Dream Daddies & Quad Lepers

[Stream Replay: June 25th – 30th]

Hey everyone! This is a bit of an experiment I am doing in order to help people stay up to date on what has been happening on the stream (in case you can’t or don’t make it to every stream). These posts will contain things like updates on our current challenges as well as recaps of any story progress on story-based games we play. I will also post relevant clips, highlights, etc.

If you like this sort of thing, and would like me to continue doing this, please leave a comment on this post!

Dream Daddies

We started off the stream week by playing Dream Daddy on Monday night. If you don’t already know the story behind why we played this, here’s the TLDR version: I agreed that if we got partnered with Twitch I would play this silly game. We got partnered, and I am a man of my word!

Here is the game description:

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game where you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot Dads. You and your daughter have just moved into the sleepy seaside town of Maple Bay only to discover that everyone in your neighborhood is a single, dateable Dad! Will you go out with Teacher Dad? Goth Dad? Bad Dad? Or any of the other cool Dads in this game? With minigames, sidequests, and a variety of paths and endings, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is this year’s most anticipated Dad-based game.

As most of you know, I am a straight male, so the premise of this game might seem foreign or lost on me. I guess that is true, but I had nothing inherently against the concept or game. I had definitely never played anything like it before, though!

The stream started off with listening to the repetitive but somehow super catchy Dream Daddy opening theme song:

I then got into character creation and soon, Dadam McDadam was born! I almost went with a Goku impersonator, but somehow ended up with a little beady-eyed gremlin of a man. It’s what’s on the inside that counts though, right?

Once Dadam McDadam was all set up, we were launched into the sleepy seaside town of Maple Bay. We find out that we are a single father to an 18 year-old girl named Amanda (who looks nothing like us), and that, for some reason, we are moving from one side of the town to the other. Our house is smaller than before, but we now live at the end of a cul-de-sac … the American dream! This must be the biggest cul-de-sac in the world, though, ’cause, as it turns out, there are seven other daddies living there. One of these daddies even has a gothic mansion it seems, or at least a manor. Oh, and all these daddies are gay or bisexual, too. Jackpot!

Over the course of the first day or two we meet all seven of these daddies (one of them tries to one-night-stand us right off the bat) and then get invited to a barbecue. After the barbecue, our daughter, Amanda, who is getting ready to head off to college after the summer, helps us get onto Dadbook. Dadbook is supposedly just a social media website for dads, but I am pretty sure Facebook never had me fill out a survey regarding my turn-ons and such.

Once our dating social profile is complete, we start chatting up the dads and take our first date with all of them. I had intended to get through the entire game in one stream, but it took us 8.5 hours to do the intro and all the first dates. Here are the guys we dated, a little about them, and what we think so far.


Ah, yes, Count Dadula. Damien is the one my wife said “You have to hook up with Damien!” about. I am not sure what that says about her or me, but, he was an interesting one.

We first meet Damien at Hot Topic where he is griping at the cashier because the shirt he bought wasn’t truly Victorian and he only wears Victorian era inspired clothing. Not a great first impression. I’ve had a lot of crappy issues with customers and clients in the past being absolute jerks towards me even though I don’t make up the rules for the company I am working at.

Then, comes the date. This ‘date’ is afternoon tea, which, by the way, he berates us for not knowing the different names of tea times, at his house. Or, I guess I should say manor? Estate? The front of his house looks like some gothic mansion, gargoyles and all. Not only that, though, it seems to be in perpetual darkness. Later into the date we go to his back yard and everything is bright mid day, but no matter when we are out front, everything is twilight (and no, not the sparkly kind).

During the date we find out that he is even more sophisticated than we thought, and even looks down on us as lessers. He does have a pretty magical garden out back, though. Which, to be honest, now that I think of it, was pretty weird. We are on this cul-de-sac with six other houses and somehow he has this manor and an enormous garden as if plucked from some golden era age of Narnia as far as the eye can see.

