let live, eat and let eat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
806 “Isn’t Minnesota just southern Canada?” [Darkest Dungeon]
807 “We should make a nudist colony sometime.” [RimWorld]
808 “You should make fun of newborns and the things that they are born with that they can’t change, until they are hard skinned jerk people. Toughen up, buttercup.” [RimWorld]
809 “From now on, if someone’s beautiful, they’re not coming to live with us.” [Darkest Dungeon]
810 “My mind wanted to say syphilis. ‘He’s persistent, and you can’t really get rid of him. Eventually he’ll kill you.'” [Darkest Dungeon]
811 “We’re gonna get one of those rare drops! You know who else is going to drop? Dismas!” [Darkest Dungeon]
812 “Noob takes one to the face.” [Darkest Dungeon]
813 “That was recarded.” [Slay the Spire]
814 “Don’t be friends with my bot. Just follow him.” [Darkest Dungeon]
815 “Make me look like some kind of recluse hermit that does nothing but stay indoors away from the sun, the evil heat of the sun, and plays games all the time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
816 “Houndmaster’s a bat or a dolphin. Confirmed.” [Darkest Dungeon]
817 “This is the Noah’s Ark of Weald runs. We’re taking two of everything.” [Darkest Dungeon]
818 “Have you guys ever been walking around and accidentally mounted a goat?” [Battlerite Royale]
819 “I have no friends.” [Battlerite Royale]
820 “That’s not my mouth, that’s my tongue. It’s totally different.” [Darkest Dungeon]
821 “We don’t want anyone else to get rabies, but if RSquared did, that would be great.” [Darkest Dungeon]
822 “Celeste: The best a man can get.” [Darkest Dungeon]
823 “I don’t think you live in a junkyard. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
824 “We’re in an open Twitch relationship.” [Darkest Dungeon]
825 “I wanna see them screw around in public.” [Darkest Dungeon]
826 “If you would like to be our new nudist, type RNG in the chat.” [RimWorld]
827 “There’s a sixteen year old boy wandering around naked.” [RimWorld]
828 “Ooh, a moon ring! You can’t eat it! I mean, you can, but your sphincter might be hurting the next day.” [Darkest Dungeon]
829 “Hey, look, it’s free rabies!” [Darkest Dungeon]
830 “Who’s collecting now, big boy?” [Darkest Dungeon]
831 “Great job, count_me_out! He refused the pot.” [Darkest Dungeon]
832 “What happened? Where did the dungeon touch you?” [Darkest Dungeon]
833 “RSquare’s no longer soft.” [Darkest Dungeon]
834 “Spiked collar? Is this for the Houndmaster or the hound?” [Darkest Dungeon]
835 “You’re going to be used a lot. Don’t you like being used?” [Darkest Dungeon]
836 “Cover those maidens with herbs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
837 “But I want one bigger than theirs!” [Darkest Dungeon]
838 “It’s Satan and his rubber duckie!” [Book of Demons]
839 “I’ve just been picking up turds this whole time.” [Book of Demons]
840 “So you’re making me some kind of ghetto Estus Flask?” [Book of Demons]
841 “My wife hates charity. My wife double-hates charity.” [Darkest Dungeon]
842 “If I am 40 years old and still trying this challenge, it’s time for some super-cheese.” [Darkest Dungeon]
843 “You didn’t think this through, five year old kid in the forest.” [Darkest Dungeon]
844 “Did you have your Pokemon run out of PP?” [Darkest Dungeon]
845 “Brisket over biscuit.” [Darkest Dungeon]
846 “The flesh is willing, but the heart is saying no.” [Darkest Dungeon]
847 “I can kick myself. That’s good.” [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]
848 “Don’t make suicide pacts with presidents or otherwise.” [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]
849 “Ginger, did you just lick Phoenix?” [Darkest Dungeon]
850 “Every male in the world has a doppledonger.” [Darkest Dungeon]
851 “Can you blame the Abomination for being an emo?” [Darkest Dungeon]
852 “Get your tentacle away from my gasm!” [Darkest Dungeon]
853 “Hey, speaking of the runs …  there it is!” [Darkest Dungeon]
854 “Bop it! Twist it! For God’s sake, Microsoft, I’m trying to play Halo!” [Darkest Dungeon]
855 “This might be a little rough. Just a little.” [Darkest Dungeon]
856 “We have dead beavers in the freezer.” [RimWorld]
857 “We might lose our sixteen year old naked boy.” [RimWorld]
858 “We need a lot more wood at our nudist colony.” [RimWorld]
859 “No one is going to do a cavity search on a grizzly bear.” [RimWorld]
860 “They’re actually pretty good aside from the fact they hate women, but other than that a fine specimen. They are passionate about everything, except for women.” [RimWorld]
861 “Who’s your favorite superhero? Mine’s Vomit Pig!” [Darkest Dungeon]
862 “I don’t get the appeal of this in and out thing. People said it was amazing. To me, it’s just tiring.” [Darkest Dungeon]
863 “Were you smashing brothers or pumpkins?” [Darkest Dungeon]
864 “I put 100 percent into that dream daddy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
865 “You should do it blind and naked your first time.” [Dark Souls]
866 “Let me suffer.” [Dark Souls]
867 “We just met. I’ll be your disciple.” [Dark Souls]
868 “Let’s look at our naked body. Oh, that’s delicious, like a nice aged beef jerky.” [Dark Souls]
869 “I’m only half naked.” [Dark Souls]
870 “Time flies when you’re dying to demons.” [Dark Souls]
871 “I’m stuck between a demon and a hard place.” [Dark Souls]
872 “Look at me, now I really am a strapping young lad, complete with a happy trail!” [Dark Souls]
873 “When in doubt, thrust.” [Dark Souls]
874 “The good news is, now I know to thrust this guy up here. Not you, I’m gonna thrust your friend, though. You get the backstab. Why, hello there, it’s thrusting time!” [Dark Souls]
875 “For the holiday season I’ll stop stabbing everything in the butt. A Christmas miracle!” [Dark Souls]
876 “Speaking of punching horses in the butt…” [Dark Souls]
877 “I’m re-blind to it.” [Dark Souls]
878 “You know what you shouldn’t do on Christmas? Butt-stab Jesus.” [Dark Souls]
879 “I’d rather be naked than have a rough rope between my butt crack.” [Dark Souls]
880 “All my bones are wayward.” [Dark Souls]
881 “There’s a Phoenix for that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
882 “Let’s talk about your pants for a while.” [Darkest Dungeon]
883 “I’m excited for the Ballad of Cannibal Raix, and it’s not even a real thing.” [Darkest Dungeon]
884 “It’s wintertime. Things don’t fly in wintertime.” [Darkest Dungeon]
885 “Played some Fork Knife earlier with some leftover ham.” [Darkest Dungeon]
886 “I’d love to go outside and see a giant UFO.” [Darkest Dungeon]
887 “Hey, look, it’s a chair in the wild!” [Darwin Project]
888 “Where’s the wood?” [Darwin Project]
889 “Do you know how much wood I get from these trees?” [Darwin Project]
890 “That deer is forbidden. Don’t you remember what happened with the apple?” [Darwin Project]
891 “This is skygod. Crouch three times and I’ll give you wood.” [Darwin Project]
892 “Just don’t forsunk me.” [Darwin Project]
893 “If you play your cards right, RSquared, you might get probed.” [Darkest Dungeon]
894 “The sound of bacon multiplying. Delicious.” [Darkest Dungeon]
895 “She’s come to insert the pig.” [Darkest Dungeon]
896 “I’m actually talking in Japanese, and you’re seeing the dubbed version.” [Darkest Dungeon]
897 “Maybe Tet has low standards.” [Darkest Dungeon]
898 “If no one knows who you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re naked.” [Darkest Dungeon]
899 “I could go for some hot pot right about now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
900 “Suddenly I’m looking at this artwork of, like, super-burly naked gay guys, and I was like, ‘Hm, so that’s what that means.’ I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
901 “You like touching people … you can touch them for the greater good now.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
902 “Let’s talk about eating a giant half-man, half-peanut.” [Darkest Dungeon]
903 “Could you imagine a super villain with that exact power? They’re teleporting around you naked, putting different body parts in their mouth and teleporting to rip it off of you.” [Darkest Dungeon]
904 “Oh right, it’s that time of the week.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
905 “Just two guys bonding in the shower.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
906 “Cornbread and tuberculosis, that’s what we’ve got here!” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
907 “I want to go to the outhouse!” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
908 “It’s so cold, I can’t remember who’s who.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
909 “It’s all about the cornbread.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
910 “I beat him to death instead of choking him. So that’s half-good, half-bad.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
911 “I can read cowboy!” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
912 “Do you think there’s urinal chicken in this game?” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
913 “I’m only like half cowboy now.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
914 “That’s what happens when people are raised by other cowboys instead of their mothers.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
915 “I can pick up all of these corpses and do whatever I want with them.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
916 “Next step: dying of dysentery.” [Red Dead Redemption 2]
917 “Reynauld and Dismas are getting ready for the devil’s threeway.” [Darkest Dungeon]
918 “It would take a lot of urine to cover a Swinetaur.” [Darkest Dungeon]
919 “Did you think it said testicle idol?” [Darkest Dungeon]
920 “It’s a cornbread and lesbian stream.” [Darkest Dungeon]
921 “Biting your own arm, that’s how you heal yourself.” [Darkest Dungeon]
922 “That’s unbelievable. She accepted everything!” [Darkest Dungeon]
923 “Hey dad, I’m sorry, someone died, get over it.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
924 “I don’t even like being called a Hellion. My name’s Ashley. Halberd Ashley.” [Darkest Dungeon]
925 “They didn’t come out the womb with a six pack.” [Darkest Dungeon]
926 “I don’t think it’s slightly bigger.” [Darkest Dungeon]
927 “Hey, there it is! It’s a bubble gum boy!” [Darkest Dungeon]
928 “If you get shot, you get high.” [Darkest Dungeon]
929 “Is that a coonskin cap or poop?” [Darkest Dungeon]
930 “Zoomed in on some waxy groin there.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
931 “Do you get a defensive bonus for being high?” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
932 “Wait a minute, bondage might be stronger than I thought!” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
933 “There’s always time to ruin things.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
934 “I remember when you used to watch me that way.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
935 “He has food building up in his pants.” [Darkest Dungeon]
936 “The Succubus is kissing the Lamia, which is kind of weird.” [Darkest Dungeon]
937 “We’re really good at flipping coins, I’m thinking about going pro.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
938 “It always gets me, once a month.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
939 “Let’s go poison some pigs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
940 “I’m really tempted to try out double sister… but… double sister butt.” [Darkest Dungeon]
941 “The naked alien had loot stuffed up some orifice and I didn’t know.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
942 “I’m a biotic god!” [Darkest Dungeon]
943 “I’m higher than normal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
944 “It’s so funny when people are blind.” [Darkest Dungeon]
945 “It’s weird sitting in this high chair.” [Darkest Dungeon]
946 “I’m not sure if this man is attractive or not. Can someone let me know?” [Darkest Dungeon]
947 “Trust me, that would get quoted.” [Darkest Dungeon]
948 “Bacon, you’re such a good girl.” [Darkest Dungeon]
949 “I have a story about red rocket. Would you like to hear it?” [Darkest Dungeon]
950 “MLD, Major League Daddies.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
951 “Flowers in your hair? What are you, some sort of hippie? Only hippies put flowers in their hair. What year is this?” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
952 “Well, I’m in a much different position than normal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
953 “Some day I want to go back to the pee pit.” [Darkest Dungeon]
954 “What disease does Bacon have?” [Darkest Dungeon]
955 “With great wisdom comes great power. Uncle Ben told me that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
956 “You know what video game movie wasn’t terrible? The first Mortal Kombat. A masterpiece!” [Darkest Dungeon]
957 “I just like saying moonnipple.” [Darkest Dungeon]
958 “Fruity drinks! Why, that’s my favorite kind!” [Darkest Dungeon]
959 “The chair is in the closet, and I don’t mean that it’s secretly gay.” [Darkest Dungeon]
960 “I could be doing any number of things offscreen.” [Darkest Dungeon]
961 “Don’t blame me. Blame the drugs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
962 “I’m actually a nudist offscreen, by the way.” [Darkest Dungeon]
963 “My earbuds got eaten by a cat, I think.” [Darkest Dungeon]
964 “How’d you manage to step around the cat landmines on the internet?” [Darkest Dungeon]
965 “It’s just shaped like a book so no one knows they’re poop bags.” [Darkest Dungeon]
966 “I haven’t thought of Xzibit in 50 years!” [Darkest Dungeon]
967 “Dogs can whistle as long as they’re not eating crackers.” [Darkest Dungeon]
968 “Our monk is obsessed with Twilight. Should have named him Bella or something.” [Darkest Dungeon]
969 “Oh, no, it goes for 12 more inches.” [Darkest Dungeon]
970 “We have things to use in every position.” [Darkest Dungeon]
971 “It’s kind of disappointing because it wasn’t bigger.” [Darkest Dungeon]
972 “I know about meat and Darkest Dungeon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
973 “Oh, you’re by yourself, big boy.” [Breach]
974 “Please stop ripping into my behind.” [Breach]
975 “These people just go “jajajaja.”” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
976 “I didn’t know you were racist against daddies.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
977 “Be gentle, Mr. Miller.” [Darkest Dungeon]
978 “He’s reaped us three times in a row. Please, sir, I can’t take it!” [Darkest Dungeon]
979 “First we got reaped, and now we’re going to pound town.” [Darkest Dungeon]
980 “He renamed himself because he wanted to put phallic objects in everything.” [Darkest Dungeon]
981 “This sounds like a pretty intense question for just fruit.” [Darkest Dungeon]
982 “Why do we even need legs?” [Darkest Dungeon]
983 “Now you know why I call them swine hookers.” [Darkest Dungeon]
984 “I assume you’re not a hooker or a skiver.” [Darkest Dungeon]
985 “Giant taint on the sky. Not the giant taint on this guy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
986 “Come on, giant pumpkins!” [Darkest Dungeon]
987 “We only like fast women in our hamlet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
988 “Please, pumpkin, save me!” [Darkest Dungeon]
989 “Wish I was a victim of rice right about now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
990 “Chinese food and chill, Ivax?” [Darkest Dungeon]
991 “He’s just the king of disease now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
992 “Well that’s not a spire at all, there are giant balls there!.” [Darkest Dungeon]
993 “The ol’ ball and chain…to the face.” [Darkest Dungeon]
994 “Is rabies a sexually transmitted disease?” [Darkest Dungeon]
995 “Throw some exotic spices on this fool.” [Darkest Dungeon]
996 “That’s, like, one of my commandments of Darkest Dungeon. Thou shall go to the Cove! Thou shall give Carl your herbs!” [Darkest Dungeon]
997 “You don’t want to remain busty, Tet?” [Darkest Dungeon]
998 “Oh, you can’t stack your demons?” [Darkest Dungeon]
999 “It’s like Snickers and Reeses had a baby. A delicious baby.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1000 “If they don’t have arms and legs… well, they can fuel the furnace, keep the rest of us warm.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1001 “If you think your kids complain now, wait until the apocalypse.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1002 “I’m never using demons again.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1003 “I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or glad that he’s not blue.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1004 “The dungeon’s going to be like, “Hold my laudanum. Watch this.”” [Darkest Dungeon]
1005 “You’re welcome here, but I don’t want to eat you. That I know of.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1006 “All right, hooker, I’m gonna turn the lights out. What happens after that is up to you.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1007 “It’s almost always a busty stream here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1008 “You can cure the runs with leeches.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1009 “My ego is Guy Fieri. My superego is Bobby Flay.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1010 “I’m Black Magic. I’m not the one whose nose is starting to bleed.” [Just Chatting]
1011 “I’d rather not have beans in my orifices.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1012 “Clouds are a real thing.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1013 “No offense to anyone who’s not a normal human being.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1014 “An emerald in the hand is worth a spiderweb in the bush.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1015 “I am not putting the good girl in the brothel, if that’s what you mean. We’ll just say that the brothel also employs some dogs there now, specifically for the good girl.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1016 “You stealing my spot in the shower, kyten?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1017 “When you take two ladies at a time, it gets very expensive.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1018 “I just became Cletus against my will.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1019 “You probably notice more that it’s out there flapping around” [Darkest Dungeon]
1020 “When I’m feeling down, I like to grab the old cobra, have it shoot some venom in my face.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1021 “My wife hasn’t been down to insert the pig.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1022 “So the Ancestor must have got a thesaurus for Christmas one year. Like, he wanted, I don’t know, a four wheeler and an XBox or something, and what he got was a thesaurus and tube socks. And that’s what started all this mess.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1023 “Is skin clothes?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1024 “Aliens are very smart. They know that the source of all human knowledge is up their butt.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1025 “Those kids have been probed and killed and turned to goo long ago.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1026 “It’s my 1980s fidget spinner.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1027 “We just went up that person’s butt! That’s why the warlock is so deadly! He just forced our vision up that person’s rectum!” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1028 “It’s the year 2035, all humans have lost their nipples.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1029 “I’m going to do some speed…in the darkest dungeon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1030 “Do you want a double finger surprise?” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1031 “You know my first instinct, when I see a child, is to try to kill it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1032 “I ran into my wife in the dark and threatened to kill her, or at least beat her up.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1033 “Take that, daughter of Craig!” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1034 “Look at this jerk, trying to feed townspeople.” [Darkest Dungeon
1035 “Fernando, I want to sing your name.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1036 “The Succubus is not religious. She was wearing this cross as a fashion statement only.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1037 “Thank you for ruining your life for me, I appreciate it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1038 “Say hello to my little riposte. It’s not that little. That caretaker says it’s pretty much average size, that riposte.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1039 “Today, kids, we’re going to see how breadsticks are warmed.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1040 “He has more practice with other men in his shower than I do.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1041 “If you can’t handle me at my Cletus, then you don’t deserve me at my Adam.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1042 “This is no way for a grown man cat to be acting.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1043 “I have kidnapped the sun. That’s why it’s dark out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1044 “Raix is a cannibal that hasn’t eaten people yet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1045 “Let’s not start peddling human flesh here at the stream.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1046 “Guys, we’re in the middle of a combat situation. It’s not butt grabbing time yet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1047 “The Tusk kind of has its pole up the good girl’s butt, and I don’t know how comfortable I feel with that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1048 “Think of all the corpses you could eat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1049 “Your pocket was trying to say hello.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1050 “At this moment, I do like the busts.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1051 “All bad, all the time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1052 “There are plenty more busts in the sea.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1053 “Why not go to sun nipple?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1054 “What is the opposite of sausage fest?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1055 “How much does an herb run you these days in the Darkest Dungeon?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1056 “He has an endless supply of clapper claws. He’s not lonely.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1057 “The hair on my arms says it’s been about six months since that was said.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1058 “Pineapple tested, mother approved.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1059 “Open up a whole new world to you and your butt.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1060 “Finish off those low life people.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1061 “Welcome on in, Ronald McDonald, sure do like your burgers.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1062 “Give that Lamia some action.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1063 “You know what they say, you gotta kill a few civilians to scramble some eggs.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1064 “Raix can actually kill a lot of civilians.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1065 “I’m gonna stick my hand in that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1066 “I’ll show you my lobster balls!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1067 “More people like showering with this streamer than with any other community on Twitch!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1068 “Four manservants? It must be dinner time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1069 “There were six manservants that time. It was a buffet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1070 “Is it too soon to talk about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1071 “Here in the jungle looking for the elusive black mamba. Oh, here it is!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1072 “Some say number two is better than number one, Pineapple.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1073 “Great, now darkzero is a drunk.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1074 “Even when it feels bad, I still like it.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1075 “Modwife isn’t my uncle.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1076 “These guys lost their V card.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1077 “I am talking to ponies.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1078 “I remember playing memory match as a kid, but I’m pretty sure it had turtles and squirrels and stuff on the cards, not lady parts.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1079 “It makes me think of the word rectum.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1080 “Where’s the amn’t?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1081 “I’m gonna spit on this damsel. I’m sorry, you brought this on yourself.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1082 “I don’t like being violated by proxy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1083 “It’s hard to keep track of all these newfangled memes.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1084 “Once you start stabbing stuff in the butt, in it’s hard to stop.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1085 “I was like, “You know what, I’m gonna go shoot this mermaid.”” [Darkest Dungeon]
