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A Guide to Fishing in Hades


One of the most common questions I hear while streaming Hades is “How do you fish?” In this guide I’ll tell you how to fish in Hades, what fish are in each zone, and what rewards you receive for fishing.

Where do you get the Rod of Fishing?

Fishing was added to Hades in the Early Access Patch 039 on January 28, 2020. As long as you are playing a version of the game from this patch or later, you will be able to purchase THE ROD OF FISHING from the House Contractor for one diamond. At the time of this guide, the contractor can be found on the right side of the screen next to Hades’ desk. If you haven’t yet earned a diamond in order to buy the rod, just keep playing through the game and killing bosses.

How do you fish in Hades?

Once you have purchased the rod of fishing you will NOT need to equip it, you’ll be able to use it by default while you are out in the underworld’s various biomes.

Fishing spots can spawn in all four of the primary biomes as well as Chaos rooms. Depending on where you catch the fish, as well as its rarity, you will earn different rewards. More on that later.

When a non-combat area has a fishing spot you will be alerted upon entering the room with a chime sound. Occasionally, Zagreus will also have a voice line. In combat rooms, you will hear the chime after picking up the chamber reward. If you are worried you didn’t hear the chime for whatever reason, you can always dash around the room and search for a fishing spot in the liquid.

Once you have found a fishing spot, all you need to do is press the interact button, and Zagreus will cast. Once the bobber is in the liquid, do not press the interact button until you get the cue that a fish has been hooked. There are two cues: the bobber will completely submerge, not just bob down and back up, and a flash of light will emerge. If you time the catch correctly you are rewarded. If you are too early or too late, you get nothing but Zagreus’s disappointment.

What do you get for fishing in Hades?

After you finish a run, either by winning or dying, you are then able to head over to the chef spirit in the lounge area and turn in your catch. If you haven’t yet unlocked the lounge, just keep playing the game and you will open the area eventually. Though, if you are already able to purchase the rod, you should have access to the lounge.

Each of the five fishable zones has their own set of three fish you can catch. The reward the chef gives you depends on the zone you catch the fish in and its rarity.

Tartarus fish award gems
The common Hellfish gives 5 gems each.
The rare Knucklehead gives 20 gems each.
And the Legendary Scyllascion gives 30 gems each.

Asphodel  fish award Cthonic Keys
The common Slavug  gives 1 key each.
The rare Chrustacean gives 3 keys each.
And the Legendary Flameater gives 5 keys each.

Elysium fish award Nectar
The common Chlam gives 1 nectar each.
The rare Charp gives 2 nectars each.
And the Legendary Seamare gives 3 nectars each.

Styx fish also award gems
The common Gupp gives 20 gems each.
The rare Scuffer gives 40 gems each.
And the Legendary Stonewhal gives 150 gems each.

Chaos Fish
Fishing pools in Chaos rooms are extremely rare and award artifacts that are generally only from completing bounties.
The common Mati gives 1 Diamond each.
The rare Projelly  gives 1 Titan’s Blood each.
And the Legendary Voidskate gives 1 Ambrosia each.

A few other quick notes on fishing in Hades

You cannot fish in a combat room until all combat has been completed and the room reward has been earned.

Fishing currently stops all in-game timers, so you can fish without worrying too much about messing up your bounty timer.

Alright, I think that about does it for fishing right now. I do enjoy the fishing mini-game and am glad they added it. It is a fun additional way to earn currency but can be completely ignored by those who do not want to fish. I also think it opens the door for a lot of additional fun, optional, cosmetic items in the game. Things like aquariums, taxidermy mounts, etc.

If you enjoyed this guide and want to see more things like this for Hades and other games, please let me know! If you have any ideas for specific guides, I’d love to hear about that as well.

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