Oh, one more downside. He has a punk son as well who is in high school and obsesses over My Chemical Romance. Damien’s small saving grace lies here, too, though. He is a super good dad to the kid, and doesn’t go off on him for making mistakes. No, that ire is reserved for those god-forsaken Hot Topic employees!


Craig, bro. Bro, Craig. Have you seen Craig, bro? That’s how we might talk if we had the same vocabulary as Craig. As annoying as the whole brocabulary deal is, it turns out we have history with Craig. We were college roommates.

Now, I don’t know when our character discovered he was gay/bi, but let’s just say he sure does look back fondly on those Craig days. Back in college, Craig was apparently a party animal. His keg stand antics and records are probably still on display to this day back in the dorms. He was so awesome, that he even used to eat mustard straight out of the jar? Okay, that isn’t awesome, but for some reason Dadam reminisces on it fondly.

It’s apparently been a long time since college, though, and Craig has transformed. He is now a father of three, a small business owner, and a health and fitness nut. He’s maintained the brocabulary, but came down from the keg stands and is much more grounded. He doesn’t seem like he is much into relationships at the moment, at least not with all the kid’s softball league mommies, as he is mainly focused on his twin daughters and his young son.

Our first ‘date’ with Craig was tossing a softball back and forth. It wasn’t super eventful, but gave us a bit of time to catch up. I’ve got to say, despite the bro-ness, Craig has high marks right now.


We met Hugo fairly early on, too. He is an English teacher at our daughter, Amanda’s, school. Right off the bat he seemed like a good guy. He loves books, literature, knowledge, nature, and his students. I mean, it sounds sort of like my wife to be honest. I thought we’d met our dream daddy. But, with most things in life (and games, apparently), things that are too good to be true often are. You see, Hugo is the dad to a monstrous turd child named Ernest. Ernest Hemingway, by the way.

We ran into Ernest several times, including outside the theater we sneaked into with Robert, where he threw a rock into our knee. “I used to be a dream daddy like you until I took a rock to the knee.”

Our ‘date’ with Hugo was actually us helping him chaperone a class field trip to the aquarium. And, although Hugo had quite a bit of eggplant life for us, a bug in the game where it thought we bribed a child instead of the action we really picked, caused him to not be all that too happy.

Hugo is still ranking pretty high on the dream daddometer, I just sort of wish Ernest would fall off the pier.


Joseph is an odd one. He is the first one we met as well as the one who invites us to and hosts the barbecue. Turns out, Joseph is not only a father of four as well as a youth minister, he’s married to a woman. Not just any woman, though, Mary. You see, before we came to the barbecue and found out she was Joseph’s wife (little heavy handed there, game devs – Jesus, Mary, and Joseph), we’d met Mary the night before in a local bar. In fact, she was trying to get into ol’ Dadam’s pants. When we denied the temptress she got all huffy and insulty and went to find some other poor unsuspecting guy to sink her vampiric teeth into (no, she isn’t really a vampire).

Our first ‘date’ with Joseph was more like helping him with an errand. We helped him make some box brownies and took them to a bake sale in order to raise money to paint the church, or something. Well, he wasn’t selling them very much at all so we took over and rocked it. I mean, we even had this strategy that when big Brian showed up, we challenged him to a brownie eating contest. We basically had 20+ brownies sold but stick-in-the-mud-sir-fancy-pants-preppy-whatever Joseph was all ‘None of that!’. His eggplants for us wilted, and Brian left with just two brownies. Have you seen Brian? Two brownies is a travesty. Oh, and he also got P-O’d when we pointed out his wife was uh, not so faithful.

So, yeah. Joseph is nice and all, and he must have some serious cash from somewhere to support that size household and hold big block-party barbecues, too, but we ain’t no gold diggers. Also, I think Mary might shiv us if we take her man, or, err, one of her men?