1086 “Craig deserves to transform into a half-naked lady.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1087 “I’m not a mayonnaise dispenser.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1088 “How was I supposed to know not to shoot that kid in the face.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1089 “We can do things to Tet for cheap.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1090 “I thought you were talking about the other 69.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1091 “I killed your sister, guy! Don’t mouth off at me. I already decimated one third of your family.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1092 “I don’t think I could fart my house down.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1093 “Why didn’t the poor just get money?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1094 “The whole dying thing kind of screwed us over.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1095 “Pig pusher sounds like some kind of insult.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1096 “You can have your cake and probe it, too.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1097 “Guile hair goes with everything.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1098 “Do the thing for that item.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1099 “We’ll spit on that Courtesan.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1100 “How romantic, cheap chocolate and pancakes.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1101 “Guys, I’m gonna pop the question tonight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1102 “What’s that video of one woman and twenty guys?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1103 “Sometimes you have to burn some children to save the world.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1104 “You better believe your kid is going to be serving soup if I’m in charge!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1105 “I’m a member of the Village People.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1106 “Too much flagellating going on.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1107 “I’m a lady. In the streets. Don’t ask me about the sheets.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1108 “One probing a year. That’s not much.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1109 “You’ve gotta probe some eggs if you want to make an omelette.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1110 “Kyten and I are still in the honeymoon phase. We do a lot more.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1111 “That sounds like I was working the streets and the sheets on Valentine’s night so we’d have a good breakfast.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1112 “Flashbacks of Vietnam… oh, no, I mean elementary school!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1113 “Just like I sung when I was a little girl.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1114 “I’m just gonna stun them so they don’t get a garden.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1115 “I’m the Forrest Gump of cranberries.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1116 “They are right, they should sleep with my mother.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1117 “Count_me_out has given permission to take advantage of him.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1118 “We’re gonna sneak up behind this guy and shoot him in the butt.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1119 “If anyone needs the Crimson Curse, join the Discord.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1120 “I’m no scholar of flatulence.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1121 “You get two bangs for your buck.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1122 “Count_Me_Out, did you send me a private message asking me to take it off?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1123 “It’s that portion of the stream where we take a look at Steam to see which new hentai games I have.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1124 “One night I was bored, so I took a ski trip to the local mountains. While I was there the sherpas were kind and carried all my things up the mountain, and once I reached the top I decided to kill them, as one does, and molest their bodies. I was just a little bored.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1125 “I like things to be hard and blind and to tell you very little.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1126 “Oh no, I’m reverting back to chicken form.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1127 “Say hello to my little Raix.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1128 “Dont kill my wife. Ok, he didn’t kill my wife. It’s always good when your wife survives.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1129 “I could be Celine Dion. You don’t know that.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1130 “Everything the dark touches is our dungeon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1131 “We don’t play urinal chicken by the pool. We’re not animals.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1132 “It’s one of the mod rules: Don’t rub your butt on the carpet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1133 “There’s something about getting soaked in the face with urine that makes a kid cry. Who knew?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1134 “Little kids in general are disgusting.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1135 “Yeah, I peed off a cliff, but there wasn’t a little kid at the bottom of it with his face up.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1136 “Now you know what the PG stands for: Pee Gaming.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1137 “The finger’s really rough.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1138 “When I think of manly fruit– two big oranges– that’s what I think of.” [Just Chatting]
1139 “I almost had the big one.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1140 “Let me know if you really wanna see it, I’ll whip it out and show you!” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1141 “What is going on with Raix’s crotch?” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1142 “Maybe I like holes, Ginger. The bigger, the better.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1143 “I like my slots.” [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen]
1144 “Dadam is probably a male.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1145 “Did you just assume my species?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1146 “Rogues do it from behind.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1147 “I’m so white!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1148 “Conscript me, Daddy.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1149 “There’s something about his nose that makes me not trust him.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1150 “Wait, why am I getting naked?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1151 “Guys! Do one of you want to be my dog?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1152 “Do you want to write a sequel to The Art of Passionate Lovemaking when you get back?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1153 “Oh, can I go in my parents’ bedroom now? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to go in my parents’ bedroom!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1154 “I can stand on his face. At least you can’t accidentally teabag the kid.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1155 “Get that person off my mommy!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1156 “Everything want to gang up on my mom since she’s sitting in the back just taking shots.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1157 “We’re gonna sell Pineapple’s wood and buy a sack.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1158 “I don’t know why they’re called this, but I’ve heard them called circle jerks. Maybe the only people that go to those parties are jerks? I’m not sure.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1159 “If you trust me, and i trust you then we wouldn’t mind getting naked together.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1160 “Yup, don’t step or bear traps.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1161 “He took my ooze!” [Magic: The Gathering]
1162 “Guys, we might have to be a cannibal tribe.” [RimWorld]
1163 “Where are our cannibals?” [RimWorld]
1164 “What if my wife hooks up with count_me_out?” [RimWorld]
1165 “My wife is a bot. She never said it.” [RimWorld]
1166 “My wife just took her pants off out in the tundra.” [RimWorld]
1167 “Why is count_me_out like the best at everything?” [RimWorld]
1168 “You know, if you were a robot, you could eff yourself.” [RimWorld]
1169 “Coach, what are you doing with that dead woman?!” [RimWorld]
1170 “Why is there a muffalo in my wife’s bedroom?” [RimWorld]
1171 “They’re mating, and then after, they’re eating dog meat.” [RimWorld]
1172 “Wife of mine, defend the wood!” [RimWorld]
1173 “You have meat we need.” [RimWorld]
1174 “How long do we have to kill and eat her?” [RimWorld]
1175 “Don’t look at my elbows or my ankles. I’m Modest Man.” [Frostpunk]
1176 “Everyone’s being jolly for it being the apocalypse and children working.” [Frostpunk]
1177 “Oh, those guys are hot.” [Frostpunk]
1178 “Children are cooking again!” [Frostpunk]
1179 “We can stick the sawmill here, where the sun doesn’t shine.” [Frostpunk]
1180 “You can’t build houses out of people.” [Frostpunk]
1181 “Can’t the children go in there and be booze slingers?” [Frostpunk]
1182 “It can turn into a brothel, but it’s not one yet.” [Frostpunk]
1183 “Sorry, not sorry. I’m a teenage girl.” [Frostpunk]
1184 “Moonshine is amazing!” [Frostpunk]
1185 “How many fruits am I holding up?” [Frostpunk]
1186 “Super Soaker? That’s what they used to call me.” [Frostpunk]
1187 “We can’t just fill a pit with moonshine and hookers.” [Frostpunk]
1188 “The entire species can’t survive on moonshine and hookers alone.” [Frostpunk]
1189 “We don’t need prostitution because it lowers hope.” [Frostpunk]
1190 “Look how great it is to be a ruthless dictator.” [Frostpunk]
1191 “She had a play date with her best friend, so they were ladling soup and shoveling coal…” [Frostpunk]
1192 “How many steam cores can fit in a butt? Guess it depends on the size of the butt and the steam core. All right, let’s give it to him.” [Frostpunk]
1193 “Yeah, Pineapple, come on! Chew that lock!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1194 “I picked up a silver and 81 copper right from his groin.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1195 “Let’s make Pineapple a strong puppy.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1196 “I’ll do my best not to abuse your bits.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1197 “I locked eyes. We’re in love.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1198 “Hey, young lady, can Alastair and I ride you to the next town?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1199 “So, can you, like, go over to the stable and study the horse and then let us ride you to the next city?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1200 “Would you trade faces with me?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1201 “Check all the nooks and the crannies, and the grannies while we’re at it.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1202 “I’m here to look at your stock, big guy. Show me what you’ve got.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1203 “So Leliana likes it from behind.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1204 “Can we kick a spider in the groin?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1205 “You can tell that she grew up in a swamp with no social interactions.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1206 “We have a Daunger. Having a Daunger off the bat is a good sign. If you can decide whether you start with a Daunger or not… well, that’s controversial.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1207 “God, Raix is going to touch absolutely everything.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1208 “I’ve done four lepers before. It was boring.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1209 “Well, that sure is a handsome stick.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1210 “Sorry, my wife had to show me something very important.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1211 “Don’t get crit by cornbread.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1212 “What would someone do with two busts?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1213 “Well, the good news is, we’re getting a buttload of coral.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1214 “Chicken, I am now one of your loyal nuggets.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1215 “What would be the tastiest Pokemon?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1216 “I’d take Aria’s Box right now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1217 “Ooh, I’m almost naked.” [Smite]
1218 “She’s got something in her butt. I think one of those arrows is in the wrong quiver, if you know what I mean.” [Smite]
1219 “She’s so floppy.” [Smite]
1220 “Doot-da-doo, I’m a god.” [Smite]
1221 “Come back, I want to shoot you in the face.” [Smite]
1222 “Victory. Maybe I can afford to buy some clothes.” [Smite]
1223 “At least the men are as naked as the women.” [Smite]
1224 “This is a dad friendly stream.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1225 “Does your fruit hang low? Depends on the temperature.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1226 “I love pulled pork.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1227 “Meld me, space daddy.” [XCOM: Enemy Within]
1228 “It would be like Cletus meets Dream Daddy, turned up to eleven.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1229 “We already have the best of the heads.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1230 “We just one-shot that hooker.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1231 “So it has nothing to do with testicles. Unfortunately.” [The Grand Tour Game]
1232 “I do have a mushroom basically.” [The Grand Tour Game]
1233 “I’m pretty good with lady shavers apparently.” [The Grand Tour Game]
1234 “A lot of foreplay going on.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1235 “Alastair, we’re going to strip you down to the nude. Well… not all the way to the nude… more like 90% nude.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1236 “Our pockets are bursting with mushrooms.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1237 “Alastair, if you could remove your sword from my heinie, I would appreciate it.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1238 “Ooh, more filth!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1239 “That bear did no damage. I think he patted Alastair on the butt once.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1240 “You ever had an imaginative number two?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1241 “Alastair’s just getting pounding in the butt by three guys, so it’s no wonder why his health is just running down over and over.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1242 “You know what to do. Bend over, and put your butt in the air.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1243 “Can you possess me until just after dinner?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1244 “If you want me to believe there’s something intimate, I want you to go make love to that man right now while us four watch.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1245 “Drinking vodka is basically like having a V8.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1246 “What are you doing, Raix?! That’s not how they’re used.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1247 “If you put it in too long, it’ll get too hard.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1248 “If only I could hold two busts, but alas, I only have so many hands.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1249 “I will become the first male Twitch thot.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1250 “If anyone’s going down on anyone else, it’s the Croc going down on us!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1251 “Don’t worry, she can handle two inches.” [Call of Duty: Black Ops 4]
1252 “Whoa, this controller vibrates! My keyboard sure don’t do that!” [Call of Duty: Black Ops 4]
1253 “Whoa, there’s a hole there.” [Call of Duty: Black Ops 4]
1254 “One finger or two?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1255 “When in doubt, whip it out. That’s what I always say.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1256 “Are you antediluvian or prodiluvian?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1257 “My tongue doesn’t know how to do things other than two or three things.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1258 “There’s aliens in the barn! Just like the prophecy foretold.” [XCOM: Enemy Within]
1259 “Please, dungeon, serve me maggots.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1260 “I’ve done four lepers before. I will never do it again.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1261 “Probed is a virtue, right?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1262 “The hardest boy wins.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1263 “How you like my balls, dark spawn?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1264 “Tonight we’re all about holes and balls.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1265 “Where does this hole go? Have I been in this hole? I thought I’d been in every hole, but apparently not.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1266 “Sir, sir, your nose looks suspicious.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1267 “Were you sniffing on some underoos?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1268 “Can I have your beard?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1269 “Ooh, a tree to pee on!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1270 “Too bad we didn’t pee on the other ones before.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1271 “Hey, guys, it’s normal color Adam.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1272 “Going back and forth through time does strange things to a person.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1273 “Hope you were warm enough and didn’t sleep with anything wet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1274 “Why would I want to read the Vestal’s naughty book?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1275 “Why didn’t I grow up in the Philippines?!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1276 “Where would I be without my 30 to 50 hentai games?” [Don’t Starve Together]
1277 “Can I give it more wood?” [Don’t Starve Together]
1278 “Whoa! This is enormous! It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!” [Don’t Starve Together]
1279 “They’re licking me for all I’m worth.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1280 “Let’s see your pickle.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1281 “Clint’s got all kinds of pickles.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1282 “Oh, I’m so wet.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1283 “Stop talking about the mole and kill it.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1284 “Don’t lick me, please.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1285 “Two at a time’s my limit.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1286 “Give me your meat.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1287 “I’m not equipped to do three of you at a time.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1288 “I liked the purple booty.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1289 “It’s time to castrate my Squirtle.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1290 “I need to murder this rabbit.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1291 “That was completely accidental male genitalia.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1292 “I’m really low on grass.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1293 “There’s poop everywhere.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1294 “I can eat logs.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1295 “Give me that wood, put it in my mouth!” [Don’t Starve Together]
1296 “Am I going to turn into a beaver every night?” [Don’t Starve Together]
1297 “What are those pants for? That’s not how you wear pants.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1298 “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had crabs?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1299 “Shamblers don’t exist anymore.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1300 “Lay down the penile gland and replace it with gold.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1301 “That’s the most number twos I’ve seen since that portapotty back at the Ren Faire.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1302 “You have to maintain his wood.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1303 “We got a Woody last time. Let’s see what we get this time.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1304 “It’s hard because the beaver is hungry.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1305 “Come back, turkey! I just need your meat!” [Don’t Starve Together]
