These are the bosses Adam has seen/beaten in the order he encountered and beat them. Please don’t mention any bosses other than these.

Blackgaol Knight
Dancing Lion – Main Boss
Deathrite Dragon
Demihuman Onze
Rellana – Main Boss
Dryleaf Monk Dane
Black Knight Edred
Ralva The Great Red Bear
Golden Hippo
Death Knight (Dual Axes)
Ancient Dragon-Man
Jori the Elder Inquisitor
Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame
Curseblade Labirith
Red Bear (nameless Mausoleum)
Rugalea The Greaat Red Bear
Chief Bloodfiend
Death Knight (Long Axe)
Ghostflame Dragon (Coast)
Demihuman Queen Marigga
Dancer of Ranah
Putrescent Knight
Jagged Peak Drake
Deathrite Bird
Commander Gaius
Jagged Peak Drake
Ancient Dragon Senessax
Tree Sentinel Boss (Torch)
Tree Sentinel Boss (Shield)
Fallingstar Beast
Metyr, Mother of Fingers
Count Ymir, Mother of Fingers
Scadutree Avatar
Bayle the Dread
Mesmer the Impaler
Romina, Saint of the Bud
Dancing Lion (Deathblight)
Leda and her gang (beat without summoning the allies)
Radahn & Miquella