Oh lord, Robert. If you attended the stream (or any since then) you might notice a lot of #teamrobert going on. I guess everybody really does like a bad boy? The first time we ran into Robert was at the bar. The same one we saw Mary at, actually. We were cheering on opposing sportsball teams. I won’t go into all the details, but he was gruff right off the bat and when we walked back to the cul-de-sac together he was basically all ‘so, want to come over and get er’ done’? To be clear, he doesn’t sound like Larry the Cableguy, though.

On our first real date with Robert, we go back to the bar circuit. And hey, guess who is there too! Yep, it’s Mary! After being belittled by the two of them because we like our alcohol like we like our men, sweet and fruity, Mary finally buggers off and we go break into a theater to see a movie. Turns out that Robert is a bit of a cinemaphile. He audibly thanks everyone in the credits and gripes at people for leaving the theater. I thought this was actually kind of a cool thing. No one ever reads ‘Thanks to Mary Sue from wardrobe’ in the credits, but their work on Ironman or whatever might have been their life’s crowning achievement.

After that we go outside and chunk rocks at a stop sign, because why not? I miss though, ’cause Dadam is a little troll of a man, and break a car window. Hmm, I think I may be getting the order mixed up here, but we also run into good ol’ Ernest, Hugo’s son, who hits me in the knee with a rock for ruining his movie. No worries, though, Robert challenges him to fight to the death (middle-schooler, by the way), and Ernest runs away.

Despite the vocal minority in the stream pushing for Robert, I am still not sure about him. He is also a dad, we know, because of the game title, but know nothing of his kid/s so far. He is out drinking every night, though, so either they are old enough to care for themselves or he is a dead beat dad. Maybe both. We’ll see.


Brian was a super competitive guy. In fact, the first time we meet him we go into a Pokemon type showdown where our combatants are our daughters. He destroyed us. Turns out his daughter, Daisy, is some sort of savant. Or at least he thinks so. One saving grace here is that he seems to be a really good dad, oh, and he has a corgi named Maxwell, for you doge lovers out there.

Our first date with Brian was a super serious mini-golf expedition where we destroyed him. He seemed to like everything we did though and even gave us the ol’ eggplant salute a time or two. That is until we told him that we are better at fishing than he is and told him to kiss our bass. Literally. We said that. Anyway, we don’t know how to fish at all but are scheduled for date two out on the boat. Even if we suck at it, though, at least we also discovered Brian is a mean barbecue master. We’ll be eating well.

As far as how we’re feeling about Brian, well, I don’t know. Seems like a good dad type, but he is way too competitive. He is one of those 1-up guys. He or his daughter have always done what you have done but at a slightly higher level. That crap would be exhausting.


We’re pretty sure Mat is some sort of sorcerer, or at least he has a twin. His arm tattoos keep switching from his left arm to his right. Maybe we are getting a two-for-the-price-of-one deal? We find out pretty quickly that Mat works at the local coffee shop (instant negative points there, ’cause coffee is one of the many tools of the devil (please don’t think that I mean that for real, it’s just disgusting)). We also get vibes that he used to be in a boy band or such.

On our first date, we go with Mat to a concert. We end up losing him at some point and accidentally find ourselves in the mosh pit as some strange Canadian band plays god knows what on the stage. He soon finds us though, and admires us for rippin’ it up in the pit.

As we learn more about Mat we discover that, despite being in the music scene, he is an introvert and somewhat timid. He is a good dad though, and has a good relationship with his daughter, Carmensita. As far as where we are at with team Mat, the jury is still out … Dadam doesn’t want his Dream Daddy constantly smelling like devil beans, though.

Quad Lepers

After our inaugural Funday-Monday, the rest of the week was spent on our main game, Darkest Dungeon, doing a new challenge.

