Channel Rules

The one simple rule used to be ‘be excellent to one another’ and, while that still remains, this has been broken down into a few codes of conduct. Please note that these rules hold true to the stream channel, the website, Discord, and all other locations where the Adam vs Everything community exists.

1 – Be respectful and courteous to others, even if their opinion is different from yours. Discussions are of course permitted, but please tread carefully around religion, politics, console wars, etc.

2 – No racist, homophobic, or derogatory talk.

3 – No spam or caps-lock (that goes for holding shift for too long, too ;)).

4 – No ‘Grammar Nazis’. I deal with authors and editing every day in my day job, but this is informal chat. If you can understand the thought someone was trying to get across, then leave it alone.

5 – To ensure the streamer knows what you are saying and is able to converse with you, please use English only. This is also very important so the mods can do their work.

6 – Do not advertise your stream, YouTube, website, etc. without first asking the streamer or a moderator. There is a self-promo channel on the Discord.

7 – Do not post a link before checking with the streamer or a moderator unless you have been given previous permission. Even with permission, please only post safe-for-work links and include a short bit of text to describe what you are linking to. Make sure the URL is not incredibly long.

8 – No game spoilers / back-seating unless directly asked for by the streamer. Adam plays 99% of his games ‘blind’. Blind runs are more fun for the streamer and many of the regular viewers. Spoilers can be any of the following: information about the story line, the outcome of a decision, tips on how to beat something or acquire an item, etc.

9 – No popular media spoilers. This includes TV shows and movies. If Adam is discussing a particular TV show or movie he will mention for those who do not want spoiled to mute the stream (this does not happen often).

10 – If you claim your age is under thirteen your messages will be permanently purged from the channel. This is a Twitch rule that we must enforce.

Bot Commands

Bot commands are used only in Twitch chat unless otherwise noted. Green commands are subscriber only. Red commands are mod only. Below is the current list. 

The Five Newest Commands

!amazon – Displays the Amazon affiliate link.
!blind – Explains what playing ‘blindly’ means in our channel.
!youtube – Links to the AvE YouTube page.
!humble – Displays the Humble Bundle affiliate link.

Fun & Games Commands

!8ball – Currently turned off.
!appreciate – It’s true.
!deathblow – Just like in Darkest Dungeon, you have a 33% chance of dying. (Dying results in a 60 second timeout. This command has a 1 hour cooldown.
!lurk – Let Adam and the chat know you are lurking.
!pig – Check how many souls have been sacrificed to the pig. Add a space and a number to the command to feed the pig your souls.
!resolve – 25% chance at a Darkest Dungeon Virtue, 75% for an affliction. (1 hour cooldown)

Support Commands

!alerts – Displays the current bit/donation alert sounds list.
!amazon – Displays the Amazon affiliate link.
!book – Links to our most recent novel on Amazon.
!donate – Links to the donation page.
!freebits – Explains how to get free bits, which you can use to financially support the channel.
!humble – Displays the Humble Bundle affiliate link.
!meundies – Displays am afiliate link for MeUndies
!prime – Explains what Twitch Prime is and how to use it to support the channel.
!sub – Links to the page which allows you to subscribe to the channel.
!zon – Displays the Amazon affiliate link.

Information Commands

!720 – Explains the reason the stream is in 720 resolution some nights.
!art – Links to the channel’s latest fan art.
!backseat – Defines what backseating means in our channel.
!backseating – Same as above.
!blind – Explains what playing ‘blindly’ means in our channel.
!bot – Explains how to follow the bot in order to receive its whispers.
!bounty – Explains what a Twitch Bounty is.
!date – Displays the calendar date where Adam resides.
!discord – Links to the community Discord server.
!emotes – Links to our emote artist’s channel.
!facebook – Links to the AvE Facebook page.
!followed – Displays the date you followed the channel.
!followers – Displays the channel’s current follower count.
!following – Displays how long you have been following the channel.
!giveaway – Displays information regarding our current giveaway.
!hours – Displays how many hours you have viewed the channel.
!instagram – Links to the AvE Instagram.
!leg – Explains why Adam’s leg was dying.
!monday – Explains why we play a different game on Mondays.
!partner – Displays the date Adam was first partnered with Twitch.
!q – Whispers you your place in the current queue. (Must be following the bot, not friending it, to receive the whisper. Make sure to check your DM’s!)
!queue – Same as above.
!quotes – Links to the quotes page on this website.
!rerun – Explains what a Twitch rerun is.
!rules – Links to this page.
!sch – Displays the current stream schedule.
!schedule – Same as above
!social – Links to all the AvE social media accounts at once.
!song – Links to the current intro music.
!stats – Displays current stream stats.
!steam – Links to the AvE community Steam group.
!subgoal – Lists the current sub goal count.
!support – Links to the support page on this site.
!time – Displays the current time where Adam resides.
!top5time – Displays the five members who have the most viewer hours in the channel.
!twitter – Links to the AvE Twitter.
!web – Links to this site.
!youtube – Links to the AvE YouTube page.

Darkest Dungeon Commands

!2 – Darkest Dungeon 2’s Trailer.
!2man – Displays the clip explaining the deathless DD4 strategy.
!abo – Number of kills on our 4x Abomination run.
!ant – Number of kills on our 4x Antiquarian run.
!arb – Number of kills on our 4x Arbalest run.
!bloodmoon – Explains what Bloodmoon difficulty entails.
!bou – Number of kills on our 4x Bounty Hunter run.
!buydd – A link to buy Darkest Dungeon through an affiliate link.
!challenge – Displays the current Darkest Dungeon challenge.
!cru – Number of kills on our 4x Crusader run.
!dd – Explains what Darkest Dungeon is.
!ddcomp – Links to the Darkest Dungeon Companion page for provision planning.
!ddmods – Shows the current Darkest Dungeon mods.
!ddrip – Shows our first ever Darkest Dungeon game over.
!deathless – Explains what deathless entails.
!fla – Number of kills on our 4x Flagellantrun.
!gra – Number of kills on our 4x Grave Robber run.
!hel – Number of kills on our 4x Hellion run.
!hig – Number of kills on our 4x Highwayman run.
!hou – Number of kills on our 4x Houndmaster run.
!jes- Number of kills on our 4x Jester run.
!lep- Number of kills on our 4x Leper run.
!madness – A link to buy Color of Madness while supporting the stream.
!man – Number of kills on our 4x Man-at-Arms run.
!mld – Explains what ‘Moonlit Dungeon’ is.
!mods – Shows the current Darkest Dungeon mods.
!necro% – Displays our current Necro% speed run time.
!occ – Number of kills on our 4x Occultist run.
!pbd – Explains what ‘Pitch Black Dungeon’ is.
!pla – Number of kills on our 4x Plague Doctor run.
!shard – Displays the clip explaining shard mercenaries.
!shi – Number of kills on our 4x Shieldbreaker run.
!tdb – Explains what Torchless Deathless Bloodmoon is and displays when we first beat it.
!torchless – Explains what going ‘torchless’ does in Darkest Dungeon.
!trailer – Darkest Dungeon 2’s Trailer.
!Ves – Number of kills on our 4x Vestal run.

Sound Effect Commands


Moderation Commands

!host username – Posts the link to the streamer Adam is hosting/raiding and displays the copy pastas.
!permit username
– Permits a non-regular to post a link for 30 seconds.
!quote add – Adds a new quote.
!quote edit # – Edits specified quote number with exactly what you type.
!quote remove # – Removes the specified quote number.
!so username – Posts a shout-out to a fellow streamer.

Clips Commands



Questions, comments?