RimWorld Hot Potato 2023




The RimWorld Hot Potato Charity Event is a yearly fundraiser for Doctor’s Without Borders.

During the event, 35 streamers pass around a continuous RimWorld save file for over 120 hours straight!



Below are the ‘milestones’ for this event. These are cumulative among all donations during Adam’s charity stream.

$250 (And every 250 up to $3000) – Adam tells a RimWorld Story/Anecdote

$3500 – Adam Dyes Hair w/ Permanent Hair Dye

$4000 – AdamvsMohawk Returns 🙁

$5000 – Twitch Toolkit Stream (or similar) Ugh.. lol

$7500 – December Streamathon (marbles returns I guess? lol)

$10,000 – Full Granny Stream (That’s right, old wig, moo-moo, tiny glasses, granny voice, etc.)

Your Rewards

Below are the things you can ‘purchase’ while supporting the event. Please note that you CAN purchase more than one of these. For instance, you could do 2x of the ‘Game Choice’ ones for 40+ hours.

$10 – Increase cam size 10%

$10 – Decrease cam size 20%

$20 – Normalize camera again (thank you!)

$50 – Granny Quote (I’ll read the next !quote from chat as Granny)

$50 – Devil Quote (I’ll read the next !quote from chat as The Devil

$100 – RimWorld Guide/Tip Now! (I will do an impromptu RW guide/tip)

$500 – Game Choice (I will play a game of your choice on future streams for up to 20 hours (can combine these for more hours))

$1000 – Detailed RimWorld Guide of Your Choice on YouTube (In the coming weeks or months (depending on how many of these are purchased) I will work on making a RW guide of your choice (or of my own if you don’t want to pick). This guide will go on YouTube where it will continue to earn money for Doctors Without Borders)

In Game Rules

General in-Game Goals/Rules:

  • Survive. The run has no failure condition, as long as at least one pawn is still alive the challenge is not over.
  • No relocating.
  • Rescue as many people as possible.
  • Prisoners can be recruited. If not recruited, they must be treated humanely, all wounds must be tended to (if possible), and they must be released under safe map conditions.
    Win Condition

    Win Condition:

    • Befriend all 8 factions — All factions must have a goodwill above 75 to win.
    • In addition to a core colony, build at least 4 independent field hospitals.
        1. All buildings should be completed on the same map tile. 
        2. Each field hospital should have its own functional hospital and medical crew.
        3. Each field hospital can have its own wall and fortifications, and you are permitted to build defenses between each outpost.
    • Accumulate a total of 250 glitterworld medicine, 500 industrial medicine, and 1000 herbal medicine and 2000 potatoes.
      Gameplay Settings

      Gameplay Settings Rules:

      • You can play on any difficulty with Cassandra Classic as the storyteller.
      • Autosave Frequency: default (0.5 days)
      • If you lose the colony (i.e. all pawns are dead), you may load an autosave or your stream’s start save.
      Previous Years

      2022 – Adam’s community raised $18,238.29. Event total was $126,785.69

      2021 – Adam’s Community raised $3,025.42. Event total was $85,502.69

      Adam’s 2022 event VOD: https://youtu.be/_UdD_3T1QO8