Darkest Dungeon’s newest DLC, The Color Of Madness, came out on the same day as we received our Twitch partnership, and we’ve been playing it a ton. With the new DLC came an endless wave mode called THE ENDLESS HARVEST. Although the most optimal teams can make it well past 1,000 kills, it didn’t sound fun for me to buff a leper for ten streams straight, so I came up with this ‘four-of-a-kind challenge’.

Basically, I wanted to see which quad teams would make it the furthest. Everything from quad Leper to quad Jester. As you might imagine, it would take thousands of hours to get a save file farmed to the point where we had 4 of every class at max level with optimal quirks and four of every trinket, so I called on Clair.

For those who don’t know, Clair is the mastermind behind Moonlit Dungeon, an overhaul mod coming to Darkest Dungeon. With her game knowledge and modding skills, she was able to create a save file for everything we needed. So, we set out to see what we could see … and here are the results so far (this was completed on BLOODMOON difficulty):

Abomination: 66
I thought they would go much further, and they might, given a new set of trinkets and some luck, but the main factor of the defeat was taking unsustainable damage. They can only heal 5hp at a time.

Antiquarian: 116
Turns out that having 95% dodge chance against everything is pretttty good. In fact, if not for a bug we might have gone on forever. The Thing from the Stars currently applies it’s debuffs, effects, and stress even if you dodge, which ended the run after making it to him with full health and no stress. Might try this again someday when that is fixed.

Arbalest: 43
I also thought they would do better, but The Miller is a huge obstacle. having two that can only blindfire (hits a random target) is not good, especially when the back two have to heal quite often.

Bounty Hunter: 63
We brute forced our way to 63. A little too much brute force, actually. We kept crit killing everything so nothing left crystals for us to heal from.

Crusader: 69
I think The Last Crusade can go WAY further, but we got very unlucky. We got crit over and over and into an affliction before kill 20.

Not yet attempted. Will require a mod.

Grave Robber: 62
The GR run was fun, but I knew they wouldn’t last. We basically buffed ourselves and lunged to 62. Can’t believe they beat The Miller.

Hellion: 117
The current leader. I can’t believe how crazy triple breakthrough is (even after the ‘nerf’ that makes it so you can no longer remove the debuff with herbs). We made it this far and all three of the first deaths happened on first death’s door (even with Martyr’s Seal). I think they can definitely go much further with some good or even mediocre rng.

Highwayman: 101
Turns out quad riposte is pretty amazing. Again, I think it could have gone further but first three all died on first DB resist even with Martyr’s Seal

Not yet attempted.

Jester: 67
Apparently, Jesters on death’s door with Martyr’s Seals can put out some beefy damage. We had a ton of 100+ finale crits.

Leper: 37
So, yeah, the meme team got last so far. I mean, the back two basically just shuffled until one of the front liners died so that they could take their place.

Not yet attempted.

Occultist: 51
A combination of lack of damage and overwhelming stress got them. Four afflictions, it turns out, is not very good.

Plague Doctor: 56
Another team that failed due to a combination of lack of healing and stress relief.

Not yet attempted.

Not yet attempted.


I still think quad Crusader can do the best. Well, in the current landscape. Quad Antiquarian or Man-at-Arms might actually do better when or if the bug is fixed.

And Beyond!

Here is this week’s schedule/plans.

Monday will continue to be ‘Funday Monday’. This Monday at 9pm est we will finish Dream Daddy!

Tuesday I will be OFF to take my daughter to see a fireworks show.

Wednesday through Saturday we will be playing Darkest Dungeon. I want to finish the 4-of-a-kind runs, but I also want to start a brand new Torchless Bloodmoon save file with all the new changes (should be harder than before).


It took a lot of time to do this post, but I am okay with it as long as you all like it. If you want me to continue doing this, though, I need to know. I don’t want to ‘waste’ time on this if very few people will ever read it. Please comment on this post with any feedback you may have. Feel free to open up discussions about it in the comments as well. Of course, the Discord server is always available for that as well: https://discord.gg/CaSDVp3

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Thanks, and see you in the channel!