1306 “Why does everything run away when I try to kill it?” [Don’t Starve Together]
1307 “We got a big pipe.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1308 “Do you like these nuts?” [Don’t Starve Together]
1309 “When I grow up I want to ride a goat.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1310 “I’m trying as hard as I can to steal this thing’s child.” [Don’t Starve Together]
1311 “This is AdamVsHentai.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1312 “What has Angry Adam been doing with his left arm, but not his right arm?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1313 “Can I do them both at once?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1314 “Look, I got my thing back!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1315 “Long, but also kind of girthy. The best kind of thing you can have.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1316 “You know what that means, assume the posture.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1317 “I import them from Japan, we jokingly call them Japanties. You guys don’t have any Japanties?” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1318 “I’m AdamVsHentai, and I approve of that quote.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1319 “Can we get an airborn kill on the puppy too?” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1320 “I don’t want to jump right down on someone.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1321 “That’s quite the length on that thing.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1322 “Who is this young lady? Why are they putting avocado on her?” [Just Chatting]
1323 “He was raping and pillaging himself.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1324 “I definitely want to try starting someone on fire.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1325 “You guys don’t even know what I’m doing. I could be just, like, massaging myself, rubbing my earlobes, licking the microphone.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1326 What are you doing, Pineapple? Don’t get off that guy!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1327 “We’ve got bathtubs full of blood.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1328 “I will become the puppy.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1329 “Is Pineapple sniffing my butt?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1330 “Why? Why is it always the crotch that goes first?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1331 “Not as exciting as silk pantaloons, but then again, what is?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1332 “Going for a nice stroll through the woods is pleasurable, but it doesn’t lead to you climaxing or anything, right?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1333 “I wear underwear.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1334 “It’s held together with magic and evil. Magic and malcontent.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1335 “I want to hear every child that’s named after genitalia. Say their names!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1336 “Free booty! My favorite kind of booty!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1337 “Colombia’s not just coffee and drugs.” [The Grand Tour Game]
1338 “He’s going to read some Vogon poetry at any moment.” [The Grand Tour Game]
1339 “I wonder if he’s flammable.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1340 “How long we been doing this guy?” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1341 “That ninja’s friggin’ hard.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1342 “Where’s Countess Chocula been all these years?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1343 “As long as we don’t roll on her bottom.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1344 “I’ve never had a Beard Mac.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1345 “You’re going to be in bed when we do it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1346 “I use it recreationally.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1347 “We’ll go into the hentai business full-time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1348 “Why is there a cooldown on kicking?” [Outward]
1349 “Say hello to my family jewels, dead man!” [Outward]
1350 “A dirty belly button and a happy trail, that’s me.” [Outward]
1351 “A house! Let’s see if they’ll let us in. If not, we’ll burn it down.” [Outward]
1352 “He didn’t even lay me in the bed?” [Outward]
1353 “You don’t know if I’ll pull out or not.” [Outward]
1354 “Excuse me, can I have your clothing?” [Outward]
1355 “You guys ever choked a pheasant?” [Outward]
1356 “You guys stay away from my Chocobo!” [Outward]
1357 “Yeah, I want to take the meat.” [Outward]
1358 “Man, that guy’s smooth as a Ken doll.” [Outward]
1359 “Take your pants off and get to work.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1360 “Hey, do you guys have cotton balls? Does it tickle when you walk?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1361 “All the people that have their hands in the Pokemon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1362 “I conquered all the D’s.” [Grim Dawn]
1363 “No, I’ve never done no vestal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1364 “They won’t let me do it in the hallway. For some reason.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1365 “Loaded dice and loaded diaper.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1366 “It can be ‘gasm about anything.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1367 “Is this one of them thar nudie games?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1368 “Maybe we should hit him in the balls.” [MLB The Show 19]
1369 “I don’t wanna see Jose smack me in the balls again.” [MLB The Show 19]
1370 “Excuse me sir, I’m distracted by your bulge.” [MLB The Show 19]
1371 “If you move it at all your ball starts vibrating like crazy.” [MLB The Show 19]
1372 “I’d never hit anyone on purpose in the butthole with a ball.” [MLB The Show 19]
1373 “There is nothing wrong with XXX.” [MLB The Show 19]
1374 “Take me to your paper airplane competitions, I’ll carry your paper and service you in other ways.” [Just Chatting]
1375 “She’s 88.6% zombie, apparently.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1376 “I’m on drugs. Not good drugs. Like, headache drugs.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1377 “This old woman in the woods is a pimp?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1378 “Look at those green lips, you know where those green lips could go.” [Just Chatting]
1379 “I’m being followed by genitals.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1380 “Something was in my mouth. Definitely not genitals.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1381 “Thanks to your support from the genitals.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1382 “There’s been a volcanic substance coming from my nether region.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1383 “That’s a fast granny!” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1384 “We trained in Japan, not Hogwarts.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1385 “The death count is up for how many times Shakira has killed me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1386 “You watching naked cartoons?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1387 “Wait, what was going on with Gilligan and the Skipper?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1388 “That looks like a big guy to me, and he’s chained up.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1389 “I just triggered half of Japan.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1390 “If you go fight him and he kills you, then you die.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1391 “Just give me this box. I’ll take any box.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1392 “What would a AAA hentai game be like? Imagine the graphics.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1393 “Don’t try to pay my wife to strip for anyone. Not even me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1394 “Don’t log into my genitals!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1395 “A ream job? I think I’ve heard of a ream job.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1396 “Look at this! We’re clean!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1397 “Don’t you pork my Cletus.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1398 “The problem with ghosts is you can’t see them.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1399 “That’s me– supple strength. Not too much strength, just the right amount.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1400 “Well, well, well, hello secret little area.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1401 “These chickens are so slippery. It’s hard to get a hold of them.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1402 “Endless Hole and her husband Fat Wax.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1403 “That monkey just threw poop in my eyes.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1404 “Never farm when you’re naked.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1405 “Yes, I will give you my seed, lady.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1406 “You never know when you’re dropping a log and need to drop a life.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1407 “Let’s go fight crazy woman I guess, not my wife.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1408 “No, I’m not saying my wife isn’t crazy, I just won’t fight her.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1409 “Windows is older than the universe itself.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1410 “Oh my God, I have a not so secret hentai folder up here!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1411 “Have I become Moe?” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1412 “I was deep inside Genichiro when you guys were doing it.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1413 “That’s not just a kite, that’s Japanese Thomas Edison!” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1414 “Whoaaaa, that’s a big banana.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1415 “Some monkeys are too big to spank.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1416 “He takes extra damage in the butt.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1417 “Let’s make a cult. You guys up for making a cult?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1418 “A shower is a shower even if it’s golden.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1419 “We just met. Get your tongue out of my mouth.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1420 “Springtime, everything’s mating.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1421 “We can starve for a little bit.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1422 “We could make a Jumbo Daddy.” [MLB The Show 19]
1423 “Call me Flash Daddy, not because I’m fast.” [MLB The Show 19]
1424 “I’m enormous! I could pick that guy up! I could pick him up and cradle him like a little baby.” [MLB The Show 19]
1425 “The real money getting paid to play with balls.” [MLB The Show 19]
1426 “I try to position my balls into the right location, and my hand just starts shaking so hard.” [MLB The Show 19]
1427 “We need much bigger glutes.” [MLB The Show 19]
1428 “If someone’s hot zone is inside the bottom, where do I put my ball?” [MLB The Show 19]
1429 “No one wants their Man-At-Arms soft.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1430 “I’m six years old again.” [Retro]
1431 “It has a butthole!” [Retro]
1432 “Buttholes and dancing girls, what else do we need?” [Retro]
1433 “Is that a naked little boy running around back here?” [Retro]
1434 “Where’s the pig with the butt hole and the dancing girl? Can I do anything with them?” [Retro]
1435 “Why am I big now? I grew up fast!” [Retro]
1436 “Gotta go get some more stuff to spit.” [Retro]
1437 “I’m touching it! Gimmie that p!” [Retro]
1438 “I’m not too big for that hole! I’m just the right size!” [Retro]
1439 “I am no tree.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1440 “Can’t grope me!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1441 “We made out with a prophet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1442 “What are you doing down there flagellating?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1443 “Can I kill your birds?” [Outward]
1444 “Just two hookers, some guy, and a pig. That’s a room you back out of.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1445 “It’s hard not to move when you’re being tickled by a pig!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1446 “There’s something on my shoulder, and it’s not a pig.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1447 “Speaking of being so high up, I wonder how count_me_out is doing.” [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]
1448 “Pineapple, you have my permission– pee on the rug.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1449 “We interrupt this Dragon Age with hentai!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1450 “How many brothels are in Denerim?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1451 “They want to do it quick. I have a lot of experience in this capacity.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1452 “Eat him, Pineapple, and pee on his rug.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1453 “Are you just in tighty whities, boots, and gloves? Are we sure we’re not at the brothel?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1454 “That’s not how I wanted to pull things.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1455 “We haven’t read a book in forever.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1456 “Yes, I’ll take one brothel worker, please.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1457 “So that’s the sound a dwarf makes if you keep clicking it in the nipple area.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1458 “I can’t just order prostitutes in front of my party.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1459 “What?! This is not hentai! I don’t want this.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1460 “Count_Me_Out is so abusive. What a terrible wife he is.” [Just Chatting]
1461 “Man, Tet, how was last night for you? It was pretty awesome for me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1462 “You can show a butt, as long as there’s no hole.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1463 “We had the whole cannibal thing going back then.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1464 “I’m gonna show my sweaty mouse here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1465 “What if someone wants to drop the soap?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1466 “Be something like the torchless pimp.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1467 “Skunks are like stink kitties, right?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1468 “Anyone’s box except for Aria’s box, please.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1469 “‘Tell me about your Uncle.’ ‘Well, he crossdresses as a Vestal, but he’s actually pretty good at healing. Don’t get too close to him; he’ll fist you.'” [Darkest Dungeon]
1470 “Do we have any hentai historians in the channel?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1471 “Check it out, guys, the new face of hentai!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1472 “Someone rip gong’s clothing off, find out where that book is!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1473 “We need some full sacks around here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1474 “I don’t think Gilligan was Amish.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1475 “Anytime we can take advantage of someone here at the stream, we do it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1476 “I don’t recommend challenging your wife to urinal chicken.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1477 “Count_Me_Out! Thank you again for The Fractured But Whole.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1478 “Ooh, he smelled that booty.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1479 “When it’s little Adam time, no one looks down there.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1480 “You can’t take away cheese’s accomplishments for your own.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1481 “Man, being cocky about everything is exhausting.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1482 “4/20’s Christmas, right?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1483 “Green herb, red eyes, the colors of 4/20 Christmas.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1484 “It’s Smash Brothers for furries.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1485 “This isn’t a hentai game.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1486 “I just need to number these ladies.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1487 “We’re all naked! We’re gonna have us a good time.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1488 “Phoenix, ban me for ruining onlyhalf’s life.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1489 “Did I grow up in the North Pole?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1490 “I hope I don’t accidentally sleep with Alistair.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1491 “I kept probing her about it, and she wanted me to probe in different ways.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1492 “Pineapple, accept my bone!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1493 “Is that what you guys think when you go out and get some new shoes? You’re like, ‘Man, I really like these shoes, but what would make it perfect is if I had two prostitutes and a bowl of chowder’?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1494 “I’m gonna give Morrigan our bone.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1495 “He said I can put some on his nipples”~modwife” [Choice Chamber]
1496 “All right, I’m already miserable. This is gonna be good.” [Choice Chamber]
1497 “I don’t know how many rubber bands it takes to cut through a man’s throat, but we’ll find out.” [Choice Chamber]
1498 “Oh God, it’s in my mouth, it’s in my mouth.” [Choice Chamber]
1499 “I can do this all night, no problem.” [Choice Chamber]
1500 “My channel would be so popular if I died.” [Choice Chamber]
1501 “Look at this juggling skills.” [Choice Chamber]
1502 “How do hats even work? No one knows. It’s a great mystery of science.” [Choice Chamber]
1503 “Not sure which is worse. Probably smaller.” [Choice Chamber]
1504 “Oh, I’m not bouncy anymore.” [Choice Chamber]
1505 “Just touching it won’t hurt. It only hurts if it bites you.” [Choice Chamber]
1506 “We got full slots now, boys.” [Choice Chamber]
1507 “I always need to know where my holes are.” [Choice Chamber]
1508 “Let me move my thingie, and then I’ll deal with you.” [Choice Chamber]
1509 “I got body parts to spare.” [Choice Chamber]
1510 “Welcome to the stream. I’m a dinosaur. This is why we went extinct.” [Choice Chamber]
1511 “Anyone know how strapping things on works?” [Choice Chamber]
1512 “What does the green god do?” [Choice Chamber]
1513 “That’s a lot of high enemies.” [Choice Chamber]
1514 “My wife voted to kill me.” [Choice Chamber]
1515 “I’m invisible aside from my farts.” [Choice Chamber]
1516 “The North Pole is somewhere above my house.” [Choice Chamber]
1517 “There’s a hat crawling into my armpit.” [Choice Chamber]
1518 “This is why hats aren’t for shoulders.” [Choice Chamber]
1519 “Where do you want it, Count_Me_Out?” [Choice Chamber]
1520 “Count_me_out, I’m almost there.” [Choice Chamber]
1521 “It was really hard, but we got it there, Count_Me_Out.” [Choice Chamber]
1522 “Help me, Tom Cruise!” [Choice Chamber]
1523 “Trust me, if I want anyone to put a party hat in my mouth, it’s my wife.” [Choice Chamber]
1524 “Why ever pay for anything when I can steal?” [Choice Chamber]
1525 “Cletus doesn’t fit anymore.” [Choice Chamber]
1526 “He kind of loves me in a painful way.” [Choice Chamber]
1527 “Everyone fist the chat!” [Choice Chamber]
1528 “Do you want me to put a hole in my face, or do you want a normal color?” [Choice Chamber]
1529 “I think I just punched my wife on accident.” [Choice Chamber]
1530 “We’ll see who drops the soap first or whatever.” [Choice Chamber]
1531 “My wife can’t look at me without laughing.” [Prison Architect]
1532 “He sold Star Wars to Disney, and then he started opening prisons.” [Prison Architect]
1533 “George Lucas was a teenage girl in all of your erotic dreams?” [Prison Architect]
1534 “We’re not putting a party hat up my butt!” [Prison Architect]
1535 “Are you into necrophilia, The Chief?” [Prison Architect]
1536 “We wanna take the biggest ones we can get.” [Prison Architect]
1537 “It’s not my birthday anymore. I can take everything off.” [Prison Architect]
1538 “I’m under the influence of hats. Hats and feels.” [Prison Architect]
1539 “How big are benches in their normal habitat?” [Prison Architect]
1540 “Slots and benches!” [Prison Architect]
1541 “My wife said I had a crush on Wayne June. It’s not a crush… it’s love.” [Prison Architect]
1542 “Are they cooking logs?” [Prison Architect]
1543 “The source of Raiden’s power: Pocket Pikachu.” [Mortal Kombat 11]
1544 “I hate squares and stuff.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1545 “Let’s give away something big. Let’s give away something large. You guys want something large? You ready for something big?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1546 “What if a bot has been communing with Wayne June?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1547 “We can look past the fact that you want to sleep with corpses.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1548 “I remember the first time the daunger came up.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1549 “Hey, my box is empty! What’s up with that?” [Squids from Space]
1550 “No socks, no shoes, no shirt, but I still get service.” [Squids from Space]
1551 “I can’t be a shirtless alien? Come on!” [Squids from Space]
1552 “His gun is bigger than mine. That’s not fair, this is the size gun I was born with.” [Squids from Space]
1553 “I just manhandled a moon dog for $35.” [Squids from Space]
1554 “Oh God, I fell off the moon.” [Squids from Space]
1555 “I’m wearing 1 clothes.” [Squids from Space]
1556 “We’re gonna get Junia’s head in here! You’ll see!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1557 “Well, well, luminous Vestal, I think I’m going to take you.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1558 “I don’t think I’ve ever had a necromancer that close to me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1559 “No one knows when Cletus is going to pop up.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1560 “I play Darkest Dungeon and I know things.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1561 “I did not fart. Yet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1562 “We love Zim.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1563 “Stay away from my organs, Raix.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1564 “No, I don’t care for the Swine Hookers, to be honest. They hurt me really deep too many times.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1565 “Do you have a bigger sack that I can get? I’ve been looking for a bigger sack for a while.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1566 “Every time we’re offered a way to increase the size of our sack, we do so.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1567 “I just undid millennia of tradition in like three sentences.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1568 “Why is my guy vibrating?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1569 “If only I brought Pineapple, he could pee on that tree.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1570 “I haven’t seen genitals in a while.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1571 “I almost got Cletus a girlfriend today.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1572 “Can I crawl in this, now that he’s dead?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1573 “I killed a man. I killed an innocent man.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1574 “Let me give a nut to a tree.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1575 “Hietala isn’t one of my primary hentai providers.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1576 “I forgot she had a cracked skull. I’m sorry.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1577 “Jugs and face tattoos.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1578 “I’m missing the pants.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1579 “Maybe a foot in the old rectum will help occasionally.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1580 “Are you fond of the bone bois?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1581 “Take advantage of him while he can’t do anything to us.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1582 “All I ask for is that I have a middle finger so I may lift it towards the Miller as the heavens rain upon his farmstead.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1583 “So we’re this little child-man.” [FINAL FANTASY XIV Online]
1584 “They planted drugs on me.” [FINAL FANTASY XIV Online]
1585 “Guys, I think this is Japanese John Lennon.” [FINAL FANTASY XIV Online]
1586 “Is potato an endearing term, or is it racism?” [FINAL FANTASY XIV Online]
1587 “I’m not married to Wayne. Yet.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1588 “God, I’m hot.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1589 “I have a parasitic Cletus in my head.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1590 “You would be streaming with LydiaVsEverything right now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1591 “I’ve made a specific folder now, just for hentai.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1592 “What body part is this?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1593 “That was the fastest Cletus in the west. East? Something.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1594 “I didn’t see that Cletus coming.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1595 “Streaming to Ivax and my wife for 40 hours a week.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1596 “She’s stealing my beans.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1597 “My daughter’s eight, but she has really big hands.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1598 “Lactose is one of my favorite food groups.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1599 “Is your wife also sitting on the floor eating your jelly beans, or is this just an Adam problem?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1600 “I know the difference between hentai and anime.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1601 “I’m gonna poke myself in here.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1602 “I don’t like fire to shoot out of my anus.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1603 “Thank you, Count_me_out, for gifting Raix a sub and forcing him to stay here for another month to talk about cannibalism and salsa cookies.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1604 “Just imagine if you got wooed by some siren, you could keep her nice and healthy.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1605 “Can I make the big booties?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1606 “You know what would make Minesweeper better? If when I uncovered a space, instead of just a number that helped me win the game, there was a naked anime girl behind there.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1607 “How come I can’t see through his clothing?” [Vindictus]
1608 “I just falcon kicked him right in the nuts.” [Vindictus]
1609 “Holy spider Christ!” [Vindictus]
1610 “500 years of Arizona Tea!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1611 “It’s like wearing lotion.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1612 “We’ve reached our quota of hookers and wood.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1613 “Oh, by the way, I’m married to Mr. Burns.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1614 “I’ve been wracking my Brian.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1615 “Get a job, cat.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1616 “I owe so much child support.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1617 “Why didn’t I bring more herb?!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1618 “Thank you for asking about my undergarments.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1619 “Naked anime women everywhere.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1620 “I’m not an anime babe. Not yet, anyway.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1621 “Why does Shimmz keep putting clothes on?” [RimWorld]
1622 “I need to force him to not wear clothing.” [RimWorld]
1623 “That was a slippery hooker. We couldn’t hit it.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1624 “Death is a hallway. We opened the first door, but we did not open the second.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1625 “Why are you up here? Go down!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1626 “We’re gonna have a wet Dadam contest.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1627 “Why are you guys playing with my Adam box so much?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1628 “Here are my balls, and I know how to handle them.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1629 “What’s in Adam’s drawers?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1630 “What’s so weird about having balls in my drawers?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1631 “Plow into Garfield all you want. I don’t mind.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1632 “I hear the noodle.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1633 “Today, and today only, 50% off all crap!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1634 “Are you a urologist?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1635 “The best of both evils. That’s the Raix I know.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1636 “Are you telling me bears can self-replicate?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1637 “Do you know how many few times in my life I’ve had perfect porridge?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1638 “Farmer boys have enough problems as it is without you coming and taking their food.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1639 “We can be all over her chest now.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1640 “Pineapple was talking to her chest.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1641 “Maybe I’m Mario.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1642 “I am now the world leader in speed running Purple Hentai.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1643 “Winter is coming, we’ll probably just end up killing and eating it.” [RimWorld]
1644 “You should never say it’s the run. Unless it’s the run; then it’s okay.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1645 “There’s almost as much Raix as there is wood.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1646 “This is our mating pit now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1647 “You think when she goes home naked, they’re going to ask any questions?” [RimWorld]
1648 “Do you prefer testicles or grannies?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1649 “Why is the Ancestor trying to sell me beer?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1650 “Everything’s a movie reference tonight if you try hard enough.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1651 “Most people have faces.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1652 “Is there a Man At Arms under your dress there, Vestal?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1653 “Sorry, Cletus came out.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1654 “How’s the Juggalo life, Count_Me_Out?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1655 “Did your brother crap the bed?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1656 “The noodle is not my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1657 “I’ve been p’ed on by my wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1658 “20% of the bot quotes are about pee, probably.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1659 “It felt much longer to me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1660 “I already had a forced Cletus tonight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1661 “Why did he fly away right before we were going to murder him?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1662 “The P is gone.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1663 “It’s a urinal chicken Christmas miracle.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1664 “Don’t want to talk to these commoners.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1665 “Anyone over here have names?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1666 “Is he the Urkel of the dwarves?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1667 “Dwarves will buy anything.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1668 “When this dwarf child comes of age, he’s going to find us.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1669 “Don’t pray to the stoners. They’ll buy me more hentai.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1670 “That’s why you don’t chase rabbits while you’re topless.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1671 “That’s not lava, that’s honey.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1672 “Anyone else getting hungry for nug?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1673 “What if I’m a victim of this propaganda?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1674 “I’m not a silent sister.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1675 “The Octomom would be the queen of the dwarves.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1676 “He’s a blind sister.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1677 “Did you just pull my groin?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1678 “Only two silver for a four on one situation?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1679 “Is yours red right now?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1680 “Are you flirting with me tonight, Raix?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1681 “I have a gallon of chocolate milk downstairs, and that’s my secret weapon.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1682 “You don’t have to be fat to love a good sandwich.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1683 “Just ramble for eight hours. That’s the secret to streaming.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1684 “Not as big as I wanted.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1685 “Cam, why are you sleeping in the freezer?” [RimWorld]
1686 “Who could be unhappy when they’re nude, right?” [RimWorld]
1687 “That’s what you want to give a 16 year old girl, right? An Uzi?!” [RimWorld]
1688 “Thank you for showing me your endowment, Misfortune.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1689 “Bye, nice lady. Thanks for beating me.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1690 “Pudding in the pantry. That’s not a code phrase.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1691 “You wish you were outside my window eating human flesh?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1692 “Well, you take a right at the crotch, and then you go downtown.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1693 “Do bots have dwarven female beards?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1694 “We like wide things.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1695 “It’s a good thing I didn’t say, ‘My cucumber is cool’.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1696 “The most exciting foursome I did? Doing the four Hellions was the most exciting one. Talk about the pain train.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1697 “The cans are massive.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1698 “This is gonna be tight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1699 “What?! Paste includes corpses?” [RimWorld]
1700 “The males are fine. They’re not bloodsuckers.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1701 “All right, guys, let’s all move to Iceland.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1702 “How does a king fart? With gusto!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1703 “That’s my Adam time.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1704 “Twitch months are like dog years.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1705 “That makes Raix my wife now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1706 “Let’s see if we can grab the big ones really quick.” [RimWorld]
1707 “I can’t do Cletus right now.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1708 “Through the galactic sphincter!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1709 “He has a healthy diet of beans and blood.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1710 “I’m getting privy to the secret arts of Phoenix.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1711 “I’ll have you know that I’m slightly taller than four feet eight.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1712 “You’re not married to your twin, are you?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1713 “Redemption arc is completing!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1714 “Maybe Doc was born a Vestal in heart, but was made to be a Crusader.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1715 “You’ve seen everything, including my hentai folder.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1716 “Sorry, I have lust on my head.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1717 “That’s the second time I’ve accidentally killed someone.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1718 “I don’t know anything about people paying for pee.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1719 “I think it was intentionally fruitcaked.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1720 “Most taints are pretty similar, in fact.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1721 “Who knew that pulling two things instead of fifteen of them would be easier?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1722 “It’s a big, pulsing red thing.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1723 “Suck it, genitals.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1724 “Thieves are apparently generally poor people.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1725 “You’re coming through the wrong door there, sir.” [RimWorld]
1726 “Yes, I’ll take eight drugs, please.” [RimWorld]
1727 “My feet aren’t in the triple digits.” [RimWorld]
1728 “We only allow people here with booty.” [RimWorld]
1729 “We’re not too restrictive on the types of booties we allow.” [RimWorld]
1730 “Are you gatekeeping dogs?” [RimWorld]
1731 “I know how breeding works.” [RimWorld]
1732 “If anyone’s a hot turkey hoagie, march yourself over here.” [RimWorld]
1733 “They sold us a defective camel.” [RimWorld]
1734 “Yeah, yeah, hit me in the nipple.” [RimWorld]
1735 “They’ve got a bite scar on their head, but who doesn’t?” [RimWorld]
1736 “What do the gods have against mushrooms?” [RimWorld]
1737 “Are you okay, Raixy?” [RimWorld]
1738 “Cottage cheese– it’s deliciously chunky.” [RimWorld]
1739 “Raix is a lost cause.” [RimWorld]
1740 “Useless baby camel… maybe I’ll eat you.” [RimWorld]
1741 “Am I allowed to call dwarves ‘brothers’ if I’m not a dwarf? What’s the rules on this?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1742 “Do you correspond with your pants on or off?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1743 “Every day is leg day for me.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1744 “I want a ham bush.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1745 “A thousand blessings? Boy, what can I buy with a thousand blessings?!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1746 “Rimworld, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to summon you!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1747 “We’ve already exhausted Alastair.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1748 “Who’s this naked man who’s doing our work for us?” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1749 “I’m gonna take a big number two on Arl Howe’s comment here.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1750 “He’s lucky I can’t teabag him.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1751 “At last, I’m pantless.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1752 “I’m naked, and I can’t get up.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1753 “There’s always another entrance.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1754 “I’m giving her my bone.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1755 “A loop in my hole? I don’t want anything in my hole.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1756 “My first order as your superior– I want you to sleep with my friend Morrigan.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1757 “Drink, everyone, drink!” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1758 “Pineapple would have peed there.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1759 “Could use all those extra testicles right now.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1760 “I stabbed that guy in the back of the head for no reason.” [Dragon Age: Origins]
1761 “You just wanted the meat for yourself.” [RimWorld]
1762 “Drop your pants, Raider!” [RimWorld]
1763 “Hey, Raider, I just took your pants off!” [RimWorld]
1764 “Can we get there and strip you fast enough?” [RimWorld]
1765 “You scare me sometimes, Raix.” [RimWorld]
1766 “I’m beginning to really hate beautiful people.” [RimWorld]
1767 “No use crying over dead milk, as they say… nowhere.” [Rimworld]
1768 “Good luck catching it, you feeble old lady.” [RimWorld]
1769 “I like meat and meat accessories.” [RimWorld]
1770 “It’s Monday, and my legs are itching.” [Celeste]
1771 “I have the most delicious blood of any human that ever has and ever will live.” [Celeste]
1772 “I’m killing this little girl over and over again.” [Celeste]
1773 “I went all this way for a strawberry?!” [Celeste]
1774 “Thanks, mysterious stranger from Canada.” [Celeste]
1775 “I just released an evil me.” [Celeste]
1776 “Everyone from Seattle’s a hipster, right?” [Celeste]
1777 “What are all these wiggly bits?” [Celeste]
1778 “You can hang onto the wiggly bits all you want. It’s safe.” [Celeste]
1779 “Ah, yes, more Satanic meatballs.” [Celeste]
1780 “He’s got some kind of satanic diarrhea going on!” [Celeste]
1781 “You’re old enough to drive, you’re old enough to climb up Death Mountain.” [Celeste]
1782 “Overconfidence is a fast and hilarious killer.” [Celeste]
1783 “Death by giant balls to the face.” [Celeste]
1784 “Oh, I can jump on those balls!” [Celeste]
1785 “You’re working for me now, Cthulhu.” [Celeste]
1786 “We got the ding-dong.” [Celeste]
1787 “I’m pretty sure they’re just death balls.” [Celeste]
1788 “Those aren’t death balls, they’re friendly balls. Just your friendly neighborhood balls.” [Celeste]
1789 “Her one weakness, me being completely stupid.” [Celeste]
1790 “Go ahead, get your balls out of the way.” [Celeste]
1791 “So she’s just doing balls over and over again.” [Celeste]
1792 “There’s a spike in my butt.” [Celeste]
1793 “Do you put your human meat on a honey bun?” [RimWorld]
1794 “We’re gonna have to eat these cats.” [RimWorld]
1795 “That’s not a bad idea if we kill kittens every time they’re born.” [RimWorld]
1796 “We got some rimming to do.” [RimWorld]
1797 “Drop your belt for a second.” [RimWorld]
1798 “It might be worth killing them while they’re sleeping.” [RimWorld]
1799 “We’re being visited by a dweeb.” [RimWorld]
1800 “I’ve been kind of looking at cows more.” [RimWorld]
1801 “I really want to try out cows.” [RimWorld]
1802 “What corpse do you have?!” [RimWorld]
1803 “Someone just milked something. That’s good.”
1804 “Those are words.” [RimWorld]
1805 “God, things here are dirty.” [RimWorld]
1806 “No, don’t rub my nipple with that.” [RimWorld]
1807 “I am her target dummy.” [RimWorld]
1808 “Get that away from my mouth.” [RimWorld]
1809 “I’ll turn this stream around!” [RimWorld]
1810 “We almost turned the stream into an R-rated.” [RimWorld]
1811 “Why is twoshoes nude?” [RimWorld]
1812 “What happened to all of our fertilized eggs?” [RimWorld]
1813 “Good thing wood just grows on trees.” [RimWorld]
1814 “Are you going to strip them with your mouth?” [RimWorld]
1815 “We’re going commit surgery.” [RimWorld]
1816 “I had to force the 90 year old woman to wear pants.” [RimWorld]
1817 “She’s single and about to die.” [RimWorld]
1818 “What percent fat is Tet milk?” [RimWorld]
1819 “I’ll hurt your old lady bones in a minute.” [RimWorld]
1820 “Look at all these wild Ivax in their normal habitat, them and their little recliners.” [RimWorld]
1821 “Welcome to good bed, home of the good bed.” [RimWorld]
1822 “Boy, this is gonna be girthy.” [RimWorld]
1823 “We’re trading guns for grizzly bears.” [RimWorld]
1824 “It’s good to know that I’m destroying someone’s life.” [RimWorld]
1825 “You ever mistake an animal corpse for a hat?” [RimWorld]
1826 “I haven’t raided in forever. Raid me!” [RimWorld]
1827 “‘What genre do you identify as?’ ‘Classical.'” [RimWorld]
1828 “Raix is only like 14 years old.” [RimWorld]
1829 “Teenage girls have crushes all the time. They don’t need bionic hearts.” [RimWorld]
1830 “Lost my cockerel.” [RimWorld]
1831 “People pay good money to be soaking wet.” [RimWorld]
1832 “I’m just imagining a little angry Raix being forced to color, muttering, ‘I’d rather being eating salsa cookies.'” [RimWorld]
1833 “It might seem like all fun and games when a cougar’s around, and you might think, ‘Oh, they just want to talk,’ and next thing you know, you’re back at their place.” [RimWorld]
1834 “Come, hippie, I’m here to save you.” [Retro]
1835 “Why is there a British flag for English? I don’t understand.” [Retro]
1836 “Why are there so many orcs in Mordor?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1837 “I can see orcs screwing around over here.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1838 “Can I kill the slaves?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1839 “What do you see, budget Aragorn?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1840 “Thank you for threatening my wife and making her join the sub club.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1841 “You’re a witcher, Harry.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1842 “My lobster balls are on display for all to see.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1843 “That’s all orcs do– breed and kill.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1844 “The hoe blade. Not to be confused with the swine hooker.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1845 “Let’s go kill another person. Kill all the people.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1846 “Drain the orc, is that like draining the lizard?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1847 “Now they’re going to breed quickly.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1848 “Where’s those magic mushrooms at?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1849 “Pork my ear, wife.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1850 “Bang on my drum with your pork stick.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1851 “There’s nothing I like better than someone shoving pork into my ear while I’m trying to talk to people.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1852 “Crit me till I die.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1853 “Man, I was born in the wrong universe.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1854 “I’ve never had a rhubarb anything.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1855 “Crap! I don’t think I got it. I was too busy raving.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1856 “That’s a tiny heinie.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1857 “If I was a potato, I’d be a cannibal.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1858 “It’s the Olive Garden of Chinese restaurants.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1859 “I’ve never been followed by a cloaca before.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1860 “Yeah, let’s have a corpse room.” [RimWorld]
1861 “Here comes naked Nathan.” [RimWorld]
1862 “Show me where the shambler touched you.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1863 “That’s the problem, there’s no hole to find.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1864 “One on a thousand is a little bit rough.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1865 “I accidentally brutalized him.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1866 “Get out of the way, slave. Real people are trying to climb the tower.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1867 “The bees have successfully been sucked on.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1868 “All orcs contain arrow juice.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1869 “You had me until mayo.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1870 “My diaper’s filled with ice.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1871 “Put your busts over my antivenom.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1872 “Oh, Junia’s head! So good!” [Darkest Dungeon]
1873 “Excuse me, skeleton, can I see your pelvic bone so I can determine if you once were a male or a female?” [Darkest Dungeon]
1874 “Twoshoes got pegged.” [Darkest Dungeon]
1875 “He’s nude, but he’s happy.” [RimWorld]
1876 “His nudity is our oyster.” [RimWorld]
1877 “Bend that bacon over your knee, take the belt to him.” [They Are Billions]
1878 “There’s multiple norths.” [They Are Billions]
1879 “I’ve reached my puppy killing quota for a while.” [They Are Billions]
1880 “I did see a homeless guy playing urinal chicken with a trash can once.” [They Are Billions]
1881 “My zombie hole’s infected.” [They Are Billions]
1882 “Hands in all drawers.” [They Are Billions]
1883 “That’s a lot of zombies coming out of that hole.” [They Are Billions]
1884 “Mmm… that’s a lot of corpses.” [They Are Billions]
1885 “Good old fashioned whoopsie.” [They Are Billions]
1886 “Two whoopsies in one night.” [They Are Billions]
1887 “I like to talk about my wood and my units in equal measure.” [They Are Billions]
1888 “What attracts an orc? ‘Hey, big boy, I smell like rotten meat.'” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1889 “They don’t teach you how to whisper in slave academy?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1890 “Don’t be racist to orcs.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1891 “Stick your face in the bushes.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1892 “Come on, big boy, put your head in my bush so I can stab you in the family jewels.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1893 “86 percent sure his name’s Hermione.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1894 “I magically attract orcs.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1895 “I would save you, but I’m looking for booze instead.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1896 “You guys see an orc that looks triggered?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1897 “That’s a slippery Smeagol.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1898 “Hmm, what is that big thing?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1899 “I think about that little tortilla girl often.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1900 “What will she salad next?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1901 “I don’t know how much hentai’s on sale.” [They Are Billions]
1902 “Blondes are more powerful.” [They Are Billions]
1903 “Captain Wood. That sounds like a great superhero.” [They Are Billions]
1904 “You gonna flash me?” [They Are Billions]
1905 “Shove it in, shove it in.” [They Are Billions]
1906 “Come on, wood!” [They Are Billions]
1907 “It would have been fine if they hadn’t gone through this little hole here.” [They Are Billions]
1908 “Get the wood, lady.” [They Are Billions]
1909 “The walls are getting molested.” [They Are Billions]
1910 “So many big ones.” [They Are Billions]
1911 “Just eat me.” [They Are Billions]
1912 “The South will rise again. As zombies, apparently.” [They Are Billions]
1913 “Oh no, Tet is rubbing off on you.” [They Are Billions]
1914 “All about the plopping tonight.” [They Are Billions]
1915 “I was talking about Mew. You can’t do this to me.” [They Are Billions]
1916 “We’re pitching tents, having a grand old time.” [They Are Billions]
1917 “My wife wanted me to marry Damien.” [They Are Billions]
1918 “I almost married the guy. I can’t remember his name.” [They Are Billions]
1919 “Let’s go brand some more people. Or orcs. They’re not really people.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1920 “I don’t want face any kaka right now.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1921 “How can you tell an orc’s butt from his face?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1922 “It’s no weirder saying Douche Rat than Bob.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1923 “What knowledge have you of the Douche?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1924 “Want to watch me make an orc tingle?” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1925 “All these are good! No hentai!” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1926 “They ride Zambonis, I mean Zombonis.” [They Are Billions]
1927 “I think I prefer the sound of wheat to the Sound of Music.” [They Are Billions]
1928 “We get the zombies hooked on crack…” [They Are Billions]
1929 “We’ll name her Harry Potter. The ranger who lived.” [They Are Billions]
1930 “Maybe this would have been more enthralling if I had been nude.” [They Are Billions]
1931 “My daughter is Satan.” [They Are Billions]
1932 “If we’re hit by two herpes, we’re dead.” [They Are Billions]
1933 “Don’t blame me for any really weird quotes… that I said.” [They Are Billions]
1934 “It’s like a side main story quest.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1935 “I shot that puppy right in the butthole. Twice.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1936 “So now there’s two douches in the orc army.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1937 “I assure you, my queso is in great shape.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1938 “My joystick sometimes has a mind of its own.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1939 “I used to come here to die back in the day.” [Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor]
1940 “We got some chubbies in here.” [They Are Billions]
1941 “Do you guys have a least favorite hole?” [They Are Billions]
1942 “Take me to Oz, I don’t care.” [They Are Billions]
1943 “Show us the deuce.” [They Are Billions]
1944 “Come on, boys, we’re going deep!” [They Are Billions]
1945 “Oh my God, look how many zombies that hole produced!” [They Are Billions]
1946 “Look at these plus-sized zombies from the Big and Tall store.” [They Are Billions]
1947 “I don’t want to be the meat on your strange zombie sandwich.” [They Are Billions]
1948 “Are we being flashed over here anywhere?” [They Are Billions]
1949 “What kind of building has a ho door?” [They Are Billions]
1950 “Why’d I wait so long to get wood this time? Wood’s usually one of the first things you should get, and I just waited and I have no idea why.” [They Are Billions]
1951 “Gonna put a soldier in every crack.” [They Are Billions]
1952 “Zombies have no rights.” [They Are Billions]
1953 “As long as you have a market, you can never have too much wood. Supply and demand, and there’s always demand for wood.” [They Are Billions]
1954 “Just when you think Raix doesnt have anymore Raix snacks up his sleeve, he whips out Skittle milk.” [They Are Billions]
1955 “How dare you? How dare you, count_me_out, you jerk.” [They Are Billions]
1956 “Alright, I’ll be right back, guys. I’m going to jump off the roof.” [They Are Billions]
1957 “We wait for the limb to grow back, it’s sustainable.” [They Are Billions]
1958 “Good food he says.” [They Are Billions]
1959 “Whoa, they’re right there, it’s almost like I can feel the wang.” [Hellblade]
1960 “Always knew New York was located in Hell. And that it was full of fire giants.” [Hellblade]
1961 “Get your nose out of Budget Sean’s butt.” [Hellblade]
1962 “That Frodo, what a tramp.” [Hellblade]
1963 “Three flaming brassieres!” [Hellblade]
1964 “I just got bonked on the head. That was more than a bonking, though.” [Hellblade]
1965 “I know a thing or two about P.” [Hellblade]
1966 “All right, time to set the world on fire.” [Hellblade]
1967 “Hold up, I’m drinking.” [Hellblade]
1968 “Fight me, Raven God. But don’t kill me.” [Hellblade]
1969 “That’s not a stripper pole? Oh, I know, if it was I’d be all over it.” [Hellblade]
1970 “Where are the voices in my head when I really need them?” [Hellblade]
1971 “Who knew there would be so many dead people in Hel?” [Hellblade]
1972 “Let’s get eaten by a demon, just once to see how it feels.” [Hellblade]
1973 “Our crack isn’t ready for this.” [They Are Billions]
1974 “Do the hard drugs.” [They Are Billions]
1975 “We don’t need to showboat about our wood.” [They Are Billions]
1976 “That’s the land of stone and honey.” [They Are Billions]
1977 “Two giants at once.” [They Are Billions]
1978 “Nothing I like more than being a slum lord.” [They Are Billions]
1979 “Let’s just shove it in here somewhere. Yeah, right here. Perfect!” [They Are Billions]
1980 “Show me where the dungeon touched you…on second thought, don’t do that.” [They Are Billions]
1981 “Better over than under, I always say.” [They Are Billions]
1982 “Oh, they’re all focusing on that little hole there.” [They Are Billions]
1983 “Forget what I said, you gotta listen to Raix.” [They Are Billions]
1984 “This is a Schrodinger’s zombies.” [They Are Billions]
1985 “Now you can hear me coughing from all around you.” [They Are Billions]
1986 “Golden showers for everyone!” [They Are Billions]
1987 “Look, there’s hundreds and hundreds of dollars of hentai here.” [They Are Billions]
1988 “Awww, we so sweet, that explains it. I don’t know if I know anyone as sweet as Raix.” [They Are Billions]
1989 “What does used underwear go for these days? I haven’t been in the market in a while.” [They Are Billions]
1990 “Reminds me of when I was Satan. You guys remember when I was Satan?” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
1991 “Why does everything make me pinker?” [God of War]
1992 “That’s just how my lips are, okay?” [God of War]
1993 “Not the mouth! Don’t put it in my mouth! Please!” [God of War]
1994 “Gruntwork, I asked you once before to kill me.” [God of War]
1995 “I’m looking up Kratos’s dress.” [God of War]
1996 “Man, Teal’c is a hardcore daddy.” [God of War]
1997 “Attack my child instead of me.” [God of War]
1998 “Keep throwing this axe into your groin.” [God of War]
1999 “Man, I’m destroying this guy’s groin.” [God of War]
2000 “I really don’t want to screw that golem.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2001 “Manatees by default are already naked.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2002 “If dwarfs are anything they are a kinky race.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2003 “My wife’s sister says that I’m smooth and creamy like butter.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2004 “I would never talk about bones in excess.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2005 “Tonight we’re screwing around with a ghoul.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2006 “His nipples are out on display for the world to see because he’s so hunky.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2007 “It’s going to be a hunky battle.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2008 “Her crits are so small!” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2009 “I have not been buying meth from Dwarves, that I recall.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2010 “What is that 35% Russian?” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2011 “We’re not going to feel that bride.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2012 “That’s my wife’s favorite movie. Nightmare Before Christmas… not Bone Daddy.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2013 “My wife brought me a brand new poisoned beverage.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2014 “Pretty sure I should have used the whip.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2015 “His juicy parts must be ours.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2016 “What do you know? Green parts are better.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2017 “All right, Matt Priest. Hold my D.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2018 “You’ve gotta make sure that you stop holding your D in time to pump, though, or else you’ll land on your back and get hurt.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2019 “Sorry, I was on the cunning stunts again.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2020 “I was pumping the D as hard as I could, but nothing was happening, so I just laid down in the dirt and died.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2021 “All you need is one trick.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2022 “Why is the reset button right next to my D?” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2023 “You have to stop holding the D and tap the P.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2024 “I have to go D to A.” [Pumped BMX Pro]
2025 “All about using the D tonight.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2026 “I need your parts.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2027 “You’re going to leave me to rot in a foreign land! On foreign soil!” [God of War]
2028 “If you’re a barbarian and searching on Bing, God help you.” [God of War]
2029 “Look at that nipple exposed.” [God of War]
2030 “No magic bacon for us.” [God of War]
2031 “We should come up with a safe word.” [God of War]
2032 “You guys ever looked at a dwarf’s mouth? Disgusting.” [God of War]
2033 “It’s pronounced ‘brassiere,’ and only women wear them.” [God of War]
2034 “I’ve heard the Isle of Death is nice this time of year.” [God of War]
2035 “Apparently Tet and I had the same granny.” [God of War]
2036 “Hey, it’s child endangerment time! Come on!” [God of War]
2037 “Trinkets and baubles, paid for in boys.” [God of War]
2038 “That could be a giant’s crack, for all we know.” [God of War]
2039 “Got silver in your hole?” [God of War]
2040 “That dwarf sure does get around, you know.” [God of War]
2041 “He whipped out the f word on me.” [God of War]
2042 “I don’t know how many people have blown this.” [God of War]
2043 “What if I just Sparta kick you off the face of the earth?” [God of War]
2044 “Snakes have to feed on breast milk, as anyone might tell you.” [God of War]
2045 “What kind of dainty dwarf are you?” [God of War]
2046 “You’ve ruined my entire life, Rsquared.” [God of War]
2047 “No one believes in fairies. No one clap.” [God of War]
2048 “Up the crack.” [God of War]
2049 “This thing has been alive since the dawn of time, and we killed him.” [God of War]
2050 “It’s fun, we’re playing Sekiro of War. Sekiro of Boy?” [God of War]
2051 “Leave no crack behind.” [God of War]
2052 “When you see something dangling, smack it.” [God of War]
2053 “This elven ruin has hit puberty.” [God of War]
2054 “While you were in the bath, I used the restroom.” [God of War]
2055 “That’s some big noise.” [God of War]
2056 “Are we cheering, or are we bongo-ing?” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2057 “I weed eat in the nude. I like to live dangerously.” [Iratus: Lord of the Dead]
2058 “It’s an unwritten rule. No Coldplay in this channel, by God!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2059 “I’ve rubbed Cheetoes on my entire body in preparation for the stream. Every inch of me, covered in Cheeto dust.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2060 “Cold pee is not only allowed, but…” [Oxygen Not Included]
2061 “Phoenix is now part bot.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2062 “Hietala has just used the potty for the first time.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2063 “We’re the Oprah of ugly work hats.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2064 “Why can’t the puppy eat maggots like the rest of us?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2065 “Our four story stripper pole is underway.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2066 “Get out of my face, Count_Me_Out.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2067 “No more visits to the pee pit.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2068 “If you want a real shooter you play Fortnite.” [Mable & The Wood]
2069 “Let me stop fingering my analog stick for a moment to have some nice cookies and salsa.” [Mable & The Wood]
2070 “The mechanical clicking noise helps me go, don’t ask questions.” [Mable & The Wood]
2071 “Why is my web occasionally so limp?” [Mable & The Wood]
2072 “I’ll eat your gummies.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2073 “Screw that guy, I’m gonna ruin his life.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2074 “Hey, look, it’s growing.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2075 “I don’t want the pool noodle on my nipples.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2076 “Elder likes his gummies with no foreplay.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2077 “My cherry flopped on my number key button.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2078 “We can just let them be dirty forever.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2079 “Curiosity’s only killed cats. I thought we were immune.” [God of War]
2080 “It’s a pretty average size. I’ve seen bigger, and I’ve seen smaller.” [God of War]
2081 “He has a nice severed head if he needs to nibble on something.” [God of War]
2082 “Just what I need, my butt crack to be able to talk to me randomly as I travel across the world.” [God of War]
2083 “The demons have got Santa.” [God of War]
2084 “He was alive when I started the murder” [God of War]
2085 “I can enter a mushroom, wanna see?” [God of War]
2086 “I don’t think you can sodomize a mushroom. Mushrooms are lacking orifices.” [God of War]
2087 “I think all nipples are crotchless” [Oxygen Not Included]
2088 “Mmmm, good ol’ fashioned floor meat, just like granny used to make.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2089 “Are you the OG nude?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2090 “Stroke me with a noodle.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2091 “Raix, it does sound awful, not just cheese on ice cream but melted warm cheese on ice cream.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2092 “They’re big breasts. They’re huge breasts.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2093 “You can pre-drown babies.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2094 “I’m pretty sure that dead babies produce more meat, more calories, than eggs.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2095 “Between the giant breasts and the dead babies, people coming into the chat aren’t going to stay very long.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2096 “How big can it really get?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2097 “Let’s go all the way.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2098 “I did all the daddies.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2099 “I don’t want him hogtied.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2100 “I guess two princes can’t have another prince.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2101 “Sword fights don’t create babies.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2102 “We’re making a step ladder to hell.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2103 “She’s hanging out on the floor with Cthulhu.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2104 “I’ve never eaten crayons or glue.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2105 “Just don’t put any of your orifices near them, Raix, and you’ll be alright.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2106 “No one else has looked for me in thongs on Google before. It’s a sad day, sad day.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2107 “Please, please let this be natural gas.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2108 “The pee pit no longer runneth over.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2109 “I’m eating him. I gave him a warning.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2110 “Raix likes Jello, my wife does not.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2111 “I’m upgrading Raix.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2112 “Raix, I don’t know, man, I don’t know what to say.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2113 “Matt knows how to woo a pig.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2114 “I like watching my egg conveyor go, look at the egg.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2115 “Why’d you pee over here, RSquared?!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2116 “No, my wife is putting P on me again!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2117 “I think Raix has a point.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2118 “It’s too tight, it’s a little too tight.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2119 “Oh no, Raix, I didn’t even think about that.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2120 “Good job big, atta boy.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2121 “Just ask Tet, hanging out with my granny all the time, I don’t know why.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2122 “You guys have all the same parts. You’re clones.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2123 “Oh, look at all that urine!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2124 “We got shagging in the shower now.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2125 “We’re just not generating enough pee.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2126 “Let’s sit on the couch and yell at Boy.” [God of War]
2127 “We bare-handed this guy and destroyed him.” [God of War]
2128 “First I crawl through his hole.” [God of War]
2129 “This is more cheese than Raix puts on his vanilla ice cream.” [God of War]
2130 “That’s a mighty fine chest.” [God of War]
2131 “Kratos’s butt is my butt.” [God of War]
2132 “It’s almost squirrel time again.” [God of War]
2133 “Why can’t I grab you?” [God of War]
2134 “Hold on, troll, I’m reading about testicles.” [God of War]
2135 “Oh no, not another testicle quote. Now in five months I’ll be wondering about that one.” [God of War]
2136 “Through the ice hole.” [God of War]
2137 “I feel a little bit too clothed.” [God of War]
2138 “I’m not Santa.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2139 “I’m in love with my Buick.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2140 “Was she abused with mustard as a kid?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2141 “I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to talk to me, with a name like Infested Johnson.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2142 “What’s your top three cheeses?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2143 “Hey, don’t be looking at my pee pit without my permission.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2144 “Get ready for John Travolta!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2145 “Raix is living in a fairy tale land called Canada.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2146 “Get your frosty buns over here.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2147 “I was on drugs or something last night.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2148 “I’m not feeling well today, so I’m vomiting a lot of language.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2149 “Widening it up for the hamster tube.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2150 “It’s like a rainbow of death.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2151 “Just replace the butthole with the pee hole, and no one’s gonna laugh at that.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2152 “It’s hard for it to come out of my mouth.” [God of War]
2153 “Oh, great quote, Raix, how dare you make a moment like this dirty.” [God of War]
2154 “Look how big his tracts of land are. I got nervous.” [God of War]
2155 “What are these objects that I pulled out of my drawers?” [God of War]
2156 “Honey, I’m so excited, I’m finally decked out, I’m decked out as a twink, I got everything you can possibly get to make the most powerful twink, I am going to wreck some kids.” [God of War]
2157 “The world is my gay oyster.” [God of War]
2158 “Quick, I need your lips.” [God of War]
2159 “Salsa cookies, I know those exist in a hellish frozen place called Canada in Raix’s kitchen.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2160 “Dadam was a twink?!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2161 “My problem is that I don’t have enough urine.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2162 “Raix remembered….so we’re saved by Raix, that doesn’t seem right at all.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2163 “I’m sorry, but we need your meat.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2164 “This is tight.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2165 “Grownups don’t need to sleep.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2166 “Sorry, my hand had a stroke. Can only a hand have a stroke?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2167 “So, we’re going to do edibles here only.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2168 “Where have you been getting your nerds from?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2169 “I’m going to stop doing mushrooms. I’ve enjoyed it this entire time, but, you know, it’s time that that’s come to an end.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2170 “His final form is meat.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2171 “Let’s play in the pee pit.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2172 “My wife’s raiding my drawers.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2173 “You guys have girls in Canada?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2174 “Keep going, Paul, it’s the anus of the tiger.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2175 “All aboard the meat train.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2176 “Hey, there’s a tiny sausage.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2177 “I doubt every girl in Canada is fit.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2178 “She liked it both ways.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2179 “Nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2180 “Do we have any babies drowning down here?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2181 “Nothing I hate more than flat asteroids.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2182 “I love these sweet animals.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2183 “I like the long O.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2184 “It’s what you do when you’re laying pipe.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2185 “Finally, something to do besides lay pipe. No one wants to just lay pipe all the time, am I right?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2186 “A stupid dupe is a happy dupe.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2187 “Oh, is that a pile of crap on a hot dog bun with cheese? RAIX!” [Oxygen Not Included]
2188 “Oh God, I like something that Raix likes.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2189 “Those of you from Alabama, I’m sorry.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2190 “He levitates into his pants, just like I do.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2191 “Is this an 11.5 inch snake or a 12 inch snake?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2192 “Yeah, I could be a woman.” [GreedFall]
2193 “They didn’t believe in goatees back then?” [GreedFall]
2194 “Raix, why are you eating barbecue off the floor?” [Oxygen Not Included]
2195 “I need to stop fertilizing these.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2196 “We found an old blunt, where is count_me_out?” [GreedFall]
2197 “Ooh taxes.” [GreedFall]
2198 “Wait this is the 1700’s and you’re a woman wearing pants? Immersion ruined.” [GreedFall]
2199 “The least you could do after your giant drug fueled orgies is put the fruit away.” [GreedFall]
2200 “What people do with their vegetables is none of my business.” [GreedFall]
2201 “That’s a lot bigger than it looked.” [GreedFall]
2202 “Where does one find a really nice Cletus hat?” [GreedFall]
2203 “Show me your drill!” [GreedFall]
2204 “That’s a nice Kurt.” [GreedFall]
2205 “I love slots.” [GreedFall]
2206 “You want the business end of my Convict Hammer?” [GreedFall]
2207 “All right, let’s go smash.” [GreedFall]
2208 “Oh, they blow the king’s bone. That’s different!” [GreedFall]
2209 “I thought we were going to dress up like prostitutes.” [GreedFall]
2210 “Ah-ha, I knew this was a pleasure room.” [GreedFall]
2211 “We were in here before and killed someone.” [GreedFall]
2212 “We’re in Mount Moon! Look at all the Zubats!” [GreedFall]
2213 “Hey, don’t attack me while I’m looking at my wife’s bits.” [GreedFall]
2214 “Ooh, I can wear a skirt? Finally.” [GreedFall]
2215 “Don’t distract me from my bear genocide.” [GreedFall]
2216 “18 inches, what am I going to do with that?” [GreedFall]
2217 “Come on, gruntwork, bring your tin can back home.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2218 “Alright, I’m gonna look through your follow list and check every male streamer and go “Kyten thinks I’m hotter than this guy.” [Oxygen Not Included]
2219 “Someone’s got a rumble in their heinie.” [GreedFall]
2220 “I would know those shins anywhere.” [GreedFall]
2221 “Miners need to git gud.” [GreedFall]
2222 “One third of my family is a children.” [GreedFall]
2223 “It’s midnight o’clock.” [GreedFall]
2224 “Let’s take our clothes off.” [GreedFall]
2225 “So you see me as your little sister? Don’t worry, lots of people do.” [God of War]
2226 “We’re not on that level yet, boy.” [God of War]
2227 “Look at that package.” [God of War]
2228 “A lot of the time vendors feel like traps.” [GreedFall]
2229 “Let’s go kill some stuff. That’ll stop my yawning.” [GreedFall]
2230 “Birds in his britches.” [GreedFall]
2231 “Where is the dominant one?” [GreedFall]
2232 “I don’t roleplay as a sailor.” [GreedFall]
2233 “Hey, look, it’s generic bears.” [GreedFall]
2234 “I was reading chat, talking about poop and panties.” [GreedFall]
2235 “These are the most comfortable things I’ve had in my ears.” [GreedFall]
2236 “We are not smart enough to make a hypothesis.” [GreedFall]
2237 “The pool noodle is in the corner, taunting me.” [GreedFall]
2238 “I can’t get these in.” [GreedFall]
2239 “Don’t describe your pubic hair-keeping to me, please.” [GreedFall]
2240 “I don’t know anything about Forks.” [GreedFall]
2241 “PETA’s killed more animals than I have.” [GreedFall]
2242 “Preparation H. It feels good on the ol… Hey! There’s a weapon!” [GreedFall]
2243 “Everyone is here to disappoint me.” [GreedFall]
2244 “I am Adam Unchained.” [Slay the Spire]
2245 “So just blame Pineapple.” [God of War]
2246 “Put my lips to the horn.” [God of War]
2247 “That is the biggest nope rope I have ever seen. Let’s go down into its gullet.” [God of War]
2248 “I’m sorry, I had to date the guy that my wife most wanted me to be with.” [God of War]
2249 “Hopefully there’s dumplings in all of our futures.” [God of War]
2250 “Everyone look, we have genitals.” [Phoenix Point]
2251 “Don’t die with your butt in the air.” [Phoenix Point]
2252 “It’s Pocahontas with a disease.” [RimWorld]
2253 “Let’s Randy it up.” [RimWorld]
2254 “We’re at a women’s correctional facility.” [RimWorld]
2255 “What is facial stuff?” [RimWorld]
2256 “Did you try the bottom first?” [RimWorld]
2257 “I like sending hundreds of chickens to kill people.” [RimWorld]
2258 “69 percent to the wind.” [RimWorld]
2259 “Everyone gather ’round and kick this bear to death.” [RimWorld]
2260 “Eat our food and take our chicks.” [RimWorld]
2261 “Didn’t eat at a table? Time to kill the family.” [RimWorld]
2262 “Let’s grow some drugs next year.” [RimWorld]
2263 “We could be drug and slave dealers.” [RimWorld]
2264 “I need this beaver to join us.” [RimWorld]
2265 “You’re this interested in seeing me date an old man?” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2266 “I cut off my legs.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2267 “I wanna date the Colonel. I wanna make it happen.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2268 “Apparently Colonel Sanders must be easy.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2269 “We’re gonna choke this chicken out.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2270 “It’s just birds all night long.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2271 “I haven’t been in their pants yet, so I cannot confirm or deny it.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2272 “This is already better than Greedfall.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2273 “I’m in full cock mode.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2274 “I’ve already become the Dadam.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2275 “My brain inserted breasts.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2276 “Bucket to bed in 90 minutes.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2277 “Turns out spice number eleven, it’s cyanide.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2278 “Come on, Colonel, put it in my mouth!” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2279 “We always date people on anniversary night.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2280 “We have found the Necronomi-cock.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2281 “They got their hands on my Necrocockinom.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2282 “I’m gonna show it all to Colonel Sanders.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2283 “He was just after grandmama’s mashed potatoes.” [I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator]
2284 “I may or may not be a chicken when I return.” [Just Chatting]
2285 “Raix isnt normal.” [Just Chatting]
2286 “Oh, these are huge. These are much larger than I thought.” [Just Chatting]
2287 “Late October, necrophilia, see you guys there.” [Just Chatting]
2288 “I guess we gotta make him bend over.” [Untitled Goose Game]
2289 “I’m apparently doing the waltz with this guy’s butt.” [Untitled Goose Game]
2290 “You don’t know about this hole.” [Untitled Goose Game]
2291 “Got your bra, lady.” [Untitled Goose Game]
2292 “I’m a dirty goose.” [Untitled Goose Game]
2293 “It’s a secret spike in the butt.” [Blasphemous]
2294 “I can’t shred the Pope’s undergarments?” [Blasphemous]
2295 “Fortune favors the stupid.” [Blasphemous]
2296 “I was expecting the balls. I don’t know why.” [Blasphemous]
2297 “Man, those balls do so much damage to it.” [Blasphemous]
2298 “It’s not the size of the hat. It’s how you wear it.” [Blasphemous]
2299 “Now you are jibless.” [Blasphemous]
2300 “1884, the year I was born.” [RimWorld]
2301 “Quick, someone shoot me.” [RimWorld]
2302 “Now we can be drug traffickers.” [RimWorld]
2303 “Whoa, you’re getting ganged up on, Tet.” [RimWorld]
2304 “God, they’re all getting on top of you, Tet.” [RimWorld]
2305 “They’re a nudist cannibal.” [RimWorld]
2306 “Raix is a collector of Raix quotes.” [RimWorld]
2307 “What is your brother doing to our bison?” [RimWorld]
2308 “Be gentle, Randy.” [RimWorld]
2309 “Here’s some meat that just rolled into town.” [RimWorld]
2310 “Well, guess we’ll eat that chick.” [RimWorld]
2311 “That’s all we need– anime girls showing up with bazookas.” [Warsaw]
2312 “Look at how big I am.” [Blasphemous]
2313 “Today’s the first day that I can wear pants.” [Blasphemous]
2314 “I didn’t realize that was a hole.” [Blasphemous]
2315 “Is there a hole below me?” [Blasphemous]
2316 “He needs real hard, firm fruits.” [Blasphemous]
2317 “Did we get another bone?” [Blasphemous]
2318 “Well, we got Daniel’s butt bone.” [Blasphemous]
2319 “Screw Rachael Ray and her mom.” [RimWorld]
2320 “That’s what you do when your pets die. You eat them.” [RimWorld]
2321 “I can juggle three balls, no problem.” [RimWorld]
2322 “it seems like an abnormal amount of hedgehogs.” [RimWorld]
2323 “Randy’s being kind of gentle tonight.” [RimWorld]
2324 “Our meat caught on fire in the freezer.” [RimWorld]
2325 “How many balls are in my hand, Stan?” [RimWorld]
2326 “It was just an excuse to talk about my balls.” [RimWorld]
2327 “I thought Raix was asking what pants are, not the candy things.” [RimWorld]
2328 “Pants are the things you put on when it’s -40, Raix.” [RimWorld]
2329 “Am I a terrible person?” [RimWorld]
2330 “I don’t think so, Randy. We don’t need your berries that much.” [RimWorld]
2331 “Got some Randy bits.” [RimWorld]
2332 “Boy, don’t I love those Randy bits.” [RimWorld]
2333 “I hate relationships.” [RimWorld]
2334 “Look at me, I’m fancy.” [Blasphemous]
2335 “Let’s talk to this corpse.” [Blasphemous]
2336 “I wore this shirt because I’m a fascist.” [Blasphemous]
2337 “The only reason I died is I couldn’t stop looking at the hat. It was just huge and just standing up erect in front of me at all times.” [Blasphemous]
2338 “I have the juice.” [Blasphemous]
2339 “You can’t parry people with your butt, by the way.” [Blasphemous]
2340 “Just like my granny used to say, “Reach for the stars, and sometimes you get hit in the face by balls.”” [Blasphemous]
2341 “I’m fighting against Darth Pope.” [Blasphemous]
2342 “You think that Pope tastes delicious?” [Blasphemous]
2343 “It’s like beef chewing gum.” [Blasphemous]
2344 “Here come the balls.” [Blasphemous]
2345 “Why am I wearing pants? At some point I might get up and go take my pants off.” [RimWorld]
2346 “I’ve got meat.” [RimWorld]
2347 “My meat’s already pretty salty, though.” [RimWorld]
2348 “Must put more meat in my mouth.” [RimWorld]
2349 “Randy has been really gentle.” [RimWorld]
2350 “Why don’t your clothes time travel with you?” [RimWorld]
2351 “Why are you naked, Veronica?” [RimWorld]
2352 “They’re shooting Tet in the butt.” [RimWorld]
2353 “Finally, I agree on something with Raix.” [RimWorld]
2354 “Bionic legs for everyone!” [RimWorld]
2355 “We’re not too proud to eat Chihuahua meat here.” [RimWorld]
2356 “No, don’t kill Pookie.” [RimWorld]
2357 “17, are you coming onto me, or are you trying to kill me?” [RimWorld]
2358 “I’m innocent and wholesome, I think.” [RimWorld]
2359 “Anyone want to be my cluck buddy?” [Kholat]
2360 “I have this chicken breast pushup bra.” [Kholat]
2361 “To a chicken, Colonel Sanders means genocide.” [Kholat]
2362 “I didn’t know they could kill me until they killed me.” [Kholat]
2363 “Jelly-bourbon-cookie bro didn’t get us this time.” [Kholat]
2364 “I’ve already died three times in Russia.” [Kholat]
2365 “This is a pretty good place to starve to death.” [Kholat]
2366 “My nose is leaking with fear.” [Kholat]
2367 “Modwife smells like meat.” [Kholat]
2368 “Things are coming out of me that shouldn’t.” [Kholat]
2369 “Thanks for the 69, Randawl.” [Kholat]
2370 “Randawl, thank you for the big time 69.” [Kholat]
2371 “Get away from me, Sean Bean.” [Kholat]
2372 “This might be the most 69 I ever had in one night.” [Kholat]
2373 “Would you stop caressing my chicken nipples with the invisible noodle?” [Kholat]
2374 “That’s long. I’m not talking about the noodle.” [Kholat]
2375 “Chicken on chicken action.” [Observer]
2376 “Thanks, half-man, half-not man.” [Observer]
2377 “There’s no head, so that’s good.” [Observer]
2378 “Let me crouch down by this dirty toilet.” [Observer]
2379 “I want to open this toilet.” [Observer]
2380 “Is that a genre? Is there AmishPunk?” [Observer]
2381 “All right, it’s drug time.” [Observer]
2382 “The toilet’s talking to me. I’m here! I’m here, John!” [Observer]
2383 “My God, he’s getting a bionic Johnson.” [Observer]
2384 “I don’t mean scratch the balls.” [Observer]
2385 “Don’t open my door while I’m somewhere weird.” [Observer]
2386 “I’m just corn. Don’t mind me.” [Observer]
2387 “This is why you don’t go into dead people’s brains.” [Observer]
2388 “There are millions of people who sleep with uncles, and everything’s kosher with it.” [Observer]
2389 “Oh, man, I really need some drugs.” [Observer]
2390 “All right, down the hole, I guess.” [Observer]
2391 “Wizards are always moist if they choose to be.” [Observer]
2392 “Insert the roasting rod.” [Outlast 2]
2393 “Are you knocking on my door, lady?” [Outlast 2]
2394 “Don’t jump at me, Jesus.” [Outlast 2]
2395 “You know it’s a good game when you can jump.” [Outlast 2]
2396 “I would never play this twice. Are you kidding me?” [Outlast 2]
2397 “We were at a school, and Jesus didn’t jump us, so that’s cool.” [Outlast 2]
2398 “The babies crunch!” [Outlast 2]
2399 “Let’s walk over dead baby mountain. The sweet smell of burning babies.” [Outlast 2]
2400 “The moon. Nature’s flashlight.” [Outlast 2]
2401 “Don’t solicit my barrel.” [Outlast 2]
2402 “These death cults are all the same.” [Outlast 2]
2403 “Why can’t I just jump over the dead children?” [Outlast 2]
2404 “I’m too tired to be a preacher.” [Outlast 2]
2405 “My pants are my toilet now.” [Outlast 2]
2406 “Take me back to hillbilly land, please.” [Outlast 2]
2407 “Chickenhead time.” [Outlast 2]
2408 “Who put all these friggin’ sticks in the woods?” [Outlast 2]
2409 “Oh my God, it’s mayonnaise.” [Outlast 2]
2410 “Mr. Touchy’s not my mama.” [Outlast 2]
2411 “No head.” (said to Modwife) [Outlast 2]
2412 “Oh, it’s Jesus, save me!” [Outlast 2]
2413 “It’s all right. It was just another dead child.” [Outlast 2]
2414 “I’ve witnessed a birth. I don’t want to see another one.” [Outlast 2]
2415 “I have a gun, so this is not scary at all.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2416 “Hey, I need to throw money at this chicken man.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2417 “Why don’t you eat my partner?” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2418 “Another one of nature’s pockets that we don’t talk about. The ear hole.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2419 “Right up the old butthole.” [Resident Evil: Revelations
2420 “Someone’s just doing a load of blood.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2421 “Open up, big boy.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2422 “Why are you talking about Jessica’s underwear?” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2423 “Did she just compliment her own butt?” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2424 “Guess what! I need to reload.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2425 “Was that David Bowie?” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2426 “We need as much green herb as we can get.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2427 “Oh God, is it time for the red rocket?” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2428 “How much time are people spending on the toilet?!” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2429 “The David Bowie character has a very gentle voice.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2430 “I stabbed this lady in the butthole, and then I shot her in the butt. It’s okay, though, she deserved it.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2431 “Oh, it’s very juicy in here.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2432 “I’ve had my nuts delivered to me. Gonna put my nuts in a bowl.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2433 “Think maybe you’re getting backseating and backdooring mixed up.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2434 “I’m doing the mouse as fast as it’ll let me.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2435 “Jill is actually an amphibian.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2436 “Chris, guard your butthole, buddy.” [Resident Evil: Revelations]
2437 “Oh, I just punched his head off.” [Dead Space 2]
2438 “No more head for you.” [Dead Space 2]
2439 “Good news is, you don’t have colon cancer. Bad news is, you don’t have a colon.” [Dead Space 2]
2440 “Lick a doorknob every now and then.” [Dead Space 2]
2441 “Wow, look at the width on that. Our shots are super-girthy.” [Dead Space 2]
2442 “I miss candles and the hot wax on my body.” [Dead Space 2]
2443 “How can you eat your chips and beat me at the same time?” [Dead Space 2]
2444 “Your mammary glands are showing. You might want to get those things wrapped up.” [Dead Space 2]
2445 “There’s nothing more scary than children.” [Dead Space 2]
2446 “Like shooting babies in a barrel.” [Dead Space 2]
2447 “Hey, we dribbled.” [Dead Space 2]
2448 “These random anuses attached to walls, you know?” [Dead Space 2]
2449 “Where are you, number two? Are you behind me?” [Dead Space 2]
2450 “I thought that was a hole.” [Dead Space 2]
2451 “Am I naked on the phone?” [Dead Space 2]
2452 “I’ve been known to breed. At least once in my life.” [Dead Space 2]
2453 “It takes more than one Walmart to serve a million people.” [Dead Space 2]
2454 “It’s like I’m being electrocuted by chicken strips.” [Dead Space 2]
2455 “We have lots of thrusting to do.” [Dead Space 2]
2456 “Let’s go toward the giant demonic belly button in the sky.” [Dead Space 2]
2457 “In space no one can take care of their mustache.” [Dead Space 2]
2458 “Multiple big boys.” [Dead Space 2]
2459 “Do people in the future have rectangular butts?” [Dead Space 2]
2460 “I know lots about wombat excrement.” [Dead Space 2]
2461 “In the future we all have rectangular anuses. We poop out cubes like wombats.” [Dead Space 2]
2462 “I need to stop playing with corpses.” [Dead Space 2]
2463 “I know it’s a radical stance, but I’m pro-screwdrivers.” [Dead Space 2]
2464 “Excuse me, I’m trying to kill babies.” [Dead Space 2]
2465 “Where is this demonic anus? There it is. Demonic anus neutralized. Maybe. Never mind, it still breathes.” [Dead Space 2]
2466 “Nothing ever stays in anus.” [Dead Space 2]
2467 “Speaking of space rocks, I’ve got two big boulders right here.” [Dead Space 2]
2468 “People usually don’t vacation in a mental ward.” [Dead Space 2]
2469 “The heat-seeking butt missiles.” [Dead Space 2]
2470 “Come on, Isaac, give her the first aid.” [Dead Space 2]
2471 “Two anuses, one shot. Four anuses remain. Oop, five. There was a hidden anus over there.” [Dead Space 2]
2472 “Oh, no, I missed the anus.” [Dead Space 2]
2473 “I’m guessing I have to put something in that slot right there.” [Dead Space 2]
2474 “There was this guy on the internet and he kept putting chicken strips in my ears.” [Dead Space 2]
2475 “Ahh yes, the ol’ duck you ditch.” [Dead Space 2]
2476 “I just got an upskirt of Isaac.” [Dead Space 2]
2477 “You can see through part of her white shirt.” [The Evil Within]
2478 “You know he’s a bad guy ‘cuz he’s wearing a wife beater.” [The Evil Within]
2479 “Come on, grab me, I’m ready for it.” [The Evil Within]
2480 “Timothy Everything is my given name.” [The Evil Within]
2481 “I’m sure he won’t see your big butt sticking out, Sebastian.” [The Evil Within]
2482 “Are there male models named Sebastian?” [The Evil Within]
2483 “That’s a buff old man.” [The Evil Within]
2484 “Whoa, I agree with Raix on something. I gotta retire.” [The Evil Within]
2485 “It’s like cannibal Thanksgiving.” [The Evil Within]
2486 “According to the Geneva Convention, if they say Marco, I have to say Polo, and then I’m dead.” [The Evil Within]
2487 “There’s a predator in our midst, and his name is count_me_out.” [The Evil Within]
2488 “Only the dead can lay down.” [The Evil Within]
2489 “That’s not my butt you see. I’m a couch.” [The Evil Within]
2490 “They don’t all fall for the butt.” [The Evil Within]
2491 “It’s evil Teddy Roosevelt!” [The Evil Within]
2492 “I appreciate the anonymous 69.” [The Evil Within]
2493 “Maybe we should be lovers.” [The Evil Within]
2494 “My partner. It’s Harry Potter.” [The Evil Within]
2495 “I’m just attracted to dynamite.” [The Evil Within]
2496 “Was that Pyramid Head’s cousin? I think that was Pyramid Head’s cousin, Block Face.” [The Evil Within]
2497 “Did this man have a fedora collection? How sharp was his katana?” [The Evil Within]
2498 “That’s against the laws of zombie-ism.” [The Evil Within]
2499 “Turn around and get that juice.” [The Evil Within]
2500 “What have you guys done to my bot?!” [The Evil Within]
2501 “Sorry, neighbors, I’m just up here praying.” [The Evil Within]
2502 “I assume in Canada there’s Zambonis just littered around.” [The Evil Within]
2503 “Bend over to take a breath and get rammed in the heinie.” [The Evil Within]
2504 “She wants the gel.” [The Evil Within]
2505 “I take my cockery very seriously.” [The Evil Within]
2506 “My chicken’s not zipped up enough.” [The Evil Within]
2507 “My dangly bits are ready.” [The Evil Within]
2508 “You guys wanna see my hentai shelf?” [The Evil Within]
2509 “Stay away from my toes, evil lady!” [The Evil Within]
2510 “Ah, yes, the naked mannequins everywhere. It’s like the eighteenth century sex dolls or something.” [The Evil Within]
2511 “A demon’s mostly butt. Butt and head.” [The Evil Within]
2512 “We performed an explosive cavity search.” [The Evil Within]
2513 “After this stream, I’m gonna wring out my chicken.” [The Evil Within]
2514 “What am I, a kitten?” [The Evil Within]
2515 “I didn’t realize I was talking to her butt at first.” [The Evil Within]
2516 “My wife of mine… always after me nuts.” [The Evil Within]
2517 “Never try to speak when your mouth is full of nuts.” [The Evil Within]
2518 “What does chicken bondage have to do with tomato bondage?” [The Evil Within]
2519 “If you drink Draino, you won’t be constipated for the rest of your life.” [The Outer Worlds]
2520 “So we’re like an evil Bob Ross? Good to know.” [The Outer Worlds]
2521 “Are you trying to pay me to handle your bits? Accepted.” [The Outer Worlds]
2522 “Let’s see what kind of head I would like.” [The Outer Worlds]
2523 “You don’t want to go out in space with the wrong eyebrows. They will destroy you out there.” [The Outer Worlds]
2524 “That guy’s anti-boot licking. I hear some people pay good bits for that.” [The Outer Worlds]
2525 “I don’t want her to help. I want to kill them myself.” [The Outer Worlds]
2526 “It wasn’t that big of a hump.” [The Outer Worlds]
2527 “We see your testes.” [The Outer Worlds]
2528 “If no one sees it, it’s not a crime.” [The Outer Worlds]
2529 “Maybe I’ll start a cult.” [The Outer Worlds]
2530 “Oh, she actually didn’t follow me to the bathroom.” [The Outer Worlds]
2531 “Let’s go talk to the hair surgeon.” [The Outer Worlds]
2532 “I just stole the last can of Who-Hash.” [The Outer Worlds]
2533 “I’m a huge Tool… fan.” [The Outer Worlds]
2534 “Nothing wrong with some dumpster diving.” [The Outer Worlds]
2535 “I don’t work for space OSHA or whatever.” [The Outer Worlds]
2536 “What do you have in your pants, Steveador?” [The Outer Worlds]
2537 “Back through the hobo hole.” [The Outer Worlds]
2538 “You’re not important enough to have a name.” [The Outer Worlds]
2539 “Get your butt out of my face, Parv. Now’s not the time.” [The Outer Worlds]
2540 “Why, you could cut the tension with a lesbian knife.” [The Outer Worlds
2541 “I’ve got a bone that you can saw.” [The Outer Worlds]
2542 “We’re both innocent in this world, and we’re both lesbians.” [The Outer Worlds]
2543 “Let’s take a number two.” [The Outer Worlds]
2544 “Ummm… Raix…. Raix is… um… good.” [The Outer Worlds]
2545 “Raix is my nutritionist. He gives me new food suggestions.” [The Outer Worlds]
2546 “What would he need lubricant in the bathroom for?” [The Outer Worlds]
2547 “I like big bits and I cannot lie.” [The Outer Worlds]
2548 “I’ll do anything for money, but I won’t do that.” [The Outer Worlds]
2549 “Parv, have you ever heard of nature’s pocket?” [The Outer Worlds]
2550 “She’ll fit six hours of noodling into, like, ten minutes.” [The Outer Worlds
2551 “Maybe he’s got, like, 6 tons of gold and a dead cat.” [The Outer Worlds]
2552 “You guys every just have that insistent need, that urge to go loot a grave?” [The Outer Worlds]
2553 “Just sticky fingers, but not from necrophilia.” [The Outer Worlds]
2554 “Parv, if you don’t want it in the butt, you shouldn’t stick it in front of me, in my line of sight.” [The Outer Worlds]
2555 “No more Cletus unless someone pays for it.” [The Outer Worlds]
2556 “He definitely looks like a cannibal clown type.” [The Outer Worlds]
2557 “Yup, I’m overweight again.” [The Outer Worlds]
2558 “Sometimes you just have to put meat in your mouth.” [The Outer Worlds]
2559 “Every living creature’s butt is in danger.” [The Outer Worlds]
2560 “I’m gonna dig through its poop.” [The Outer Worlds]
2561 “Sorry, lady, I speak in stereo.” [The Outer Worlds]
2562 “I was born in this alley, Berta.” [The Outer Worlds]
2563 “Alright, Raix, it’s Tucker time.” [The Outer Worlds]
2564 “I do miss In and Out.” [The Outer Worlds]
2565 “If you hang out with gangs, sometimes you’re gonna get gangbanged.” [The Outer Worlds]
2566 “I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to glands.” [The Outer Worlds]
2567 “Parv’s my little lesbian sister.” [The Outer Worlds]
2568 “You can shower with anything if it’s wet.” [The Outer Worlds]
2569 “It’s so hard to remember how many people I’ve killed.” [The Outer Worlds]
2570 “What do you got in your pants, guy?” [The Outer Worlds]
2571 “Oh no, I’m more like Raix.” [The Outer Worlds]
2572 “What about my fancy outfit?!” [The Outer Worlds]
2573 “Nope, I slept a solid 84 hours the other night. I’m good for another year.” [The Outer Worlds]
2574 “I could have taken the back door, I’m guessing. I just didn’t feel like taking the back door this time.” [The Outer Worlds]
2575 “I was definitely frolicking on my hands and knees.” [The Outer Worlds]
2576 “God, I’m gonna have to kill so many of these people!” [The Outer Worlds]
2577 “Don’t make me commit another massacre, please.” [The Outer Worlds]
2578 “They’re like the Christmas butter cookies, and they come in a sewing kit.” [The Outer Worlds]
2579 “The more you look at it, the more he becomes Brokeback Mountain.” [The Outer Worlds]
2580 “All right, let’s tinker on this bad boy.” [The Outer Worlds]
2581 “I knew we had Parv sleep with her for some reason.” [The Outer Worlds]
2582 “I reverse mass murdered people.” [The Outer Worlds]
2583 “Oh, yeah, we were trying to get a mate for Tet!” [RimWorld]
2584 “You might prefer the company of boy pandas, but you’re not gonna impregnate any boy pandas.” [RimWorld]
2585 “I don’t know what to name Tet’s wife.” [RimWorld]
2586 “It’s awesome! I’m hoping that panda will mate with Tet!” [RimWorld]
2587 “Pwn3d, you’re a nudist, come strip this guy.” [RimWorld]
2588 “Look at that, they’re happily nude.” [RimWorld]
2589 “Phoenix can kill you, if you want.” [RimWorld]
2590 “Look, that pig is taking it.” [RimWorld]
2591 “This is our cornhole.” [RimWorld]
2592 “I don’t put wine in my butt.” [RimWorld]
2593 “Don’t drop your pants around Randy.” [RimWorld]
2594 “Get it in, get it in.” [RimWorld]
2595 “Everyone, we’re going cougar hunting!” [RimWorld]
2596 “Apparently the gods hate vegetables.” [RimWorld]
2597 “Someone be my third hand. Where’s my wife when I need her?” [I Am Fish]
2598 “My whole body’s into this now.” [I Am Fish]
2599 “Look, you can see the sadness on his mustache.” [RimWorld]
2600 “It’s like reverse that time of the month.” [RimWorld]
2601 “If you’re trying to cannibalize someone, it might as well be family.” [RimWorld]
2602 “Tet’s just inseminating pandas!” [RimWorld]
2603 “Tet panda’s always looking for bush.” [RimWorld]
2604 “Man, our cornhole’s not looking so good.” [RimWorld]
2605 “Oh, look, I just got a bag full of dangly bits.” [RimWorld]
2606 “Two of our pandas are pregnant again, thanks to Tet.” [RimWorld]
2607 “So, on average, people in our colony have one leg and one arm.” [RimWorld]
2608 ” If you too want to see erotic poncho content, subscribe at tier 3.” [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order]
2609 “What is that little hole? I don’t know if I found this little hole last time.” [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order]
2610 “Oh my God, I’m a frickin’ Jedi pinata.” [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order]
2611 “you can’t attack me while I’m talking to RSquared” [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order] [11/19/2019]
2612 “I’m butt deep in swamp juice.” [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order]
2613 “I’m stuck between the legs.” [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order]
2614 “I spend all day just drawing enlarged genitals on furry animals.” [Trash Bandits]
2615 “I dropped a nut on my hoodie.” [RimWorld]
2616 “Tet, you are such a sexual panda.” [RimWorld]
2617 “Come back later and bring me a little ginger boy.” [RimWorld]
2618 “We’ll keep an eye on this cougar.” [RimWorld]
2619 “If you don’t die, I’m gonna kill you.” [RimWorld]
2620 “Here, Hietala, burn some people.” [RimWorld]
2621 “I’m gonna eat some nuts.” [RimWorld]
2622 “Quick, sign me up for a TED Talk.” [RimWorld]
2623 “Cher’s molesting my inner ears.” [RimWorld]
2624 “Hey, stop letting that guy lick me.” [RimWorld]
2625 “How much weight was in your package?” [RimWorld]
2626 “Guys, come save this cock.” [RimWorld]
2627 “That otter is after our cock again.” [RimWorld]
2628 “No, Tiny Tim, you can’t have anymore soup, and you can’t have any freedom.” [RimWorld]
2629 “Gruntw0rk has completely lied to me and ruined my life.” [RimWorld]
2630 “Go away, Cher.” [RimWorld]
2631 “They’re selling a silky cock.” [RimWorld]
2632 “Giraffe tastes like long horse.” [RimWorld]
2633 “We got some studs out here, sleeping in the forest.” [RimWorld]
2634 “I didn’t kill gruntw0rk’s grandfather just for the money.” [RimWorld]
2635 “No one’s actually named Karen. It’s a made-up name.” [RimWorld]
2636 “You can have my nuts when you bring me cookies.” [RimWorld]
2637 “Strip all these old men and women as they lay here and die.” [RimWorld]
2638 “Let us know if it tastes like drunken Christmas.” [Old School RuneScape]
2639 “It’s completely family friendly to suck on donkeys.” [Old School RuneScape]
2640 “It’s already Septober. Get over it already.” [RimWorld]
2641 “Tet’s alive and mating.” [RimWorld]
2642 “Turn left at the dead guy.” [RimWorld]
2643 “It was the colonists fighting against me setting them all on fire.” [RimWorld]
2644 “Tell us of your grinding, count_me_out.” [RimWorld]
2645 “Why is it that we always have nude cooks?” [RimWorld
2646 “Tet, you stay back and mate.” [RimWorld]
2647 “Thank God I have all these bears.” [RimWorld]
2648 “I wonder if IHOP accepts hentai.” [RimWorld]
2649 “I’ve only killed your family like twice!” [RimWorld]
2650 “Have you come for nuts?” [RimWorld]
2651 “Look at my nuts, RSquared.” [RimWorld]
2652 “Well, she comes in sometimes and grabs my nuts.” [RimWorld]
2653 “The powerful chronicler of nuts.” [RimWorld]
2654 “I’m gonna hit my nut quota tonight.” [RimWorld]
2655 “This guy sounds delicious. 82 year old Chili. I take that back.” [RimWorld]
2656 “I’m just kind of waiting on gruntw0rk to die.” [RimWorld]
2657 “I didn’t get Fatty’s pie today.” [RimWorld]
2658 “Hey, let’s shoot him in the groin!” [Phoenix Point]
2659 “All right, it’s groin time!” [Phoenix Point]
2660 “I forgot that count_me_out was a girl… in this game.” [Phoenix Point]
2661 “Make our own hole.” [Phoenix Point]
2662 “I’m sorry to laugh about your syphilis.” [Phoenix Point]
2663 “Her mouth is full of rice crispy treat.” [Phoenix Point]
2664 “He doesnt like coffee either. Don’t try to kill Raix.” [Phoenix Point]
2665 “I’m a Greedfall speed runner.” [Phoenix Point]
2666 “Hold on, I need to set my wife on fire.” [Phoenix Point]
2667 “Why does my brain always go to anal?” [Phoenix Point]
2668 “Let me tell you, 29 inches vertically feels friggin’ humongous compared to 29 inches horizontally.” [Phoenix Point]
2669 “Sorry, Stuff, you’re going in naked, my friend.” [Phoenix Point]
2670 “You can’t wear pants on your chest.” [Phoenix Point]
2671 “Wait, Raix is a woman? Who knew?” [Phoenix Point]
2672 “Right in the old bottom.” [Phoenix Point]
2673 “Ivax is completely exposed.” [Phoenix Point]
2674 “Who’s armoring their janitors?” [Phoenix Point]
2675 “I have not been kicking babies, believe it or not.” [Phoenix Point]
2676 “It’s alright. Tet always dies, he’ll get over it.” [Phoenix Point]
2677 “I’ve never had a deep fried hot pocket.” [Phoenix Point]
2678 “Thank you for streaking, randelmen.” [Phoenix Point]
2679 “We have to defend this place without pants.” [Phoenix Point]
2680 “Where have all the pants gone?” [Phoenix Point]
2681 “Who needs pants? We’ll fight in the nude.” [Phoenix Point]
2682 “You gotta wear pants when there’s nine inches.” [Phoenix Point]
2683 “That’s 30+30 which is 60, that’s more than 46.” [Phoenix Point]
2684 “You’re naked… but it’s not that cold.” [RimWorld]
2685 “What is that goat? I like that goat.” [RimWorld]
2686 “Nothing good can come from letting people in your back door.” [RimWorld]
2687 “If you are trying to breed through the back door you got some things to learn.” [RimWorld]
2688 “Coquette, I believe that’s what they call the Rockettes after those hardcore New York parties.” [RimWorld]
2689 “Dark chocolate and mint. Ewwww, put that nacho cheese on my vanilla ice cream.” [RimWorld]
2690 “Greg! Greg! What is your name?” [RimWorld]
2691 “She’s fully clothed. It’s not degenerate at all.” [StarCraft]
2692 “We can’t shoot up.” [StarCraft]
2693 “It’s not super-big, but sure.” [StarCraft]
2694 “I can clone a Raix.” [StarCraft]
2695 “Is this one of those Canadian milk bags?” [StarCraft]
2696 “Eating your chips, Raix, makes me hot.” [StarCraft]
2697 “Sniff this chip, lady.” [StarCraft]
2698 “Your mother and I already sucked all the smell out.” [StarCraft]
2699 “This is not how I expected this to be shaped.” [StarCraft]
2700 “I’m gonna shove the whole thing in my mouth.” [StarCraft]
2701 “Heinous like your anus!” [StarCraft]
2702 “My fingers still smell like shrimp, so it’s throwing me off.” [StarCraft]
2703 “Smell this before I drink it.” [StarCraft]
2704 “My fingers smell like beef and onion.” [StarCraft]
2705 “Give me that gas.” [StarCraft]
2706 “If it’s not relax class, it’s not hentai, that’s what I always say.” [StarCraft]
2707 “I see something big down there.” [StarCraft]
2708 “Nothing I like better than full frontal. That’s what my grandma used to say.” [StarCraft]
2709 “There’s poop on that guy’s head.” [Heave Ho]
2710 “I forgot which one of my hands was which one of my hands for a second.” [Heave Ho]
2711 “Guys, I think I’m in an intestine. That’s why there’s lizards here, clearly.” [Heave Ho]
2712 “Swing off the butt and pray.” [Heave Ho]
2713 “All right, we’re on another butt.” [Heave Ho]
2714 “Gotta be careful going around the shaft there.” [Heave Ho]
2715 “I just know these people were shaking butts together.” [Heave Ho]
2716 “It’s just a fuzzy butt, shaking in the wind.” [Heave Ho]
2717 “Let’s confirm this business deal with a butt rub!” [Heave Ho]
2718 “Oh, God, there’s a bird pooping on me.” [Heave Ho]
2719 “I wanna grab that musical rope.” [Heave Ho]
2720 “Oh my God, I’m covered in poop again.” [Heave Ho]
2721 “I used the wrong hand.” [Heave Ho]
2722 “When you`re screwed, you multiply.” [Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter]
2723 “What’s Gahdi’s purpose?” Where is a mod to add that quote?! [Toejam & Earl]
2724 “I’m gonna have to remove the noodle.” [StarCraft]
2725 “Mine’s better than his. His is too thin.” [StarCraft]
2726 “That started out kind of rough.” [StarCraft]
2727 “Hey, look, it’s gas! It is what I have always wanted!” [StarCraft]
2728 “Excellent dropping.” [StarCraft]
2729 “Keep going south until you reach something that makes you stop.” [StarCraft]
2730 “That’s what happens when your hand’s moving really fast and your brain can’t keep up.” [StarCraft]
2731 “So next time we just take bottom first.” [StarCraft]
2732 “My house has had doors all along.” [RimWorld]
2733 “Hey, I got a pop-up! Lemme show you!” [RimWorld]
2734 “Let’s get pp straightened out and start this new year with a bang.” [RimWorld]
2735 “It’s like a skin colored mumu.” [RimWorld]
2736 “Well you are a soaking wet teenage girl.” [RimWorld]
2737 “No drugs for Tet.” [RimWorld]
2738 “If you want her to mate with pandas, we can pretend that’s been going on.” [RimWorld]
2739 “Everyone’s favorite gift from the sky. Drugs.” [RimWorld]
2740 “Excellent mating capabilities.” [RimWorld]
2741 “Come eat rsquared!” [RimWorld]
2742 “If you know someone that’s a drug addict, you can make them stop doing drugs by cutting off their legs and their arms.” [RimWorld]
2743 “Nooo ahhhh ptuah.” [RimWorld]
2744 “Quick, someone scrape my tongue!” [RimWorld]
2745 “The devil’s beans have infiltrated my mouth.” [RimWorld]
2746 “Rowanty and Tet are in the hospital, just beating it.” [RimWorld]
2747 “Doesn’t matter, I’m nude.” [RimWorld]
2748 “It’s not my fault you don’t have legs. Oh, wait, yes, it is.” [RimWorld]
2749 “Could you imagine HomeboyVsEverything?” [RimWorld]
2750 “Rsquared still needs to wear clothes.” [RimWorld]
2751 “They’re dead. They don’t care if I dig them up.” [RimWorld]
2752 “Are you the friendly ferret?” [RimWorld]
2753 “With amputation, all things are possible.” [RimWorld]
2754 “Put my noodle in your mouth, lady!” [RimWorld]
2755 “My wife is currently four feet away from my right nipple.” [RimWorld]
2756 “Drug dealers, save us!” [RimWorld
2757 “I’ll show you my other doodads.” [RimWorld]
2758 “Excuse me, I am not Beck.” [RimWorld]
2759 “No, you can’t quote Satan.” [RimWorld]
2760 “Do you have the butt sickness?” [RimWorld]
2761 “Tet, thanks for taking me to the shower.” [RimWorld]
2762 “This is why I don’t wear pants.” [RimWorld]
2763 “I haven’t been thinking about Ivax’s meat.” [RimWorld]
2764 “Maybe we’ll have pig three ways.” [RimWorld]
2765 “Kinda want to do something other than just watch, you know?” [RimWorld]
2766 “My wife doesn’t want to be forced to do the noodling when she doesn’t want to.” [RimWorld]
2767 “She was trying to noodle me in the butt.” [RimWorld]
2768 “Pineapple, art thou the protector of my anus?” [RimWorld]
2769 “Not the smokeleaf!” [RimWorld]
2770 “We live in the Florida of Rimworld.” [RimWorld]
2771 “I’m being followed by a taco.” [RimWorld]
2772 “An avocado of capybarra.” [RimWorld]
2773 “Hello, everyone. I know I’m enormous.” [RimWorld]
2774 “It’s a good thing I mostly grew into my ears.” [RimWorld]
2775 “I think I’m aroused enough now.” [RimWorld]
2776 “I love pineapple.” [RimWorld]
2777 “Adam just ate someone.” [RimWorld]
2778 “A fabric trader? Well, hotdog.” [RimWorld]
2779 “You’re adequately beautiful.” [RimWorld]
2780 “I won’t be tearing any knobs off of anything.” [RimWorld]
2781 “Hietala, you gotta give her the meat!” [RimWorld]
2782 “Reese’s Pieces are superior to West Virginia.” [RimWorld]
2783 “You know what? We should run out and strip all these people.” [RimWorld]
2784 “Iguana, not quite human.” [RimWorld]
2785 “I’ve got pants on for some reason.” [Hades]
2786 “Oh no, I need to reveal my right nipple.” [Hades]
2787 “If I was in Pokemon I’d be super-rare.” [Hades]
2788 “Sting like a butterfly, float like a bee.” [Hades]
2789 “That’s a lot of balls!” [Hades]
2790 “Just balls everywhere, as far as the eye can see.” [Hades]
2791 “Every time I turn, there’s just more balls!” [Hades] [01/13/2020]
2792 “What, trying to keep track of all my balls?” [Hades]
2793 “They’ve got Shake and Steak in Hell.” [Hades]
2794 “That really is a long spear, holy crap.” [Hades]
2795 “I saw your buns, Raix. They looked delicious.” [Hades]
2796 “We haven’t had aids yet. Well, we’ve had aids once, but tonight I’m gonna check out more aids.” [Hades]
2797 “I’m just giving nectar to everyone.” [Hades]
2798 “Yes, accept my sack.” [Hades]
2799 “Boo, it’s Satanl” [Darwin Project]
2800 “Do you guys prefer Granny or Satan?” [Darwin Project]
2801 “Pinch it off, grumps!” [Darwin Project]
2802 “Oh, I didn’t see big boy coming there.” [Hades]
2803 “My thumb betrayed me.” [Hades]
2804 “They love me with their heinie.” [Hades]
2805 “Is it moist to you?” [Hades]
2806 “I’m always on the lookout for good booty.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2807 “Should have stayed on the boat, lady.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2808 “I will not wear another bra.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2809 “When you summon the devil, you gotta be ready to tell him what you want.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2810 “I’m gonna prance everywhere I go.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2811 “Hey, buddy, you’re lucky I can’t crouch, or I would teabag you.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2812 “Cookie guy spider mask.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2813 “Let’s prance over to ancient guy.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2814 “Finally, my prancing saved my life. My ballet teacher told me this would happen. I didn’t believe her.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2815 “He doesn’t want to make the jingling noise as he’s prancing.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2816 “That man taught me how to prance.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2817 “Sorry, Mia, I didn’t mean it. Don’t listen to me.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2818 “I have no wrist moles.” [Hades]
2819 “Just to show you guys what hell is like.” [Hades]
2820 “I was working on my mouthing skills.” [Hades]
2821 “I need to tell my wife about it and show her the pic, she’ll probably vomit.” [Hades]
2822 “That’s right, the devil can only take two at a time.” [Hades]
2823 “All dogs might go to heaven, but apparently all rats go right to hell.” [Hades]
2824 “After this encounter, I guess we’ll hear from Satan.” [Hades]
2825 “This is a pretty tight room for Aphrodite.” [Hades]
2826 “It’s like I’m throttling a baby pig.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2827 “You ever wonder what’s up Kratos’s dress? I know.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2828 “I’m gonna remain Satan for a moment.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2829 “I’m on a walkie-talkie from Hell. I stole it from Satan.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2830 “Are you Butters, Phoenix?” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2831 “Just to be clear, Starbittz has done nothing of the pegging sorts, that I know of, I don’t know.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2832 “That’s my problem, I’m not prancing.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2833 “That’s Raix level food.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2834 “Canada is the Norway of the United States.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2835 “Stand there and take a bullet to the head like a real man.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2836 “Put your buttcheeks in my hand, and I’ll throw you up to the ladder.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2837 “There’s not enough adult toys around. And enough adult toy cleaning supplies.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2838 “The teabagging has hardened them.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2839 “Get pranced on, nerd.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2840 “What is Nebuchadnezzar doing to that…frog?” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2841 “He and I are both sleeping with her right now, but he doesn’t know.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2842 “Raix, your cake got me killed.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2843 “It’s slippery, all right?” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2844 “I don’t have everything unlocked in Hell.” [Hades]
2845 “I’m hot. probably because I’m in hell.” [Hades]
2846 “Have you ever had Satan sing Happy Birthday to you?” [Hades]
2847 “I don’t know if you know this, but I know Satan.” [Hades]
2848 “There’s been a reduction in aids, so I’m gonna take it while I can get it.” [Hades]
2849 “We’re all about aids and hell now.” [Hades]
2850 “Gimmie something good, Zeus.” [Hades]
2851 “Accept my foul offering, dog.” [Hades]
2852 “Are you talking about the bad touch?” [Hades]
2853 “You don’t trust Raix’s opinion on food?” [Hades]
2854 “Whoa, whoa, whoa, I was thinking about Raix eating humans.” [Hades]
2855 “Ah, another Raix quote, we got our Raix quota for tonight.” [Hades]
2856 “I don’t know if you know this Rsquared, but me and my wife aren’t into eating off of other people, so we won’t eat IHOP off of you.” [Hades]
2857 “Was it worth it to hear granny talking about harvesting humans?” [Hades]
2858 “I just wanna see my mommy!” [Hades]
2859 “I’m gonna need a proper measurement of eggs.” [Hades]
2860 “I’m not a murderer. Now come here and let me kill you.” [Hades]
2861 “I can barely reach my snake.” [Hades]
2862 “I mean, we’re not up to using Aphrodite all night long, unless she’s up for it.” [Hades]
2863 “I wanna be Granny again.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2864 “It’s Granny time!” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2865 “Was that bacon or human flesh, Raix? Maybe Granny doesn’t want to know.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2866 “Granny has dealt with a lot of vibrating balls in her day.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2867 “Granny has had many a good time south of the border.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2868 “It’s Betty White in 20 more years.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2869 “If they drop their weapons, you know for sure they’re dead.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2870 “I think she was molesting that man’s leg.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2871 “Now’s not the time for twerking, Elena.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2872 “Chloe just screws us in every way that she can.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2873 “Taking the socks off, pants might be next.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2874 “The good thing about blades is they have infinite ammo.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2875 “Hentai games and hot wings. You know, the essentials.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2876 “If you save a woman’s life, she’s required to sleep with you.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2877 “Tonight let’s be Satan.” [Hades]
2878 “Just wait until Satan gets his hands on your kazoo.” [Hades]
2879 “Oh my God, you’re eating something that Raix thinks is crazy! What is wrong with you, Triforchestra.” [Hades]
2880 “What are you doing? Are you eating the tails?” [Hades]
2881 “All I was trying to do is inspect his stump.” [Hades]
2882 “So, Phoenix, when I watch South Park, I think of you.” [Hades]
2883 “I was gonna take the pomegranates, and I was trying to think of how old Mixy is.” [Hades]
2884 “Thanks, Granny, that was terrifying.” [Stellaris] [02/06/2020]
2885 “Other people have touched it in two years, just not me.” [Stellaris] [02/06/2020]
2886 “Why’s it blurry around my chair?” [Stellaris] [02/06/2020]
2887 “I’m gonna close this before the world explodes.” [Stellaris] [02/06/2020]
2888 “That guy looks like he could star in a hentai series.” [Stellaris] [02/06/2020]
2889 “Have you ever heard granny talk about tentacles.” [Stellaris] [02/06/2020]
2890 “Think about it, have any of you guys even felt alive in the last 8 years? Probably not.” [Hades]
2891 “That deserves a Wayne June Raid.” [Hades]
2892 “Breading things and deep frying them is the healthiest they can get, and deep frying them again makes them healthier. It stacks.” [Hades]
2893 “I’ve never known anyone to chow down on an entire chicken bone, Raix.” [Hades]
2894 “Attack the women.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2895 “Sounds kind of gooey when you first shoot it, you know?” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2896 “Excuse me, does anyone else need their genitals shot off?” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2897 “If you take it out of your pocket, you better use it.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2898 “I am the one-armed wolf.” [Stoneshard ]
2899 “If you’re not wearing protection, please go put on your doublet and come back to the stream.” [Stoneshard ]
2900 “Oh, I gotta be Satan again.” [Stoneshard ]
2901 “As we all know, Raix’s opinion is wrong.” [Stoneshard ]
2902 “That’s a huge staff, though. That takes up a lot of space.” [Stoneshard ]
2903 “I don’t want that white radish, it’s quite flaccid.” [Stoneshard ]
2904 “The wet went away.” [Stoneshard ]
2905 “Out of the way, boys, I’m wet.” [Stoneshard ]
2906 “Awww, it didn’t make us vomit.” [Stoneshard ]
2907 “The reception from Hell on a walkie-talkie isn’t great, so you’ll have to give Granny a break.” [Stoneshard ]
2908 “Get wrecked, bald man.” [Stoneshard ]
2909 “Apparently the couch is really big tonight.” [Stoneshard ]
2910 “This guy just popped out from a tree and took us from behind.” [Stoneshard ]
2911 “Put your coin purse to my mouth, relieve my hunger.” [Stoneshard ]
2912 “My daughter is not a bear.” [Stoneshard ]
2913 “Anything with thin in the name must make you thin, it’s the law.” [Stoneshard ]
2914 “Stop making me grab my nipples; this is a family oriented stream. That doesn’t mean family gets on the stream and starts touching my nipples.” [Stoneshard ]
2915 “He barely has any goods, his goods are old and wrinkled.” [Stoneshard ]
2916 “We’re doing a social sleeping stream tonight. Get your blanket, get your pillow, get comfy, and take off your clothes.” [Stellaris]
2917 “Count_me_out, I added your hot nuts to the channel, so it wasn’t alive a moment ago, but now, count_me_out, your hot nuts are available for everyone to use.” [Stellaris]
2918 “How do I turn that guy off?” [Stellaris]
2919 “We’re all about extensive probing here on the stream.” [Stellaris]
2920 “Oh, Count_me_out is being colonized.” [Stellaris]
2921 “I’m too tired for Roman numerals.” [Stellaris]
2922 “Oh God, which button is it?” [Stellaris]
2923 “You gotta just watch only me, that’s the problem.” [Stellaris]
2924 “If there is one thing I know, it’s extensive probing. Let’s get it done.” [Stellaris]
2925 “Granny used to be into some pretty hardcore probing.” [Stellaris]
2926 “We passed the captcha test.” [Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem]
2927 “Ugh that word, that Greedfall word.” [Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem]
2928 “This is like if Raix was streaming and he had a drawer full of beans and started eating a hand full of beans.” [Darkest Dungeon]
2929 “Let’s just blame drugs.” [Stoneshard ]
2930 “They take him out in the middle of the forest at 3am and make him play acoustic guitar.” [Stoneshard]
2931 “Granny really likes buttholes and dancing girls.” [Stoneshard]
2932 “Granny doesn’t like buttholes and dancing girls more than hentai, but if you combine the two, that’s what Granny really likes.” [Stoneshard]
2933 “My wife dictates my facial hair.” [Stoneshard]
2934 “God, she has the noodle, look at what you’ve done.” [Stoneshard]
2935 “She prefers the tentacle, but she’ll take a noodle if she can’t get the tentacle.” [Stoneshard ]
2936 “She’s feeding the cat Cheeto dust.” [Stoneshard ]
2937 “I can’t say this after Rsqaured told me about that.” [Stoneshard]
2938 “Rsquared is going commando.” [Stoneshard ]
2939 “It was fun to be immortal until we starved to death.” [Stoneshard ]
2940 “DeathSwitch, you can have all my mayonnaise.” [Stoneshard ]
2941 “Show me your goods, old lady!” [Stoneshard ]
2942 “Wow, your wife is super sexist.” [Stoneshard ]
2943 “My wife only wants the noodle when she wants to noodle.” [Stoneshard ]
2944 “All right, we’ll take it slow. (sigh)” [Stoneshard ]
2945 “I died cause I accidentally got too drunk.” [Stoneshard ]
2946 “The devil wants to be included in all anus parties, I do believe.” [Stoneshard ]
2947 “I feel soft.” [Stoneshard ]
2948 “She’s quite well rounded in that regard.” [Stoneshard ]
2949 “That wasn’t a chicken leg, that was a potato.” [Stoneshard ]
2950 “50%? That means half the time it’s 100%.” [Urtuk: The Desolation]
2951 “I don’t know, man, it can be so hard when it comes to you.” [Urtuk: The Desolation
2952 “Whenever any ally dies, the character becomes Raix and eats their ally and heals 40% HP.” [Urtuk: The Desolation]
2953 “If you would stop dating praying mantises you would be alright, Pineapple.” [Urtuk: The Desolation]
2954 “It wasn’t me, it was someone complaining about me.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2955 “12 months of RSquared streaking around.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2956 “If there’s two things Granny enjoys, it’s easy origami and easy men.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2957 “God, that was a really rough pig insertion.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2958 “Give us 500 pieces of candy, old man.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2959 “Raix, I’m going to block you. Let me say LOL first.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2960 “It’s not against the law to probe a cake.” [RimWorld]
2961 “What’s with all these Kevins? We’re being invaded by Kevins.” [RimWorld]
2962 “That’s pretty common, where people say five to six inches, and it ends up being three to four.” [RimWorld]
2963 “What if my wife was Satan?” [RimWorld]
2964 “The voice of God, Wayne June.” [RimWorld]
2965 “Congrats, Hystaric, you’re becoming poopy.” [RimWorld]
2966 “I like how these things scream when they die.” [RimWorld]
2967 “It makes sense to hold the bigger end.” [RimWorld]
2968 “You could… you could eat the hookers, I guess?” [RimWorld]
2969 “Raix was born in the year 1022, and because of all the weird things he ate, he discovered the secret to immortality, and with the combination of foods he no longer got any diseases and discovered the cure to aging.” [RimWorld]
2970 “He died of natural causes! He couldn’t breathe, that’s natural.” [Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection]
2971 “It put Hentai House above Rimworld. I almost clicked Hentai House.” [RimWorld]
2972 “Someone was like, well you smell like a dirty dishcloth.” [RimWorld]
2973 “Alright, I’ll do one bonus granny.” [RimWorld]
2974 “Oh no! I hit Granny!” [RimWorld]
2975 “If you can’t copulate with your wife in front of me, you don’t deserve to be married!” [RimWorld]
2976 “On second thought, I think I’m just going to take your parka and let you die in the mud.” [RimWorld]
2977 “Uh-oh, I’m still Granny.” [RimWorld]
2978 “The creamed corn of the crop.” [RimWorld]
2979 “Any other wigglers around?” [RimWorld]
2980 “I would either be the researcher or the naked cook.” [RimWorld]
2981 “Raix, we might have to let you die.” [RimWorld]
2982 “I put my hand over my brownie like it was a mouse.” [RimWorld]
2983 “I could have gone all the way with my friend Kyle.” [Sports & Fitness]
2984 “Well it’s 9pm, I better get into some game play before I get crucified.” [RimWorld]
2985 “Yeah, give me five thousand dollars and get mod for a day.” [RimWorld]
2986 “I guess I know why they call you upsetturtle. Look at that little guy!” [RimWorld]
2987 “Well, looks like you’re going to die, but not before we steal your pants.” [RimWorld]
2988 “Some people pay good money to be soaking wet.” [RimWorld]
2989 “We got a new Raix in town, a psychopathic cannibal we found down in the river eating insect jelly. It’s gotta be you.” [Rimworld]
2990 “You could be our kibble producer.” [RimWorld]
2991 “New Raix, is that like New Coke?” [RimWorld]
2992 “I can’t afford you losing an eyeball this early.” [RimWorld]
2993 “Just get married, it fixes all problems. May as well have a couple kids while you are at it, it’ll fix the relationship.” [RimWorld]
2994 “I can’t wait to save up for my new bidet, my butthole is gonna be so clean.” [RimWorld]
2995 “This map is so small, I’ve had bowel movements larger than this map.” [RimWorld]
2996 “Caz strip them, please, strip this Pansy.” [RimWorld]
2997 “Why is my nose itching so much tonight? Must be all the drugs.” [RimWorld]
2998 “The Leper is the Greedfall of Darkest Dungeon.” [Rimworld]
2999 “I usually don’t do anything other than recreational drugs.” [RimWorld]
3000 “That’s not a person, that’s a hot dog.” [RimWorld]
3001 “I did some more heroin.” [RimWorld]
3002 “Yup, we’re playing with it.” [RimWorld]
3003 “You exposed yourself at a birthday party? I hope they were adults!” [RimWorld]
3004 “This dog isn’t gonna be hungry, because I’m gonna slaughter it.” [RimWorld]
3005 “Did that chick just eat a meal at the table?” [RimWorld]
3006 “I don’t want to see any one-eyed willies.” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3007 “Is that a shiny number 2?” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3008 “Gonna kill a turkey while I’m out here. It is St. Patrick’s Day after all.” [RimWorld]
3009 “Holy crap, Caz, it takes forever for you to change clothes.” [RimWorld]
3010 “That would put as at 69. Nice!” [RimWorld]
3011 “Apparently you can do it two ways.” [RimWorld]
3012 “Pretty good, and you’re just gonna use me as some royal log.” [RimWorld]
3013 “Do you want to take some dead bodies with you?” [RimWorld]
3014 “Boy, I do like a good sloppy Joe.” [RimWorld]
3015 “I’m sure you sang it better than Satan did.” [RimWorld]
3016 “We had some Adam on Adam action.” [RimWorld]
3017 “We had Adam mate with Adam and they gave birth.” [RimWorld]
3018 “Hook up with trees, plant the seed.” [RimWorld]
3019 “That’s why we all love Raix here, right?” [RimWorld]
3020 “Beasley was my favorite Beatle.” [RimWorld]
3021 “You’re going to die in your crappy pants.” [RimWorld]
3022 “Just voices of a strange man coming from under my desk, typical Friday.” [MLB The Show 20]
3023 “I don’t know if I want to put my balls in this guy’s hot zone.” [MLB The Show 20]
3024 “Good Saint Dismas’ feet” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3025 “Ah, more rocks in the butthole.” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3026 “There’s a few more AK-47s in this but otherwise this is pretty similar to Scooby Doo.” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3027 “A cloth parka? I guess you’ll die out here in the mud.” [RimWorld]
3028 “His snoodle was too long.” [RimWorld]
3029 “Let’s go kill your family while you’re here.” [RimWorld]
3030 “Are campfires ugly?” [RimWorld]
3031 “Your gear sucks, you can die in the river.” [RimWorld]
3032 “We’re basically running a puppy mill, that’s where most my money is coming from.” [RimWorld]
3033 “That was some random poser Phoenix, not the real Phoenix.” [RimWorld]
3034 “You guys down for some year old donkey meat?” [RimWorld]
3035 “That’s an old pickle.” [RimWorld]
3036 “That’s more grannies than I can shake a stick at, and I can shake a mean stick.” [RimWorld]
3037 “Man, Satan’s really angry about coconuts.” [RimWorld]
3038 “We did a lot of grannies last night.” [RimWorld]
3039 “I gotta join the Canadian tortilla market.” [RimWorld]
3040 “Man, my wife wishes she was this guy.” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3041 “Tet’s very old-fashioned. When he got married, he had me name his wife.” [RimWorld]
3042 “I like to give my seeds to lots of people, sharing my seeds so they can enjoy as well.” [RimWorld]
3043 “Instead of doing anything, you just kinda stand there with your hands on it.” [RimWorld]
3044 “Hey, I’ll touch your package but I’m not eating your cheese.” [RimWorld]
3045 “It all started with a friggin duck.” [RimWorld]
3046 “Oh no. I just. Shattnered. My pants.” [RimWorld]
3047 Tried to get my ding dong song and accidentally whipped out my saxaphone.” [RimWorld]
3048 “Wait! Come back! I want your drugs!” [RimWorld]
3049 “Let’s look at what’s out here.. Ah yes, certain death.” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3050 “I’d rather die than change my underwear one more time!” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3051 “I don’t care how delicious they look, Elena, don’t eat those bats.” [Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End]
3052 “It’s the only reason I wear clothes, it’s like you are wearing a giant napkin at all times.” [RimWorld]
3053 “I don’t wanna kill the horses. We are horse women!” [RimWorld]
3054 “Oooo, does anyone need some organs removed? No?” [RimWorld]
3055 “I’m not coming to the edge of your map for your raw fungus.” [RimWorld]
3056 “I’m being stroked by an invisible green noodle.” [RimWorld]
3057 “I need to make them nude again.” [RimWorld]
3058 “End of the line, nudists.” [RimWorld]
3059 “Anything special with these buns of yours?” [RimWorld]
3060 “He’s used to being in beds for long periods of time. He was bedridden for three years.” [RimWorld]
3061 “Oh God, yours would be really long.” [RimWorld]
3062 “Should have thought of that before you were born a man.” [RimWorld]
3063 “A Greatblow. I don’t know what that is.” [RimWorld]
3064 “Man, the nudists are so happy all the time.” [RimWorld]
3065 “Excuse me, sir, can I do it from behind to you?” [Marvel’s Spider-Man]
3066 “Decapitation is just so fun, ya know.” [RimWorld]
3067 “Why are they always lighting the Organs on fire?” [RimWorld]
3068 “Too bad you can’t beat someone with a dead chicken.” [RimWorld]
3069 “Your little building that was neutering me is gone!” [RimWorld]
3070 “Hey, if my colonists could eat wood I’d be in great shape.” [RimWorld]
3071 “It’s always nice to force people to work until they die.” [RimWorld]
3072 “Now my wife is giving me money? ‘Bout time!” [RimWorld]
3073 “Why am I always the one getting hit by small animals?” [RimWorld]
3074 “also, I’m naked and the lights are out.” [MISTOVER] [04/19/2020]
3075 “She is not out of love juice!” [MISTOVER] [04/19/2020]
3076 “Fear m army of paper turtles!” [MISTOVER] [04/20/2020]
3077 “If you ever run into some guys in the woods just set them on fire, don’t ask questions.” [MISTOVER] [04/20/2020]
3078 “I whipped em out on stream one time, people went crazy.” [RimWorld] [04/21/2020]
3079 “I’m always nude from midwaist down.” [RimWorld] [04/22/2020]
3080 “You know, lightning has no natural predators. That’s how it’s gotten so big and deadly. It’s like mountains. The reason why mountains get so big is there’s no natural predators, so they just keep growing.” [RimWorld]
3081 “The good news is, they’ll probably die of starvation, and we can eat them.” [RimWorld]
3082 “Please have mercy on our chicken nuggets.” [RimWorld]
3083 “He used me for my slaw.” [RimWorld]
3084 “It’s gonna be weird, having wood.” [RimWorld]
3085 “I’m not a polygon.” [Final Fantasy VII Remake]
3086 “I don’t see a difference, Canadians, cannibals? They seem the same to me.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3087 “I’m right in the middle of the HappyCrapper.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3088 “My noodle is way harder than it looks.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3089 “To be clear, Raix did a summon. We don’t have a point system to summon Raix yet.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3090 “It’s earwax time.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3091 “One more. I can fit one more.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3092 “I won’t be able to reach the end of it, it’s so big.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3093 “Raix has really been wanting to eat human. He’s been telling me for the past three years. If you win, you’re a sacrifice to Raix.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3094 “What’s an adult noise here?” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3095 “What’s better, being slaughtered by a baby, or just exploding?” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3096 “I’m too moist. My stickers have fallen off.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3097 “You took a clip of my photo-realistic genitals?” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3098 “Guys, be gentle. That was really hard.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3099 “We get to screw each other!” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3100 “Hey! Don’t screw me! You screw me, I’m gonna screw you!” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3101 “My wife screwed me on stream.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3102 “Why’s everyone screwing me on my birthday?” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3103 “All right, I screwed myself, everyone else is screwing me, I might as well get in on the action myself.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3104 “You’re too poor for me to screw, Inspector.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3105 “Man, I should have screwed RSquared.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3106 “Where do you insert chips when you eat them?” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3107 “It smells faintly like a dirty boat.” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3108 “Guys, would one of you mind coming here to Indianapolis and killing me?” [The Jackbox Party Pack]
3109 “I don’t know what sound that was that just came out of my body.” [Marvel’s Spider-Man] [04/27/2020]


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